Chapter 272 – Karul Plains (3)

    Chapter 272 - Karul Plains (3)

    Exactly four days afterward...

    '...Demonstrating my skills, is that it?'

    Theodore unfolded the order sealed in wax and read the words inside.

    The search of the eastern canyon on Karul Plains and all other operational areas would be left to Captain Theodore Miller. It was obvious, but the fact that he was entrusted with this power meant he had to take responsibility.

    Theodore needed to personally prove that he and his men were worthy. Benedict's clear handwriting stated the order. It had been less than a week after the 31 members of the group was selected. Considering the special circumstances, this wasn't a normal command.

    The eastern canyon was much more favorable to Andras than Meltor since it was closer to the empire. Therefore, the defense systems like watchtowers had long been established. It wasn't a place which could be attacked with only 30 people.

    "How interesting."

    However, Theodore grinned after burning the letter.

    "It seems like the headquarters are making a bet on what we can do in the canyon. We will either run like a pony with my tail on fire or die like a canary in the mine."

    Theodore and the 30 members of the unit had already arrived at the entrance of the eastern canyon and were in the middle of a discussion.

    If the features of the terrain were ordinary, then simple navigation magic would be sufficient.

    However, this wasn't the case with Karul Plains. It had been hit by massive amounts of magic and aura for centuries, so the mana of the plains itself was chaotic. Navigation magic which spread far beyond the user's body wasn't effective in Karul Plains.

    Amidst the plains, the eastern canyon was very deep and full of chaotic mana, preventing the scope of the search range from increasing. Therefore, the eastern canyon had fallen into the hands of the empire.

    It was a fatal terrain for magicians, since the field of view and space was narrow.

    With a narrow space of 40 or 50 meters, this was a distance which the elites knights of Andras could narrow in two breaths. It was an environment where attack and defense weren't possible. Thus, Meltor was hesitant to dig deeper into the eastern canyon.

    "Well, isn't this good?" Theodore looked around at the silent members and pointed toward the dim canyon. "Let us defeat this notorious place."

    Theodore was one step ahead of everyone else as he placed his hand on the floor of the canyon. He didn't hesitate any longer. Navigation magic couldn't look at the rugged terrain which the empire occupied. However, Theodore had another way to explore this terrain.

    'Mitra, please.'

    [Hoing! I will look!] Mitra was summoned and responded vigorously before entering the ground.

    The ancient earth elemental, Mitra...

    After swallowing the seed of the world tree, she had acquired the power to communicate with vegetation, making her effective on Karul Plains. Even if this wasn't like the Red Plateau, there weren't many weeds and trees inside the canyon.

    Mitra moved through the terrain at a fearsome rate. Gluttony called it a 'rader,' but Theodore didn't understand that word. Was it forgotten ancient magic? He didn't need to know right now.


    Less than 10 minutes later, a map of the eastern canyon was drawn in Theodore's mind. He knew the location of Andras' watchtowers, the patrols, the sniper points, and the camp at the end of the canyon. Theodore wouldn't be a magician if he didn't know how to attack after all of this.



    Perhaps it was due to the vacancies that William answered politely, and Theodore proceeded to organize a separate unit for him.

    "Take 10 people with excellent mobility and move according to my instructions. Use stealth. Destroy the enemy watchtowers and sniper posts without being discovered.

    "I will destroy the watchtowers and sniper posts."

    "And Para."


    Paragranum came forward in the female avatar, and Theodore gave her another mission.

    "Use the excellent alchemists to create obstacles in place. Make it look as natural as possible, like real rock walls."

    "Aha,  are you trying to beat the patrols?"

    "Correct. There is another purpose as well, but... it is for later."

    It was a strange strategy which divided the small number of 30 troops into three groups. However, Theodore was convinced that this was the best way. He could see the future, and this strategy was supported by Alfred's experience in his head and body. Then the 10 remaining people accompanied Theodore into the heart of the canyon.

    "William, Para, and I will go in order."

    Like a seasoned veteran, Theodore waved his hand with cold eyes.


    *     *     *

    To put it plainly, there was nothing more tedious and annoying than guarding the military boundaries. The soldiers had to stare at the canyon for hours at a time to see if the enemy would approach. This repeated several times before concentration fell to the bottom.

    Robin of the 12 Imperial Army strongly agreed with such views.

    "Damn, why would the Meltor guys come to this damn canyon? There wasn't even a proper battle here in the last war," he cursed.

    Robin shivered in the cold wind blowing through the canyon, as he berated Meltor and everyone who had placed him here. If he didn't do this, he would fall asleep. It had been less than an hour since his shift started. There were still two hours until the next person would take over his post.

    "It is a little cold, so can't they give me a blanket or let me leave an hour earlier? At this rate..."

    Then it was at that moment...

    Puk! There was the piercing sound of wind.

    "...?" A hole appeared in this neck, and Robin wasn't even able to moan before he died. It was the 5th circle wind magic, Gale Gimlet. Gale Gimlet had a narrow range, but its penetration ability was better than that of some 6th circle magic. There were few better means of attacking in the darkness.

    A transparent figure muttered, "This is the 22nd one. There are 17 remaining watchtowers and 34 snipers."

    The voice that flowed out was certainly William's. Following Theodore's instructions, William climbed the cliffs with his men and secretly subdued the snipers and watchtowers.

    The imperial knights were experts who were skilled in bow techniques, and they were one of the reasons why the eastern canyon was known as a dangerous area. Without them, this canyon would've already fallen into Meltor's grasp.

    Paragranum and her people were also active.

    "On this side, there will be a rockfall, with evenly mixed sand and soil."

