Chapter 206 – Together with a Dragon (3)

    Chapter 206 - Together with a Dragon (3)

    A week had already passed by, and the 5th seal still had yet to be released. The feature must be great, or perhaps more time was needed to unseal the 5th seal. However, Theodore waited without feeling impatient. So far, Gluttony had never betrayed his expectations.

    It wouldn't be in vain for him to wait for Kurt's reward.

    'Anyway, I will know after three or four hours.'

    Theodore was thinking about this when the door of the reception room suddenly opened.


    It was a high elf whose green hair shone brightly without any illumination, while an energy of vitality emitted from her.

    Ellenoa smiled brightly as she looked at Theodore first, then she belatedly realized that the people around him were looking at her. She had come after hearing that Theodore had returned, but she hadn't known he was with other people. Additionally, no one had restrained her because she was an unprecedented VIP guest.

    When Ellenoa realized her position, she immediately flushed red. "I-I'm really sorry. I didn't know the situation..."

    Even if she wasn't familiar with royal courtesies, she could tell that this wasn't proper procedure. It was the sight of the king sitting in a chair with a tower master on both sides, which gave it away. This wasn't a place for a foreigner to enter, even if she was a national guest.

    However, the surprising thing was Kurt's reaction.  He unexpectedly shook his head and forgave the intrusion. "No, it's okay. The talk was over anyway."

    "Thank you for saying that."

    "I guess you have a lot to say to Theodore. But first, Lady Ellenoa, I would like to introduce you to a new guest."

    Kurt gestured toward a direction, and Ellenoa's gaze followed his hand. Then the high elf's and the dragon's eyes met for the first time. Bright jade and an intense fluorescent color...

    The moment these similar yet different eyes met, the air in the reception room sunk. Ellenoa's expression stiffened, and her sweet lips parted, "... Conductor of the waves, tyrant of the sea. The evil who controls the eastern waters to the north."

    There were hostile feelings coming from her which didn't match her usual gentleness.

    When Theo thought about it, he realized it was natural. Elves were basically a species with a good character, and they abhorred the act of oppressing or taking the possessions of others. By default, Aquilo was someone who treated everyone as below her. As such, Ellenoa wouldn't like Aquilo, who protected pirates just so she could take their loot.

    On the other hand, Aquilo replied with an effortless smile, "It is natural that you don't like me, but don't you think that your attitude is tougher than usual today?"

    "It is your imagination."

    "Look at that cold attitude. Well, I can see one thing."

    Ellenoa made a questioning expression. Then Aquilo said with a laugh, "Woman who doesn't know the world, there is a man in your eyes, right?"

    "... No way, you!"

    Ellenoa had recently come to Meltor from the Great Forest, so she didn't know what type of relationship there was between Aquilo and Theodore. Therefore, she couldn't stay calm at the taunt which aimed accurately at that blind spot.

    The sea dragons were well-known as a clan that coveted the possessions of others. Moreover, Ellenoa was a high elf who could only pick her gender once in her life. So, to a high elf, a refusal was like a half-death. Ellenoa couldn't help reacting to that, even if the words were a bluff.

    The high elf and the dragon...

    The women of two species suddenly confronted each other, making it difficult for the people of Meltor who were stuck between them. An intervention was needed. At that moment, Veronica got out of her seat and moved between the two of them. "It is up to here. Both of you."

    Ellenoa managed to collect herself, while Aquilo's lips curved into an innocent smile. Veronica stopped the quarrel between the two of them and looked directly at Kurt. "Your Majesty, please leave these two to me."

    "Hoh, you are going to act?"

    Veronica shrugged and nodded. "Well, something like that. I should rescue him. I don't like the worm, but it can't be helped."

    "Wait, did you call me a worm just now?"

    "Don't wriggle, and come here. Let the kid rest."

    "Hey! Let me go! Hey! Why is a quarter hybrid so strong?"

    Veronica dragged Aquilo away, while Ellenoa bowed and followed after them. It was a truly stormy exit.

    Kurt laughed and said to the rest of the people in the room, "You should go back and rest. Veronica has already volunteered to take care of them."

    "Yes, I will follow Your Majesty's will." Theodore was at a loss, but he retired from the reception room without delay according to Kurt's orders.

    After that, they split up.

    Paragranum had acquired good materials after a long time, so she returned to her tower happily. Meanwhile, William returned to his tower, stating that he needed to write a report for the White Tower Master. Then after sending Sylvia in the opposite direction, Theodore moved toward the red tower.

    The steeple made of red bricks was always surrounded by a lukewarm heat.

    'Master... He is researching. I shouldn't interrupt him.'

