Chapter 321 - The One who Inherits, the One who Maneuvers Behind the Scenes (4)

    Chapter 321 - The One who Inherits, the One who Maneuvers Behind the Scenes (4)

    He stepped on the bodies of the demons at his feet and stood at the top. This was a man truly worthy of being called a hero.

    Theodore realized the name was correct and became thrilled again. This was a war hero from the history books, a person from before the era of the magic towers. It was an era that had occurred thousands of years ago, at the end of the Dark Ages where darkness survived and evil swung its power.

    The sand dragon, Azi Dahaka, was the crystal of destruction that the evil of Dark Ages had created. It was a monster that could spray all types of breaths with its three heads, as well as use the ultimate magic. Azi Dahaka had burned half of the continent in a week until a great hero stood before him.

    'Oh, my god. You really are Reynolds Spencer...?'

    This wasn't an exaggeration. Reynolds was a hero who had once saved the material world! Theodore had met several great men thus far, but he couldn't help feeling in awe of Reynolds. This impression was conveyed, and Reynolds couldn't help chuckling. "Hahahaha! Indeed, this is amazing. The world still remembering me after a thousand years, there is no greater honey for a hero!"

    '...Honestly, I thought your story was fiction.'

    It was unclear if Reynolds was a warrior or a magician, and his achievements had spread throughout the continent. Anyone who knew history would come to the same conclusion as Theodore. Demons didn't leave a corpse behind. Therefore, oral stories were the only records that could be used as evidence. Azi Dahaka was a monster, and it had collapsed because of this person. The grounds for Reynold Spencer's story couldn't be found anywhere.

    "Well, it is probably a good thing," Reynolds removed Theodore's doubts with a few words. "A hero's role is to shine a light on darkness and give hope to those who are in despair! It is fine if I have fulfilled that role."

    In a sense, it was a contradiction. He was so pleased that his story had been passed on after thousands of years that the authenticity didn't matter...? Somebody might be suspicious of his personality.

    However, because they shared a body, Theodore could tell that Reynolds' mindset was different from that of others. He didn't care about personal honor. All he desired was for justice to be alive on earth, giving power to those who were facing adversity.

    This was the real role of a hero that Reynolds had carried out all his life.

    "In the end, the world doesn't turn away from righteousness. Your life is someone else's strength. So, don't lower yourself before me, hero from the future."

    '...Yes. Thank you, Sir Spencer.'

    "The introductions are up to here. Shall we cut to the chase?" Reynolds spoke like he knew everything. "You want to learn Soul Calibre?"


    "The theory is simple. Magic power is refined and discharged out of the body. The magic power takes the form of a blade that interferes with the astral system, but it doesn't manifest like the theory. Isn't that right?"

    Theodore answered in a puzzled tone, 'Huh? I succeeded until the formation of the blade but...'

    "I thought so... What? You succeeded?" Reynolds' eyes widened. This person who wasn't even shaken by a high-ranking demon was greatly shocked by this.

    Was Theodore that remarkable?

    Reynolds read Theodore's thoughts and explained, "Soul Calibre is a type of special magic that has nothing to do with the abilities of a magician. The sword can only be manifested when the soul is used as a core. It is easy for the Spencer family to use because we have trained in it since childhood, but I have never seen someone outside the family use it..."

    After muttering a monologue Theodore did not know the meaning of, Reynolds raised his right arm and pointed to the sky. Then a shining sword appeared in his hand. It was the fully manifested Soul Calibre.


    Reynolds cut through the sky with the sword.


    It made a terrible noise. Theodore blocked his ears unconsciously and realized that he had escaped from Reynolds' body. He didn't know how, but Reynolds had separated Theodore from his body. The noise from before was probably this forceful separation. Real hearing did not mean much in the mental world.

    Theodore asked Reynolds with a confused expression, "Why did you suddenly do this, Sir Spencer?"

    "I want to check something. Use Soul Calibre."

    A great hero wouldn't speak nonsense. Theodore wasn't sure about the reason, but he complied with Reynolds' demand.

    'Soul Calibre.'

    It might be different for other magicians, but astral magic wasn't an unfamiliar concept for Theodore. The Umbra imprint glowed, and a soft green sword rose from his right hand. Of course, the strength and radiance were lacking compared to Reynolds' version. However, the shape of the blade could be seen clearly.

    "Hoh...!" Reynolds said admiringly, "You can certainly form it. Moreover, the green light symbolizes life and hope. I haven't seen such a beautiful light in a long time."

    "Ah, thank you."

    "But it is as I expected. Look closely."

    Reynolds took the white light sword in his hand and used it to touch Theodore's green light sword. The moment that the two lights touched...

    Kakang! Theodore's Soul Calibre broke with a cheerful sound.


    It broke like a cracker. The blade, which was made of a considerable amount of magic power, had broken easily. Theodore looked at Reynolds for an explanation. Reynolds showed his Soul Calibre and opened his mouth, "You can manifest Soul Calibre, but you can't reproduce the power. I'm not trying to dismiss your magic. It was like this from the start."

    "Like this from the start?"

    "Soul Calibre is literally a sword of the soul. Its strength is determined by the power of the soul that forms the blade. Magic power can make it take the shape of a sword, but it doesn't compensate for the underlying strength."

