Chapter 319 - The One who Inherits, the One who Maneuvers Behind the Scenes (2)

    Chapter 319 - The One who Inherits, the One who Maneuvers Behind the Scenes (2)

    As always, the same information window appeared in Theodore's mind.

    [Deeper Theories about Elementals]

    [This book goes beyond the theory of the four elementals, giving an outline of the royal elementals and the ancient elementals. It explains the difference between a god and an elemental, as well as the changes that occur to an elemental with a divinity. The author, Myrdal, wrote this solely for one reader. You are the only one who can access this data.

    * This magic book is rated 'Unique.'

    * Acquisition Conditions: A contractor of an ancient elemental.

    * When consumed, elemental magic (Genuine) will be learned.

    * When consumed, your understanding of elementals will increase to the maximum.

    * This is the original copy that was directly written by the author. When consumed, you can read the message left behind by the author.]

    Theodore's eyebrows raised when he saw the last sentence. This was a book that had been written solely for the sake of one reader...

    Additionally, it bluntly stated that the condition of acquisition was that one had to be 'a contractor of an ancient elemental.' In the past, Sage Myrdal had truly foretold of Theodore's existence. It was hundreds of years ago, maybe even more. The fact that Theodore hadn't met Titania previously might also be due to Myrdal's arrangement.

    'I was never harmed. But... can I trust Mrydal Herseim, who is an unidentified existence?'

    A great magician of a previous century and better known as the summoner of a king elemental... 'Myrdal Herseim' was a name that Theodore had only discovered in a textbook 10 years ago. Theodore had thought it was just a coincidence when he found the original book after meeting Gluttony at Bergen Academy and that he had simply been fortunate enough to sign a contract with an ancient elemental.

    However, what if that luck was someone else's intentions? Despite the results benefiting Theodore, he couldn't help feeling upset that his choices and efforts seemed to be a puppet game. Feeling the need to talk to Myrdal again, Theodore opened the book. Then he frowned in less than 10 seconds.

    "...What... This book?"

    It was written in the official language of the continent. The summary of the paragraphs was excellent, and the explanation of the contents concise. This showed that the author's knowledge was excellent. The issue was that the contents had an absurd degree of difficulty.

    'Damn, it will take longer than a day or two. It is at a level of theory that I will have to study for months or even years before being able to consume it.'

    Looking at the Magic Society as a whole, it was rare to find a magician who knew more than Theodore about elementals. Yet he couldn't remember anything after reading it once. It was a good thing there was some overlap with the Fairy's Book. Otherwise, he wouldn't even be able to get past a few pages.

    However, when Theodore thought about it, he realized it was natural. After all, the ancient elements were fragments of gods. This meant that a magician with eight circles was still lacking to fully handle that power.


    An aura user must become a grand master or a magician must have nine circles before they could reach the realm of the gods. Theodore might possess several divinities and the experience of Mitra becoming a god again for a short period of time, but it was still far from understanding the nature of the power. This was what it meant to challenge understanding Deeper Theories about Elementals.

    "Yes, I will accept it."

    Anyway, Titania had done nothing wrong when delivering the book. Theodore placed the old book in his inventory and decided to focus on the main priority. The book Myrdal left behind was an unexpected variable. The first thing Theodore needed to do was defend the world tree and stop Jerem's desires.

    "Then I will start off with a description of the areas." The high elf looked down at the large forest stretched out below them and pointed a finger. "The south will be the forefront. The area next to the Red Plateau is empty. However, the ents and dryads coexist deeper inside. The strength of the two species are great when coexisting and large monsters won't enter that area."

    "The ents and dryads... They are the species that receive the most from the world tree. They will certainly be a great help."

    "That's right. Their cooperation is indispensable when building the defense lines."

    The ents and dryads hadn't been able to play a big role against Laevateinn because of the fire. However, they grew up in the Great Forest and were two or three times stronger than other species in the area. The ent's bark was hard to scratch even with steel axes, while the dryads exerted strength over the elementals in their area. Additionally, hundreds of ents could reverse the environmental conditions of the battlefield.

    "Next is the west. You have also met them before. It is the area under the control of the beast clan. Frankly, it is difficult to expect much help from them."

    "I thought that as well..." Theodore smiled wryly at Titania's words. He had defeated the chief of one clan with a punch, so there was no need to think the others would be stronger. There was a possibility of having power in numbers, but this wasn't an advantage against a necromancer. Rather, it would be right to evacuate them to the rear to prevent them from becoming the enemy's minions.

