Chapter 336 - Five Years Later (1)

    Chapter 336 - Five Years Later (1)

    "...Umm." A man opened his eyes in an antique bed.

    This man, who had black hair and blue eyes, slowly raised his impressive body and laughed when he didn't see anyone beside him. Had it already been a few years since that dream occurred? It was a memory he didn't want to forget even after a hundred years, but he felt ashamed when thinking of the dream.

    "I'm not a teenager still going through puberty."

    Theodore arranged the messy and crumpled bed sheet, and then unlocked the window.

    Kkiiik. A blinding light filled the dark room without any delay.

    The only device that used magic in his bedroom was the shade to block out light. As the sun rose halfway on the eastern horizon, the outline of Mana-vil filled Theodore's view.

    The buildings were much taller than they had been a few years ago, and the magic lights that had yet to be turned off lingered on the streets. The red magic lamp which reported emergencies in Meltor was turned off today, and the day started as always.

    'I will be able to have a peaceful day today.'

    After the great battle at Elvenheim, the struggles centering on Theodore subsided for a while.

    The civil uprising in Andras and the chaos in the central part of the continent after Lairon disappeared had bothered him for a while, but it wasn't a big deal. In comparison to the 9th circle warlock who had tried to put the world tree in Nídhöggur's hands, the disputes between nations seemed cute.

    Theodore thought about the past for a while before turning around. "Goetia."

    [Yes, Master,] the ring on his right hand, Ars Goetia, responded to the call in a gentle voice.

    "Can you tell me the schedule for today?"

    [At 8 a.m., there is a meeting in the main conference room of the royal palace. Robert Alpenheimer will visit the military academy for the purpose of establishing a strategy class at 2 p.m., and at 7 p.m. you have a dinner booked with Veronica.]

    "I didn't think the meeting was so soon. I have to hurry."

    After listening to Goetia who acted as his assistant, Theodore looked at the clock on the wall and started moving.

    This was the time when the sun started to rise, but a magician couldn't waste even one minute. It was quite common for a person with this sort of schedule to become a night owl. However, a person with physical strength like Theodore would have their drowsiness flee with the dawn.

    He opened the closest that was several times larger than before. It contained different clothing depending on the purpose. There were a range of clothes for a national meeting, a public ceremony, and a conquest.

    '...They wouldn't say much even if I dressed as I pleased.'

    That's what Blundell had said. There was no one who could stop or control the actions of an 8th circle magician. Just look at Veronica, rules were clearly unnecessary for her. She used to wear party dresses for meetings in the royal palace. However, Theodore was worried about the blood pressure of those present and pulled out the appropriate clothing. The clothing might not be made by a magician, but the fit was better than he thought.

    'Veronica doesn't like wearing it, but I think the design is okay.'

    It was black fabric with gold decorations, making it obvious to anyone that he was a person with a high status. Theodore groomed the rumpled robe with magic and greeted someone out of habit, "Sir Spencer, are you there?" There was silence for a few seconds before an answer came from his right arm, [...I'm not gone yet. This old man is lasting longer than I thought.]

    "Haha, please don't think like that. You have great strength."

    [Eh, this old man is useless now.]

    Theodore grinned at the grumbles of the legendary hero, Reynolds Spencer. After eating Soul Calibre, the hero's soul had stayed in Theodore's right arm and given away all his strength over five years. As such, Theodore confirmed his presence every morning because Spencer could disappear tomorrow or in a few months.

    Reynolds said this wasn't necessary.

    [I have no regrets because I have found a reliable successor. Don't grieve or mourn for me. There is no need to say goodbye to a soul who died a long time ago.]

    "Then is it okay to say thank you?"

    [Hmm, you are also very stubborn.]

    He could tell that Reynolds was smiling wryly.  Theodore smiled and released the security magic. The security magic had no meaning for him since he woke up whenever anything approached, but it was a formal security device that he turned on habitually. Then his senses caught a servant outside the door who politely bowed to him and greeted, "I beg your pardon, Chief Tower Master."

    Theodore nodded at the title that he still wasn't accustomed to.

    Meanwhile, the servant spoke cautiously, "His Majesty has invited Chief Tower Master to have breakfast with him. If you want, I will guide you to the dining room."

    "Please do so."

    "Yes! Thank you very much."

    The servant turned with stiff motions, and Theodore followed with a bitter smile. When Theodore was a child, he had wanted wealth and honor. Now all of that seemed in vain. He had magic that could break down mountains and change the climate. Why should he cling to money and status?

