Chapter 337 - Five Years Later (2)

    Chapter 337 - Five Years Later (2)

    A few months ago, Theodore realized that he had learned all sorts of magic from the Hall of Fame and the Zero Library, like Abe no Seimei's Art of Onmyōdō and Aleister Crowley's Kabbalah.

    Additionally, many great men taught him according to the achievement points spent, and Theodore was able to accept the overwhelming knowledge. The achievement points Theodore gained thanks to Jerem and his own learning ability showed great synergy.

    'I didn't expect to reach saturation in five years.'

    The five years had passed like flowing water, and Theodore realized he had reached the limits of a mortal.

    The amount of magic that could be used at one time and the magic power flowing in his body was different from what they had been in the past. Soul Calibre was now perfect without the help of Sir Spencer. Theodore was a strong magician who wasn't lacking compared to the other tower masters. He had perfectly acquired elemental magic, as well as some special magic.

    Now, Theodore could defeat the incomplete Jerem. He had stepped outside the boundaries of the 8th circle and was half a step to the 9th circle. This was Theodore's current status that was diagnosed by Gluttony.

    He might take a few steps and become a transcendent, or he might miss the opportunity and fall back down to a mortal. It was unknown territory even for a grimoire that had lived for thousands of years. The wall that existed between circles was defined as the limits of a person. It wasn't something that could be done with outside help.

    Gluttony, one of the Seven Sins grimoire, gave him this advice, -You can jump this stage with a little enlightenment in one night, or you might not be able to escape it for 10,000 years. A gateway with the correct answer doesn't exist.

    Would he have his heart destroyed or live for hundreds of years? It didn't matter either way. Some put down all their possessions and overcame them, while others went beyond everything. Theodore would find his own answer. If there were 10,000 magicians, then there would be a million ways to achieve it. In some ways, it was like Sorcery.

    Even if they trained in the same environment, all humans were different. It was impossible for Gluttony to calculate his natural abilities, talents, personality, and all other elements.

    "...It makes sense, but after thinking about it again, it just means that Gluttony doesn't know either," Theodore complained quietly and watched the meeting.

    The disputes between the two factions subsided with Sylvia's compromise. Ultimately, it was decided to reduce the number of artifact exports to the Austen Kingdom and pressure them using the surrounding kingdoms. It was a decent solution. Theodore nodded silently.

    The reason he didn't say anything was because his status was too high. Theodore's voice was so strong that everyone would try to follow his opinion. The nobles jockeying for power were also annoying. He sighed every time they came forward.

    'I know they are trying to attract me to fight against the king... But do they really think I am crazy enough to side with them?'

    The king wasn't corrupt, and there was no reason to stir mischief in a kingdom that was running well. Theodore quietly favored the solution to the issue they were discussing, and the meeting naturally ended in the direction Sylvia wanted.

    Kurt III announced the closing of the meeting, "Then I will finish today's meeting here. Go back to your respective departments with this conclusion and make sure that the actions against Austen are carried out carefully and urgently. Understood?"

    "Yes, Your Majesty!"

    "Chief Tower Master, please give me a minute. I have something to say to you. But if you have urgent business..."

    Fortunately, the magic lights to announce an emergency were still off. Theodore accepted the invitation of the king, "It is okay. I will follow the will of Your Majesty."

    Finally, the people gathered in the meeting hall started to leave one by one. It was a habit for the officials on the outside to open the door, while those sitting closest to Kurt III were the last to leave. Of course, the representative of the blue tower, Blue Tower Master Sylvia, was at the very end.


    Sylvia had just risen from her seat when her name was called. With calm eyes, she turned to Theodore who then asked, "Are you doing well?"


    It was a dumb question. Although it was useless to say anything at this point, he couldn't help being concerned about Sylvia after she reached the 7th circle. Theodore was the only person she called a friend, and Blundell had sacrificed himself for Theodore. However, Sylvia just smiled at him.

    "Yes, I'm a little busy, but I'm fine. I heard you are getting along well with Veronica these days? Congratulations."

    "Ah, thank you."

    "His Majesty is waiting for you, so let's talk later. Is that okay?"


    Sylvia was now more talented than she used to be, but her attitude had become more standoffish. If the previous situation had broken Sylvia's bond with him, then it couldn't be helped. Theodore watched Sylvia's retreating figure and walked over to Kurt, who was still sitting at the table.

    Wanting to know why he was called, Theodore asked, "Did you call, Your Majesty?"

    "Yes, Chief Tower Master. I borrowed your time rather than discussing in a place where all of them would argue. I'm sorry."

    "No. Please don't hesitate to speak."

    Then Kurt III opened his mouth with a gentle expression, "It is about the 'Southern Exploration' that you planned and talked to me about a week ago."

    The southern part of the continent was a land of infamous swamps, as well as an area that civilized society hadn't stepped into. The loose boundaries of this physical world were scattered everywhere. It was a fairly common story for a half-hearted adventurer to walk through the southern part of the continent and disappear along the way.

    However, Theodore planned for an exploration of the Southern Continent. It would make a loud noise if he went alone.