    "Apart from the north, which is permanently frozen, the last area left is the east. The inhabitants of that area are wildlife and creatures. Their scale and power aren't great, but we can't rule out the possibility of them falling into enemy hands."

    "The undead, no taming... We can't afford to have the creatures join them. It is best to have the beast clan organize the eastern forest."

    The beast clan wouldn't be much help after the full-scale war began, but that didn't mean they were useless. It would be meaningful if they helped reduce the trouble in the east. There was a need to discuss more detailed strategies. However, Theodore thought of the primary measures and opened his mouth, "Titania, where is it better to start?"

    "The south."

    He wanted to ask her opinion, but Theodore was surprised that the answer was firmer than expected. "Why?"

    "It is because the Ceremony of Evergreens is just ending. The ceremony takes place with the cooperation of the ents and dryads," Titania explained the reason without hesitation. "I don't know about the dryads, but the hierarchy of the ents is vague. There is no head, and they often don't follow commands. It is best to tell the story when so many of them are gathered in one place."

    "Okay, let's go to the south."

    "A quick decision is good."

    At almost the same time, both of them jumped down from the world tree. The white fur clothing and red robe fluttered like flags as they flew over kilometers. The two people sped quickly to the south forest, and below them was the spectacular sight of a sea of trees.

    'Eh?' At that moment, Theodore recalled something. 'The place where the Ceremony of Evergreens is taking place. This means that Ellenoa...'

    Seeing Titania descend to the ground, Theodore reflexively lowered his body. Two colored flags could be seen through the dense trees, and they landed in an open space. Then he came face to face with the person he had thought about just seconds ago.

    "...Theodore?" Ellenoa's eyes widened as she cried out in surprise. What did she guess? Her face turned red after she saw Theodore. If Alisa hadn't intervened, the two of them might've stared into each other's eyes for a long time.

    "Eh, you finally decided to take our cutie?" With a big laugh, a high elf who didn't reach Theodore's chest approached.

    Alisa and Ellenoa were the high elves who had just finished the Ceremony of Evergreens.

    *     *     *

    "Ahahaha! So, you are traveling together?" High Elf Alisa listened to the situation and laughed as usual. Unlike her childish appearance, she was the second oldest in Elvenheim. Alisa had been living a long time since before Ellenoa was born a few decades ago, so she had more experience.

    Alisa looked at the two people with playful eyes before asking Titania, "Titania, can you do it?"

    "...Believe in me."

    "Yes, if you say so. Well, it will be fine with that good-looking man. It would be perfect if it turned into a love affair!"

    "A-Alisa!" Ellenoa became flustered, and Alisa just giggled.

    Then she pointed behind her as she asked Theodore, "By the way, have you thought of a way to persuade them? The ents don't take our orders. It is over if the ents don't move, even if we persuade the dryads. Don't you know that?"

    "Yes, I'm aware."

    The dryads were fairies who dwelled in trees. Even if they wanted to follow commands, the dryads couldn't be separated from their tree and couldn't move if the ents didn't. The ents were a species that didn't follow the orders of the high elves and whose hierarchy was unclear. Titania also wondered how they would get the ents' cooperation.

    "Everyone, don't be too surprised," Theodore spoke a few words of caution and activated his magic power.

    Maybe it due to their proximity to the world tree, but Mitra immediately responded to Theodore's call, absorbing all the mana in the ground and creating a body. Her hair was braided back, and the flower bud on her head was shining impressively.

    [Hoing! Mitra!]

    She was a child of 10 years, but the three high elves stiffened as they saw the essence of the child-the world tree, Yggdrasil. They felt the power of the giant tree that sustained all life in the Great Forest, the tree which the elves called the parent tree. Before any of them could open their mouths, something happened.


    [...King...! Welcome...king...!]

    [Bow...! Bow...knee!]

    Kung kung. There was the magnificent sound of footsteps approaching. The ents reacted the moment Mitra appeared. The reaction was more than expected, perhaps because she had grown from last time. They fell to their knees and didn't raise their heads. Their branches broke, but the ents didn't care. The ruler of all vegetation, the embodiment of the world tree Yggdrasil, was a living god to the ents.




    The noble and beautiful high elves were overwhelmed.

    [H-Hoing? Theo? I... What do I say?] Mitra was confused.

    Theodore thought for a moment before giving her an answer-all communications began with greetings. Mitra danced before placing both hands on her waist and shouting, [Nice to meet you―!]

    Why...? This encounter would be a cornerstone in the great battle for the future of the material world. However, Theodore couldn't help seeing it as a play for an elementary academy. He laughed and stroked Mitra's head. This ridiculous spectacle was the beginning of the defense of the world tree.
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