    Theodore first checked Vince's current situation and decided not to interrupt his research. Vince would stop his research if he knew that Theodore had returned, but Theo didn't want to interrupt Vince's concentration.


    Instead, he returned to his room, which wasn't much different from when he left.


    A girl suddenly sprang up from a flowerpot on the windowsill at his words.


    It was a relaxing voice that he hadn't heard lately. The cheerful and lively girl had a bud similar to a rosebud on her head. Was it due to eating the Fairy's Book, or had it taken a certain period of time for the flower to bloom? It wasn't a surprise that Mitra had become more formidable.

    'This scent is quite similar to Ellenoa.'

    It was a fragrance which boosted a person's vitality, making his body feel lighter. If he were attacked by Aquilo like in the past, he wouldn't be affected by her poison at all. Theodore touched the flower on Mitra's head.

    [Hihihit, hohihihi...] Mitra laughed like a child being tickled. It was as if the flower was connected to her senses. The flower was pretty, but it didn't seem possible to peel off a petal. The flower was fully assimilated with Mitra's body, so the pain of separation would be more than he imagined.

    Moreover, for plants, flowers had another meaning. Roots took place first, then leaves, flowers, and fruits bloomed. Yes, fruit. It was unknown how much power remained in the sprout which had grown from eating the world tree's seed, but a fruit would grow from the flower.


    He felt something. Theodore felt an unknown sense of incongruity. It was very fleeting, but it left a clear trail. The Ring of Muspelheim, a sea dragon's blood, an ancient earth elemental... He was only lacking-

    Then at that moment...

    [Completing the unlocking process of the 5th seal... Accepted. This is a legitimate request. Gluttony's 5th seal has been released.]

    [Gluttony's function has been opened normally. The user should check the information window of the corresponding function immediately.]

    [Grimoire "Gluttony" / B Rank]

    [Gluttony's 5th seal has been released through a normal path. From now on, the user will be able to access the wisdom that Gluttony accumulated from a long time ago. You can immediately learn the magic by paying a corresponding price. Previous owners have called the feature 'Library,' and you can change the name if you want.

    * The ego, Gluttony, will explain how to use Library.]

    Once the 5th seal was released, the information about its function appeared before Theodore. It was a sudden situation, but he had become familiar with this since a long time ago. He pushed down his sudden inspiration and read the explanation.

    No, to be precise, he tried to read it. However, his consciousness blurred. Then his body fell down on the bed.

    [Deo? Deoo!]

    Mitra noticed his condition was strange and hit his forehead, but his consciousness didn't return. Theodore tried to reach out to calm her down, but his body didn't move. It was as though it was crushed by heavy lead. He felt like he was sucked into an ocean.

    The sudden fall of his consciousness sharpened his nerves.


    Theodore fell unconscious shortly after that.

    *     *     *


    'My head hurts,' Theodore thought as soon as he woke up. He must've collapsed on the bed. However, he was soon forced to forget all his pain. As Theodore's blurred vision cleared up, an incredible landscape appeared before his eyes.


    This was Gluttony's Library, a space too dazzling to be called a library. There were endless shelves densely filled with books, and the height of the bookshelves rose higher than that of the magic towers.  The library of the Magic Society, the greatest on the continent, was nothing compared to this.

    'There must be hundreds of thousands of books. Perhaps even millions...?'

    It was impossible to estimate. Theodore recognized this fact after looking around a few times. There were mountains of books everywhere. This was a sea of books. Even if he read one book in one minute, Theodore was convinced that he wouldn't be able to get out of here until he was old and dying.

    -You must like it. Theodore suddenly heard someone's voice from behind him.

    Theodore responded without being alarmed by the call, "Gluttony."

    -Hoh, you're not surprised.

    "I was expecting it. It said you would explain how to use the Library... Heok!"

    However, Theodore was astonished when he looked behind him. His reaction was natural.

    "You... Why do you have the same appearance as me?"

    It was because there was a person with the same appearance as him.

    Gluttony looked exactly like Theodore, except that his eyes were black.  They were like a bottomless swamp which would suck Theodore in if he looked. Gluttony's eyes were completely black with no whites, making them look horrifying.

    Gluttony responded to the question, -It can't be helped. Since I don't have a separate appearance, I need to copy User's appearance. Otherwise, I will guide you with my voice like before.

    "...No, it is okay. It isn't that offensive."

    Superbia's chimera appearance was far more unpleasant. Right now, it was just like looking at a mirror.

    "Then tell me about this Library."

    -Okay, Gluttony said, nodding like he had been waiting. Then he explained, -To put it briefly, this place is my stomach. Since the distant past, I have devoured all types of magic stretching back to the Age of Mythology. Starting with the 5th stage, User has the right to look into the realm of the gods.
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