    Under Theodore's guidance, they created walls which disguised as natural objects.

    Soil was piled up in a 10-meter-tall heap to look like a landslide. They also created artificial landforms which couldn't be overcome with an aura user's extraordinary abilities.

    Unlike the other attributes, this earth magic dealt with mass. Even if the magic power maintaining it was exhausted, the finished result would remain unchanged. Some magicians might not be good at it, but the results of the alchemy, which Paragranum had assisted with, was literally perfect.

    "What, this...? Was this way originally blocked?"

    "It was clearly an empty space yesterday."

    The patrols were confused and turned around.

    "It looks like a landslide has happened."

    "We'll have to modify the map. Record what you see."

    "The patrol route should change?"

    "It can't be helped. We'll have to report it to the higher-ups later and find a new path."

    The efficient paths of the patrols had been rendered inefficient and inaccessible.

    It was a feat which wasn't possible unless the terrain was fully understood. Both Andras and Theodore's magicians would never think of the possibility that Theodore could see the entire canyon. If they knew it was happening in real-time, they would freak out.

    Theodore knew whenever William's troops destroyed a watchtower, and he knew every time a patrol went around a blocked road.

    'Thus far, it is going as planned.'

    A dark smile appeared on Theodore's face. The watchtowers and snipers were dealt with, and Paragranum had diverted the patrols.

    This was already sufficient for headquarters to call it a big achievement. The mobile magicians and alchemists were elsewhere, while Theodore was with troops who specialized in destructive power. There was a reason he had come up with this combination.

    "Captain, that...!"

    "Don't be surprised, Sylvia. That is our destination."

    Theodore looked away from Sylvia's frightened face and stared at the faraway blue-black iron wall. It was the permanent post of the Andras army in the eastern canyon. After exploring with Mitra, he discovered that the defense system of this campsite was the poorest.

    'But the magic barrier is perfect. 4th circle magic will scatter before reaching it.'

    The walls of the barrier were made of the great metal, titanium, which only great magic could destroy. It was a mysterious metal that was mined in an unknown place. Shields and walls made of this ore scattered mana, and the strength of the metal was also comparable to that of adamantium.

    The metal was unsuitable as a weapon because it didn't accommodate aura like adamantium. However,  if it was made into a facility or huge shield, it would have the power to endure ranged firepower, which was the biggest advantage of a magician.

    -It isn't comparable to adamantium. It can't be helped. People in this era aren't familiar with it.

    'What do you mean?' Theodore responded to Gluttony's unexpected words.

    It felt like information he shouldn't miss.

    -Did you call it 'Titanium'? It is a metal made by mixing adamantium with other materials through a special process. Its resistance to magic is excellent, but the disadvantage is that it can't be processed with magic and there is a limit to its utilization.

    'Golems or artifacts can't be made from it?'

    -Well, in the same context. It would be necessary to consume a large amount of rare adamantium, yet magicians in the Age of Mythology could easily penetrate the defense. So, it is a metal that didn't see much light in ancient times.

    This was an explanation which couldn't be found in any book. Theodore kept listening as he devised a way to attack this camp.

    -By the way, the existence of that metal is questionable. Paragranum might know how to make it, but it isn't an alloy that can be figured out just by digging it up. There is probably another grimoire in the Andras Empire.

    'That isn't a problem I can worry about now. What is its weakness?'

    -There are two big ones.

    Theodore listened to Gluttony's description and rotated his seven circles without hesitation.


    With such a large-scale gathering of magic power, the phenomenon was naturally huge enough to be seen by the distant imperial army. Theodore ignored the bewildered gazes of his members as he decided on a strategy to take advantage of one of the two weaknesses.

    First, there was attack magic which contained mass projectiles.

    'Maybe magic like Meteor Fall.'

    Meteor Fall...

    Meteorites were rocks which were pulled out of the atmosphere and fell at terrific speeds, and the role of Meteor Fall was to summon such meteorites. The speed and firepower were amplified by the gravity of the planet. Magic resistance had no effect before falling meteors.

    However, Theodore wasn't yet in a position to cast Meteor Fall, and the other mass magic was Volcanic Shell. However, that wasn't enough to crush the iron wall.

    Therefore, he chose the second method.

    'Overwhelming firepower that the titanium can't endure!'

    Theodore's gathered magic power shook. The power swirled around him, and the clouds overhead scattered, causing the area around him to be strangely calm. It was a natural disaster in human form. Theodore was a 7th circle magician, but this magic event was like something created by an 8th circle magician.

    "All troops! Cast your biggest attack spell with me!" Theodore yelled out the command while activating a feature he hadn't used for a while.


    The ability allowed him to store his desired spell and use it without casting, and he could now store seven spells. It was possible, but Theodore's magic power hadn't been able to completely control two or more great magics.

    '...But now, it is possible!'

    His memories of the East came to mind. In the three months he'd spent there, Theodore had been able to properly train his mind and body. The full acquisition of the Fairy Dance filled an empty spot in his body and magic.

    He couldn't use all seven slots, but three or four was possible!


    Four Slots Open.

    Quadruple Inferno.

    Four fire pillars rose. The power of one pillar was enough to burn down a town, but now four fire vortexes equal to one great magic roared like mad dragons. The clouds which got hit by the mana had already disappeared. The heat was enough to melt the rocks in the distance.

    Theodore's eyes were bloodshot with extreme concentration as he managed to control it-Rage of Ragnaros! The fire which had appeared at Magnus' summoning had just been recreated. Then the vortexes of flames started to move.

    The high temperatures melted steel like it was butter, while the birds in the distant sky died from the heat.

    The tremendous force of light burst against the walls of titanium.
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