    It was like a pavilion formed out of granules of sand. The smallest repulsive force would break it. That was why Theodore's Soul Calibre was broken. Theodore had been inspired by Umbra and managed to succeed in creating Soul Calibre with his eight circles. However, unlike Reynolds, Theodore wouldn't be able to cut a high-ranking demon with it.

    "This is why my family, the Spencer clan, quench their souls for several generations before handing it over to future generations. I am the final result." Compared to Reynolds' calm voice, the contents of what he said were fearsome.

    A soul being made into a sword, and a clan that handed it down for generations, repeating this process over and over... It was a history that couldn't be revealed to outsiders. Reynolds was Spencer's descendant. Theodore soon realized why Reynolds had asserted this. After all, Reynolds shouldered the responsibility of his ancestors who had given up their souls.

    When the weight of the responsibility dawned upon Theodore, his face paled. Meanwhile, Reynolds just laughed and shrugged. "Don't worry about my past. Shouldn't you be paying attention to how to complete your imperfect Soul Calibre?"

    "...Is there a method to do so?" Theodore asked in a quiet voice.

    "I don't know," Reynolds responded instantly, without any hesitation. "If there were such a method, my family wouldn't have needed to inherit Soul Calibre from previous generations. The special magic, Soul Calibre, exerts its power when it is built up through time. There is no way to master it other than to train it thoroughly. At least, I don't know of one."

    "But there is no time."

    The fundamental structure of Soul Calibre needed a few generations to build up like the Spencer family. Jerem's invasion was a month away, and Theodore had too much to do to only focus on Soul Calibre. Reynolds, who received Theodore's memories through Synchro, couldn't help complaining, "I'm sorry that I can't be helpful. If possible, I would like to lend a hand directly..."

    A warlock who had contracted with Nídhöggur, a villain trying to swallow up the world tree... There was no better enemy for a hero to punish. If Reynolds were still alive, he would've run to Elvenheim instantly. However, Reynolds Spencer died a long time ago. This was just a fragment of his soul.

    Theodore was feeling frustrated when he suddenly had a thought.

    The dead, a fragment of the soul...

    Soul Calibre was a sword of the soul.

    It was a technique inherited from generation to generation.

    Reynolds Spencer...

    Several puzzle pieces hovered in Theodore's mind and settled together in a suitable shape. It was an idea that was worthy of applause if another magician saw it. Theodore didn't hesitate to speak his idea. Shortly after that...

    "...Are you a genius?" Reynolds was amazed.

    *     *     *

    Less than half an hour later, Theodore woke up from his synchro with Reynolds.


    He jumped up like he didn't want to waste a minute, moving to an empty spot without any ents or dryads. Theodore was worried that someone might up caught up in the aftermath of his magic. Theoretically, there weren't any errors. However, a magician should always be cautious when practicing.

    "Huoong..." He took a few deep breaths and relaxed his body. His blood circulated in his muscles, and shortly after that, his stiff muscles stretched and his joints became flexible. Theodore finished his brief preparatory exercises and closed his eyes. For a magician, vision wasn't a problem. However, embedded habits were surprisingly helpful for concentration.

    'Umbra,' he summoned the imprint on his right arm. There was a glowing light, and Theodore's spiritual senses reached another realm. Simultaneously, a sword rose from his right hand.

    "Okay, there is no problem so far."

    Soul Calibre, an astral magic that interfered with the soul, was a magic that Reynolds had evaluated as a power that couldn't be used in practice. However, this time, there were some differences from the sword Theodore had made in the mental world. This sword shone brilliantly, and Theodore's right hand cut at the empty space before him. Just like Reynolds had shown him, it was like a lightning strike across the sky.

    Kiiiing-! The space was separated.

    For a moment, the special space used in the techniques of the 2nd Sword, Zest Speitem, was revealed. There was a wall of darkness that no physical force could pass, a joint that connected space. Theodore's Soul Calibre cut that joint. It was an eerie and destructive power.

    Theodore erased the white sword and grinned. 'I can't exactly call it my Soul Calibre.'

    Theodore muttered strange words as he looked down at his right arm. No, he was just talking to someone who couldn't be seen. "How about it, Sir Spencer?"

    Reynolds' voice was conveyed from Theodore's right arm. To be precise, it was the engraving on his arm.

    [Good! It is a bit lacking compared to my prime, but the undead won't be able to go against it.]

    "It is really great."

    That's right. Rather than forming Soul Calibre with his own soul, Theodore shifted Reynold's soul to Umbra and had him manifest Soul Calibre.

    It was only a fragment of the soul and couldn't be compared to when he was alive. However, Reynold's Soul Calibre had been tempered over several generations and was much stronger than Theodore's. It was sufficient to play a role in the fight against Jerem.

    Theodore had used a shortcut of intervening with the soul using Umbra's power.

    'One means of attack has been determined. Sir Spencer's Soul Calibre can kill Jerem.'

    Among the warlocks who were outside of the framework of ordinary life, the necromancers had especially strong vitality. Despite being injured by Mitra's power previously, ordinary attacks wouldn't hurt Jerem even if he were hit by several Infernos. Thus, Theodore needed to acquire an attack that would work against Jerem.

    "Please take care of me, Sir Spencer."

    [Yes! Will you inherit the name of my family? This is guaranteed by Reynolds Spencer!]

    It was a bonus that Theodore added one more talkative person to his household.
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