Chapter 227 – Great Battle (3)

    Chapter 227 - Great Battle (3)

    Both powers fluctuated intensely in Theodore's veins. His left hand became agitated like it was burning up, while his right hand was frozen cold.

    Like Yin and Yang, they both responded and resisted each other. Indeed, the recoil of Abraxas, the magic which transcended circles, wasn't comparable to other magic. If Theodore lost concentration for even a moment, it would self-destruct with a repulsive force. Theodore's nerves were tense because he knew this fact.

    'Still, I can do it.'

    He was nervous, but he was not afraid. The magic had once succeeded in imperfect conditions, so he was confident that he could succeed now. Theodore kept his mind sharp. Rather than waves eroding away at rocks, his nerves were like a few raindrops falling onto rocks.

    He refined his spirit and gathered it at one point like a drop of water. It was like inserting a thread into a tiny needle hole, but Theodore's highly trained concentration made it possible.

    The two unstable forces circulated and started to reveal the shape of a sphere.

    Wuuuuuu. It emitted a calm resonant sound. Unlike before, no strong magic storm occurred this time. There wasn't even the slightest fluctuation as he maintained the contradictory existences.

    Theodore stood at the boundary of Yin and Yang and looked down at the laws of the world.

    "Forced Harmonization."

    There was no need to use Umbra's Dimensional Leave. Thanks to his awakened Sorcery, he had surpassed the limit of 'impossible phenomena.'

    The chaos of heat and cold, set in the rules of thermodynamics which made up the world, didn't prevail any longer. The magician who had reached the peak deviated from the world. The great magic, Abraxas, was a clue to the 8th Circle.

    Then at the next moment, the nucleus of Theodore's 'world' was born.

    "...Umm." In contrast to the stable Theodore, Pan Helliones stiffened. He was a warrior who had gone through many battlefields and was one step away from the borders of this world. If he couldn't gauge the nature of the phenomenon happening in front of him, then he would be so ashamed that he would bite his tongue off and die.

    "This will determine victory or defeat. Will you fight me with strength?" Anger, admiration, and rage boiled in Pan Helliones' voice.

    A red aura sprang up as he expressed this sentiment. Helliones' greatsword burned as it soared up high into the sky. The ground couldn't withstand the increased weight of the aura, and Pan Helliones' legs sank down until his knees.

    Theodore's instincts realized what Helliones' attitude meant. 'This is it.'

    Immediately after Theodore fought Marquis Fergana, there had been a huge explosion reminiscent of a volcanic explosion.

    That destructive power had been equivalent to 7th Circle magic, and it seemed like Pan Hellions was trying to recreate the attack again. The aura which swallowed up the greatsword then became visible to the naked eye.

    This sword showed Pan Helliones' 'determined attitude.'

    Who would win? That question had already long disappeared from the minds of the two people. Both masters were confident of their victory and threw away everything in order to suppress each other.

    The great magic, Abraxas (ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ): first water and fire phase...

    And the Super Heavy Sword, Pan Helliones: Type 0, World Break.

    Coincidentally, these two techniques were the opposite of each other. The one that wanted to create and the one that wanted to destroy... The 'World's Egg' and the 'Sword of Extinction.'

    A bead which contained indescribable power was up against a sword which could wipe out a mountain.


    Sound and light were broken, and an impact which overwhelmed human senses filled the area. Only the two masters were able to defend themselves in this space.

    The floor melted like butter, while the atmosphere turned into a vacuum which denied life. Pan Helliones overcame this environment and watched the two powers struggling against each other in the center.

    'Indeed... It isn't ordinary. I didn't think I would be pushed into a power showdown.'

    His World Break was hard for an enemy to deal with, although it took too long to use. It had even once stopped a flooded river. An orc village hiding in a mountain had been completely wiped out.

    Nevertheless, the unknown magic used by Theodore Miller had more power than that. However, Pan Hellions grasped his greatsword firmly. 'I am surprised, but it isn't enough to knock me down.'

    He might be the loser, but that didn't mean he lacked power. His special move couldn't be blocked so easily. It was a destructive power which had its own durability. If he could just survive this attack-

    ...However, at the very moment that he thought this...

    [No.] There was a voice which couldn't be heard by his ears. [It is up to here.]

    Beyond the light and noise that couldn't be penetrated, Theodore Miller was declaring his own victory. In the end, Pan Hellions wouldn't know it until the end. Theodore was hiding his 'second attack.'

    It was the great magic, Abraxas (ΑΒΡΑΣΑΞ): second wind and earth collapse.

    This technique wasn't just limited to fire and water. Earth and wind were also opposing attributes. This form which utilized all four attributes was the true perfection of Abraxas.

    'Let's name it Elemental Burst!'

    The storm swallowed Pan Helliones.

    *     *     *


    The paladin with the golden shield was pushed and rolled across the ground. It wasn't difficult to shield from the sword master's attack, but a shock in the right place was enough to break his balance.

    As soon as his defense crumbled, he received a shower of attacks. One blow accurately pierced through this gap, aiming exactly at the paladin's head. If this blow hit, his brain matter would be scattered instantly.

    "D-Dammit!" The crusader Ruben was cornered and forced to use a move he'd been saving.

    Unlike magic which was a source of power that existed in the body, divine power was separate and needed to be recharged. A huge amount could be accumulated in the body, and it was possible to increase the limit using a tool.

    In Ruben's case, his sword and shield were relics. They were treasures which contained divine power and could be used to save his life if he was in trouble. The surface of the round shield flashed brightly. and a wave of divine power was emitted from it, pushing the two masters away.

