Chapter 317 - Towards the World Tree (4)

    Chapter 317 - Towards the World Tree (4)

    Theodore asked with a puzzled expression, "You are Myrdal's disciple?"

    He had no idea he would hear that name here. A sage surrounded by many secrets... Myrdal was also a magician and elementalist. He was a mysterious person. His achievements were recorded in the magic towers, but there was nothing related to his personal relationships. It was questionable as to how Myrdal even knew Gluttony, and now he had a high elf as a disciple. Furthermore, he had left behind another ancient elemental?

    'If it is called Geros, then it is definitely Zephyrus... Ellenoa once showed me an illusion.'

    Zephyrus, god of the west wind, was a god who took four laps of the material world in a day and caused storms just by sighing. Even if the power of that time couldn't be reproduced, the tales about Myrdal were comparable to those about Zephyrus. Theodore recalled the welcoming image of Geros that Ellenoa had shown him. Geros had a crown of horns and a body surrounded by armor. Its form reminded him of a giant from the Age of Mythology.

    "I heard that elves can't be magicians. Are high elves different?"

    "No way," Titania replied with an emotionless face. "We can't artificially interfere with the flow of nature. We are a species that can't learn magic. The only thing I learned from him was the wisdom of nature, the reality of elementals."

    "A human teaching high elves about elementals...?"

    "Haven't you guessed it after meeting Master? He is known as a human, but he is something not human."

    Theodore fell silent. Making a guess about something was different from hearing it directly from a high elf. Sage Myrdal Herseim was something not human! It wasn't an exaggeration to say that not only had he mastered all of humanity's magic, he had also established a new system of elementalists.

    'What is he? He made the contract between me and Mitra, and now I find out that he has also given a high elf an ancient elemental...' Theodore thought back to when he met Myrdal at the Fountain of Wisdom on top of the world tree.

    He remembered every single world Myrdal had said.

    [A fragment of memory calling out to me, how pretentious.]

    [Huhu, please forgive me. I foresaw your visit, but I'm unable to move at this time. As such, I am forced to greet you and your contractor in this way.]

    [Giving excuses...]

    Despite being centuries old and a living transcendent, he had referred to it 'at this time.' It meant he had been aware of the situation. It was foresight. Myrdal's capacity for it far exceeded that of the white tower master, Heathcliff. So, it wasn't impossible for Myrdal to observe the future beyond the wall of centuries.


    There were too few clues. All Theodore could guess was that Myrdal had left some arrangements for an unknown intention. In order to know more about this, it was necessary to listen to the words of Titania, the high elf who claimed to be Myrdal's disciple.

    "You said you were waiting for me?" Theodore asked.

    However, this caused Titania to shake her head. "I have something to say and wanted you to follow me... but your task is more urgent. Is the story associated with the energy of death coming from the southwest?"

    "How did you...?"

    "I don't know how to see like Master, but it isn't hard to read the darkness."

    Titania was an unknown presence like her master, Myrdal. Lumia twitched at the words she couldn't understand.

    "Hey." At that moment, Veronica couldn't help stepping forward. "Why are you coming out of nowhere and speaking in informal language? Is it fun pretending to know everything? Do you think it is okay to treat Theo like this?"


    The bracelet around Veronica's left hand shook. Veronica's magic power wasn't so weak that it could be bound by a single artifact. The bracelet's durability rapidly fell once she allowed herself to get agitated. Titania saw it, and her eyes lit up. "Aha, the dragon lady who once burned the area during a confrontation in the past. Shouldn't you be more polite when visiting this time?"

    "What? Should I say it directly? Cowardly high elf."

    "...What?" Titania reacted sharply to the word 'cowardly.'

    "Aren't you the high elf who hid during the incident last time? It must be easy when you can see the future. You can run away because you know someone else will resolve it!"


    The sound of teeth grinding together could be heard from Titania's mouth. It was evidence that Veronica's words had scratched Titania's nerves about failing to participate in the fight against Laevateinn. Titania clenched her teeth and was about to reply.

    "Hey, everyone! Let's go inside and talk. Yes?" It was easy to tell that the atmosphere was rapidly becoming bad, so Lumia intervened between the two and tried to calm things down. If Veronica's magic power were freed, it would severely damage the area around her. As such, Veronica and Titania couldn't refuse this mediation.