    Theodore Miller, the peak of the tower masters, moved with troubles that no one could understand.

    *     *     *

    The Chief Tower Master was the peak of all the magic towers. It was the first time in Meltor's history that the title was used, and Theodore only took the role relatively recently.

    Two years ago, the position of head of the central tower became unclear when Benedict retired after the war with Andras. He was an outsider, a free magician who didn't belong to any of the other magic towers. Thanks to this, Benedict had been able to coordinate the balance between towers from an objective standpoint and assume the role of chairman of the Magic Society.

    The problem was that after he retired, there was no one left to fill the vacancy. The elder magicians who had participated in past wars were developing their own magic research and experienced intense fatigue. Nobody wanted to bother them. Above all, the qualification to become a tower master was that they had to be a magician of the 7th circle or higher. With the death of Blue Tower Master Blundell, there was only one person who could become master of the central tower.

    'It is me.' Theodore sighed as he thought back on the situation. 'Hah, Benedict would've worried a bit more about retiring if I wasn't here.'

    Theodore Miller, the youngest magician to reach the 8th circle, was a heroic person who didn't lack any requirements to be the master of a magic tower. Additionally, Red Tower Master Veronica was still alive. So, there was no fear that the red tower would collapse if Theodore was absent. Only a few people knew it, but Veronica was in a subordinate position to him.

    From the beginning to the end, it was a position for Theodore.

    In any case, the process of his appointment was quick. Veronica naturally agreed and didn't hesitate to vote for him along with the white tower master and yellow tower master. The blue tower master seat was absent and the vote was treated as an abstention, but the majority was still established.

    This was the first appearance of the Chief Tower Master position. It was proof that Theodore was the greatest magician of this time. However, his workload had increased. He looked down at the raucous meeting hall and sighed.

    "So! We need to do an armed protest in Austen! They don't remember the grace we gave them and are trying to double the price of special products!"

    Despite being five years older now, Roberts was still fired up as he criticized Austen's policy.

    After the drought that had been caused by Desertio disappeared, the small desert kingdom gradually began to develop. It was due to Theodore's previous favor, but the momentum of a country where religion and power were united was surprising.

    Now that they were no longer beggars, they acted in a shameless manner.

    "No, an armed protest is too much! Won't it feel like we are taking on the brutal policies of the empire? No matter how shameless Austen is acting, it isn't right to pull out our weapons!"

    They yelled at each other in every meeting. Today was no different as Robert's eyes widened with Jerome's words.

    "Then what? If you say to soothe them gently again, I will snap!"

    "Uhuh! The point of this meeting is to find a way!"

    Both of them made sense. Meltor had won the war in the north and acquired many territories and a lot of resources. As such, they had now developed far beyond what they had been five years ago. However, resources hadn't been all they lost in the war. Meltor's population and troops were currently spread out all over the expanded kingdom for relief work, and the atmosphere of the kingdom had barely stabilized. Going to war or an armed protest could disturb it.

    At that moment, a magician in a blue robe raised their hand. "I will speak."



    Simultaneously, both Jerome and Robert stopped speaking. It was because the status of the blue-robed magician was much higher than theirs. King Kurt's gaze shifted. The host of the meeting, Kurt III, opened his mouth and said, "Speak, Blue Tower Master."

    "Yes, Your Majesty."

    That's right. The woman had changed greatly over the past five years and was now recognized as a tower master. Her silver hair was like overflowing moonlight, and she had blue eyes which were like a calm lake. A beautiful woman with wisdom and strength rose from her seat, holding the staff that represented the previous tower master.


    It was her, Sylvia Adruncus. After Blundell's death, she had devoted herself to magic for three years without taking care of her body.

    Theodore had visited her many times, but all he had been able to do was serve tea. Her eyes had been too intense for him to persuade her otherwise. Veronica said they could talk once Sylvia reached her limit.

    However, Sylvia was a genius among geniuses. A few years of training passed, and she reached her limit. Then she broke through the wall with her talent and effort. No one could dismiss Sylvia, who reached the 7th circle at a similar age to Theodore and who held the staff that was the remnant of Blundell Adruncus.

    Some saw this as a sign of Meltor's unending glory, while others were captivated by her beauty.

    'A new... era.'

    The vacancies of those who left were filled, and the wheels of history turned. Theodore's gaze deepened for a moment before returning to its original state.

    Sylvia wasn't the only one who faced a wall. A tall wall, the 9th circle, blocked Theodore.
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