    "I am aware that Chief Tower Master's abilities have improved a great deal. The majority of changes that have occurred in Meltor over the years have been due to your skills," Kurt praised Theodore's achievements before getting to the point. "However, the dangers of the Southern Continent are greater than them. The resources in the southern swamps are valuable, but there isn't a proper country in the Southern Continent. The Southern Continent has swallowed up dozens of expeditions over the years."

    "I also know that, Your Majesty."

    "I can't give permission for you to leave alone. If you really want to leave, I can't stop you. But know that I am firmly against it."

    Until now, the relationship between the royal family and the magic towers had always been good because they didn't interfere with each other's identity. The magic towers didn't intervene deeply with the kingdom, while the kingdom didn't interfere with the magic towers' research. It was strictly taboo to interfere with a magician's quest. This was how the magic kingdom had lasted up to this day.

    So, in a sense, Kurt III was committing a taboo.

    'Hut.' Theodore laughed.

    If Kurt III had blocked him for a political reason,  one of Meltor's pillars might've disappeared as Theodore turned away. However, the emotion in Kurt's eyes was only pure concern.

    "Of course, Your Majesty. I also don't intend to go alone."

    "Hrmm? The plan..."

    "I'm not taking someone from the magic tower. The blue tower master, the red tower master, and the white tower master all have things to do. I can't borrow their hands for a personal exploration."

    Therefore, he picked someone from outside the magic tower.

    "The swamp is still part of nature, and there is one person who has no work to do."

    "Don't tell me, it's them..."

    "Yes, Your Majesty has guessed correctly."

    After the war was over, the sword master, Randolph, became a noble of this kingdom and could only help nurture aura users. The mercenaries under his command also converted to knights and lived good lives. Between them, the bandits and criminals in the kingdom had dried up.

    As soon as Theodore's suggestion was made, Randolph had accepted it. [Go! Go! When do I need to be ready? Now is fine!]

    The face of a hungry predator was still unforgettable. Randolph was easier to recruit than Theodore had thought he would be.

    Additionally, the high elf, who was contracted with an ancient elemental and had a magician for a teacher, was committed to the exploration of the southern continent. She would be the main character of this exploration because she was carrying out Myrdal's words to 'put the south's distress to rest.'

    Titania was his second companion to the southern continent.

    *     *     *

    "Hrmm, is that so?" Veronica cut the steak on the plate into two pieces and made an ambiguous expression. It wasn't hard for Theodore to guess the reason for that. Clearly, it was an unspoken protest about why he had to go to the Southern Continent. Veronica's eyes were cute, but she was someone with the nickname of destruction.

    Theodore stretched out his hand and grabbed Veronica's hand softly. "Becky, I believe in your skills. I don't want to take you to the dirty marsh."

    "Titania and Randolph are going with you?"

    "Titania has a job to do, and Randolph is a mercenary who has always been on the battlefield."

    Veronica pouted. She had been on battlefields, so there was no need to separate her from the swamps. "Do you think I am the lady of a prestigious family? I'm not a princess who has to be protected."

    "But you are more to me than that."

    "Eh..." Had a man ever treated her like this? She would've been angry if it was anyone other than Theodore. Now, Veronica's face couldn't help turning red. She shyly held his hand and whispered, "I will wait for you."

    Veronica needed to stay in Meltor to handle matters there. Her fire could also be bad with all the poisonous gas in the swamps. However, it was more effective to appeal to her emotional side. Moreover, he also meant it in his own way. Fighting with someone he wanted to protect was a great strength, as well as a terrible thing.

    He still remembered his panic back when Veronica's heart stopped. Her eyes, which were always filled with power and passion, had dimmed, and her voice had faded. It had been a nightmare. So, Theodore's heart felt a desire to keep her away from danger.

    Thinking of this, Theodore inadvertently put strength into his hands. Veronica responded with a sigh. "...Hah, I understand. I will remain in Meltor."


    "It is your decision, and there will be a good reason for it. When are you leaving? And what is the date of return?"

    "It will take a fortnight to finish the preparations. The deadline... Well, it won't take more than a month?"

    "Hrm." Veronica made the strange expression again. She didn't like being separated from Theodore for a month, so she couldn't help feeling bitter.

    However, unlike her thoughts, Veronica suggested a deal. "Theo, are you doing anything after dinner?"

    "Huh? No, today's schedule is finished."

    At that moment, Theodore felt his hand being stroked. White slender fingers were rubbing circles on his skin. He looked at Veronica, who didn't hide her intentions at all. Her red hair blended with the gentle lights, and her golden eyes filled with an obvious desire. A chill ran down Theodore's spine in a way that was different from fear.

    "A fortnight and one month..." Veronica's lips curved, and her eyes were captivating. Her tongue moved over her red and beautiful lips.

    Theodore gulped like he was thirsty, and Veronica smiled at the reaction.

    "Will you give me enough so that I don't become lonely?" She said, getting up from her seat and hugging him. Then she whispered in Theodore's ears, "Huhu, shall we go to your room? Or do you want to come to my room?"

    Veronica's hot body filled his arms as Theodore realized that Gluttony's advice was right. The questions of the world had many answers.
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