    Surrounded by a tight tension, the two high elves and two magicians walked faster.

    *     *     *

    Fortunately, a second argument didn't occur. Titania stopped talking about Myrdal and remained silent as they headed to the cottage that Theodore had visited several times in the past. After greeting the four high elves, the two magicians went straight to the point. Like Lumia, the four high elves were aware that Theodore had come for a serious purpose due to Veronica's presence.

    It was a long story. Theodore talked about the war in the Northern Continent, the revival of the 9th circle warlock Jerem, the current destroyed state of Lairon, and the advent of Nídhöggur being the final purpose.

    Three hours flew by quickly.

    "...A warlock is aiming for the world tree. It sounds like something from a children's fairytale book, but I don't want to experience it directly," the dark elf Alucard opened his distinctive purple lips and spoke with displeasure.

    He didn't show any doubts about the information Theodore had brought. After all, Theodore had known about the existence of Laevateinn before anyone else, so the high elves didn't doubt him. Theodore was a clear-eyed person who had been invited to use Ratatoskr.

    "Knowing about the existence and power of Elvenheim and still wanting to invade..."

    "It means that he can win."

    "We must prepare well."

    "I didn't think I would hear Nídhöggur's name in this age."

    Titania didn't say anything, but the other three quickly discussed measures. They spoke without hesitation about Elvenheim's current power and the state of their defenses.

    Theodore couldn't help wondering. "...Why?"

    "Huh? What is it?" Alucard asked, and the four high elves looked at Theodore.

    "Why aren't you scolding me? In the end, I am the one who resurrected Jerem. If it wasn't for me, the world tree wouldn't be in danger."


    The four high elves looked at each other and laughed.

    "How boring. That's what you were thinking about, Theodore?"


    "Don't forget that you plunged into the flames for us. Elves don't forget the debts they owe. And friendship isn't a relationship where debts should be dwelled on or exchanged," Lumia spoke clearly. "Let's get through this adversity again, Theodore."

    "...Yes." Theodore nodded with a pained heart, and the story started flowing faster.

    It was due to Naia. The usual sleepiness of the beautiful female elf was gone. Naia, the head of the clan known for their wisdom in Elvenheim, asked Theodore for one thing, "The prophecy that you heard, tell me."

    "Ah, the prophecy..."

    There was nothing to hide.

    Naia listened to the five verses Heathcliff had spoken, then she carefully opened her mouth. "I think the big bird is Hraesvelgr. The one whose life principle is to go against the evil dragon, it is the bird that brings typhoons. Our tribe's records show that the two are always at each other's throats."

    "Divine creature, Hraesvelgr... the old stories are continuing today."

    "If it has been prophesied, shall we call this divine creature?"

    Theodore's eyes widened at Alucard's words and asked, "Is it possible?"

    "It is possible." Unlike the positive answer, the elf's complexion wasn't bright. Then Alucard immediately revealed the reason why. "The biggest problem is that the ritual will take at least a month. Additionally, it needs four high elves, which hinders our actions. Ellenoa and Titania are still immature as high elves, making it difficult to build a defense around them."

    "I can do it."

    "I'm not saying you can't, Titania. You have to spend more time in the Great Forest. Hunting and war are different. We need someone with experience in leading..."

    Titania's eyes narrowed as she interrupted Alucard and declared in a strong tone, "I swear in the name of the root. Leave it to me."

    For elves, the roots were their home and clan. Swearing an oath on them was heavier than swearing on their own lives. Additionally, Titania was a high elf, so her root was the world tree Yggdrasil. The parent tree didn't deny Titania's pledge, and her commitment couldn't be argued against.

    Alucard had to raise both hands and concede, "...I understand. I will leave it to you. I will pass it on to the two people who aren't here. Don't forget to listen to Ellenoa and the other guardians."

    "Of course." After achieving what she wanted, Titania immediately looked at Theodore and Veronica. Then she pointed to one person and said, "There is something you need to resolve first."

    "Huh?" Veronica was stunned by the finger that suddenly pointed at her.
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