    "Umm, this is annoying in many ways."

    "Don't be in a hurry. It is almost over."

    They had just missed an opportunity to win, but Baek Jongmyung and Orta were still calm. It was because this situation had repeated many times already.

    Unlike the last time, Baek Jongmyung and Orta were now fighting together, so they could attack as well as defend. Once the divine power stored in the relics were exhausted, Ruben would be suppressed one-sidedly by the two masters.

    However, this didn't mean there were no variables.

    "Sun God Lairon! Hopefully your servant-"

    "I don't want to hear it." Orta moved his fingers before divine power could be generated by the prayer.

    Then the light stretched out from Ruben was broken, and the flow of divine power was lost. Feelings of fear and horror, phenomena he had never experienced before, filled the eyes of the confused crusader.

    "N-No? How did my technique...?"

    "You don't need to know." There was no reason to teach Ruben, so Orta gave a cold answer and cut the space.

    "Kuack!" Ruben barely avoided it, but a line of blood was drawn down his face. If he was even a little bit later, it would've carved down to his bones.

    As a shadow who ran around the continent performing missions for Meltor, Orta already knew how to deal with paladins and priests. The tactics to consume the power of the relics and the tricks to hinder prayers, all of them had been identified by him.

    Knowing the opponent was the key to winning wars. This was a true saying. As such, Ruben's weaknesses were exposed because Orta knew all about them.  Due to being pushed into this situation, Ruben was too slow to react to attacks.

    It meant he wasn't a threat anymore. Orta pretended to make a mistake by stepping closer to Ruben, who glared and raised his sword while yelling, "Youuu!"

    'A magician dares to rashly enter the range of a sword? Then I will punish that arrogance in the name of God!'

    The golden blade struck out with such determination and-


    ...It slashed through empty space. A few strands of hair were cut off, but Orta plunged into Ruben's arms with no injuries. To be precise, Orta pierced through them.

    "You require more training in the sword," Orta ridiculed Ruben while waving his hands. It was a magic which cut through space. Before Ruben could move his upper body, Orta's fingertips cut Ruben's body in a diagonal line. No, to be precise, it should be said that it looked like it was cut?

    "Eh?" There was no pain or bleeding, and Ruben's elated expression returned. He didn't know what mistake Orta made, but the attack was pointless. Orta had made a mistake was made when he had the perfect advantage.

    Now Ruben could run away. Ruben didn't miss this moment when the airtight defense was relaxed. He moved all his remaining divine power into his legs-


    Ruben couldn't do it. He fell on his butt and made a frustrated expression. Why had he fallen down in such a dangerous situation? This was a ridiculous mistake. However, he soon realized it. No sensations were being transmitted from the lower part of his body!


    "I cut some of your spinal nerves," Orta spoke dully, as if he was talking about the bread he'd eaten that morning. "Your cockroach-like vitality can't restore wounds that it can't sense. From a medical point of view, this power is inefficient."

    Orta looked down at the fallen Ruben with scornful eyes. Ruben went into a frenzy from the contempt.

    Puk! Baek Jongmyung's sword then pierced through Ruben's back, penetrating his heart and pinning him to the ground.

    "Kuheok...keok, kuheok...!" Nevertheless, Ruben didn't die.

    Baek Jongmyung glanced at Ruben with cold eyes and clicked his tongue. "Hah, you don't even die from this."

    "It isn't enough to penetrate the heart."


    Instead of answering the question, Orta raised his thumb. Simultaneously, he cut Ruben's two legs again.


    "Don't make a fuss. Your spinal nerves are cut, so you can't feel any pain."

    It might seem cruel, but Baek Jongmyung didn't say anything.

    The regenerative power Ruben had shown throughout the fight meant there was a good chance he would survive the serious injury. He would struggle even if both his legs had been cut off and his heart had been stabbed. If Baek Jongmyung pulled out his sword, then Ruben would recover quickly.


    In the end, Orta kicked the chin of the silent Ruben.

    "I'm sick of them, these cockroach-like paladins." Orta acted like he was remembering a bad memory, before recovering Ruben's sword and shield.

    The nature of the relics depended on divine power, but it was better than leaving them alone. Orta placed the relics in his dimensional pocket and then took out restraints. They were the restraints which had previously been used on Mujak.

    Baek Jongmyung received the restraints and sighed, "Sigh, we did it. Thank you for your help, Lord Orta."

    "It is natural to respect the will of the alliance. I know what the crown prince is concerned about."

    Either Prince Elsid or Duke Cornwall would become the winner of this civil war.

    Meltor and Andras would return home after this war was over, so their positions were different. The Northern Powers were far away, compared to the Lairon Kingdom which was close to Soldun. If possible, Elsid wanted the crusader to be defeated without being killed.

    Orta didn't refuse this favor. This fight would've ended 30 minutes sooner if he had aimed to kill instead of subdue. So, Baek Jongmyung expressed his gratitude for Orta's consideration.

    Then at that moment...


    A few kilometers away from the two of them, a tremendous force exploded. A mushroom cloud rose into the sky, and the earth trembled sharply. The distance was considerable, but the heat and pressure still tickled their skin.

    Orta realized the meaning first and muttered, "It seems like the fight is over."

    One of the two strong presences had disappeared. Even with Orta's skills, it was impossible to tell from this distance who had won or lost. He sighed as his brows furrowed beneath the mask. "Didn't I tell you not to forget to report, Sir Theodore?"

    This was the first time White Tower Master Orta realized that his head could hurt from having a competent junior.
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