Chapter 338 - Five Years Later (3)

    Chapter 338 - Five Years Later (3)

    It was a long and hot night.  Veronica had been born with a strong body and a lust to match the red dragons. Shortly after returning from Elvenheim a few years ago, the two people got together actively. Perhaps it was due to the emergence of a rival called Ellenoa.

    "Ah, umm, haaaah..."

    Was Veronica afraid of Theodore being stolen if she acted late?

    In the past, it had only occurred in his mental world. The emotions of the man and woman easily resonated due to their souls' connection. Theodore always had Veronica in his mind, and they soon crossed the line. Theodore was a young man in his 20s, and he accepted Veronica's passionate touch.

    The first attempt was a little difficult, but the second was easy. The third was even easier. The relationship between the two magicians was known throughout the magic towers and soon spread throughout Meltor. The only two 8th circle magicians on the entire continent were together! The nobles who had prepared their relatives to seduce Theodore were forced to stop.

    "T-Theo, uh, Theoo..." It was a thin voice that didn't sound like Veronica.

    The bed was magically enhanced and didn't even creak despite the heavy movements of the two people. The red hair above Theodore's body danced like a wave, and the waves that swung several times with an unknown rhythm came to an end with Veronica's jerk of delight.

    "-Hahhhh!" For a moment, her golden eyes lost focus as her body sank forward.

    Veronica buried her face in the pillow and hugged Theodore. The heat had yet to scatter, and it circulated in the room. Their rough breathing quickly subsided. However, the two people didn't move as they stared into each other's eyes. They were sticky with sweat and body fluids, but the two of them kissed without caring.

    "So good. I really can't live without Theo," Veronica whispered sweetly against his lips while Theodore stroked her messy hair.

    "Is this enough to make my Becky satisfied for a month?"

    "Let's see?" Veronica's bewitching expression stirred him up again.

    Theodore had been with her since the early evening, and the sun was now rising. Yet Veronica still didn't feel tired. If Theodore didn't have a well-trained body, he would've collapsed earlier. Although Theodore wanted to respond to her temptation, he just smiled and kissed Veronica's fair forehead. It was an expression of affection between the two as well as a mild refusal.

    "I'm sorry."

    "Tch, I thought so. Chief Tower Master's work is more important than me?"


    "Ahaha, it was a joke. Go safely." Veronica kissed him lightly and lay down.

    Their time together was over.

    "I'm going, Becky." Theodore washed his body with a simple spell and put on his scattered clothes. In the meantime, Veronica's breaths became smaller, and she was asleep by the time he finished dressing. He covered Veronica with a blanket and left with a smile.

    Step, step. Theodore could use space movement, but after a night with her, he felt like walking. He descended a few floors from the top floor, and the noise gradually increased. In general, the higher the rank, the higher the floor. There was little sign of life until the fifth floor where the elders stayed.

    It wasn't until he descended several floors lower that somebody recognized him. "C-Chief Tower Master!"

    Although the call wasn't that loud, the entire floor became quiet.

    'Tsk, it is rare for me to come down this time.'

    Theodore was late today. He normally got up when the sun rose, but it was now 9 a.m. However, Theodore didn't need to explain why. The bewildered magicians all bowed and greeted the Chief Tower Master.

    "There is a lot of work in the morning. Please take care," Theodore responded.

    "Huh? Ah, yes! Thank you, Chief Tower Master!"

    "There is no need to thank me."

    As soon as he moved, the magicians split into two directions like the tide. Treated with respect and awe, Theodore wasn't exaggerating when he said that he was the greatest magician of the magic tower and the world at the moment. The magicians couldn't help shaking as they faced this living legend.

    '...Well, there will be people who will notice soon.'

    Why had he come down from the red tower in the morning? As long as the relationship between him and Veronica was clear, it wasn't difficult to guess the reason behind Theodore's actions. However, no one said it because they were embarrassed.

    As soon as Theodore left the red tower, a magician blocked his way.

    "Chief Tower Master."

    With gold hair flowing over her glossy brown skin, she was a beauty who could melt the hearts of men. However, Theodore wasn't affected by that as he asked her, "What's going on, Para?"

    "There are a few things I have to report." It was the avatar of Paragranum, who was both the Yellow Tower master and a grimoire. Her glassy eyes without any emotions were proof of her inhumanness. She wouldn't come to see him for trivial matters.

    "Let's move the location," Theodore said.

    Paragranum nodded and followed Theodore to his lab in the central tower. It felt like the wind was blowing again.

    *     *     *

    The central tower was the center of the magic towers and the headquarters of all magicians in the magic kingdom. This was where they registered their statuses and exchanged research results. Unlike the other magic towers, there were no independent units to take action. It was where national events such as the magic contest and large-scale plans were organized.

    This hadn't changed despite the owner of the central tower changing. There was only one difference from the days of the former chairman, Benedict.

    The top floor of the central tower had undergone major renovations.

    "Goetia, open the door of the laboratory."

    [Yes, Master.]

    The ring on Theodore's right hand shone and released the security magic on the door.

    It might seem like an easy task, but in order to break through the door with Goetia, they needed the strength of Veronica in her draconic form. Other methods were to completely analyze the magic formula that Theodore had created or to take possession of Ars Goetia.

    'It isn't impossible for a transcendent, but I can't assume that transcendents will be my enemies.'

    Overestimating himself was something to be avoided, but he also couldn't overestimate the enemies. The boundary between a prudent person and a coward wasn't that clear. The timing of when to take a step forward and when to pause was what separated the two. He should be cautious but not a coward. Thus, Theodore maintained the security of the laboratory at this level.

    Ching! Ching! The adamantium and mithril locks were released, and the noise was heard for three minutes before stopping.

    Soon, the inside of the research laboratory was exposed to Paragranum and Theodore. This was the research center of the Chief Tower Master of Meltor.

    "...It looks different to what I saw a few months ago. Isn't there a lack of free space? Or did you construct a new facility?" Paragranum asked when she saw the difference.

    However, Theodore just shrugged. "It is similar. There is a limit to the space expansion."

    In fact, it wasn't an exaggeration to say that half of the research laboratory had been thanks to her. Paragranum was a grimoire created by the best alchemist in the Age of Mythology, Paracelsus. She adhered to the principle of equivalent exchange and had built this workshop in return for several conditions.

    It was the birth of a research center that transcended the standards of this time. There was a teleport gate that could immediately move to Elvenheim, the Baekun Mountains, and Paracelsus' Laboratory. There was a mirror connected to communication facilities throughout Meltor, as well as a magic scroll press and potion distillation facilities for mass production. The bronze statues placed against the walls of the research center were golems capable of 5th circle magic.

    Lastly, there was one final guardian of the research center.

    [Welcome, Master.] Unlike the past, the automaton wore body armor and bowed down politely.

    The automaton had Sword Master Lloyd's Aura Ability. After having several modifications, it had now become a monster within the reach of the master level. It had a mighty combat power and absolute loyalty, making it the right guard for this research center.

    "Gladio, are there any reports of grade 3 importance or higher?"


    "Grade 4?"

    [There is one from the red tower, three from the blue tower, and two from the white tower. They are requests to handle monsters appearing in various places, the restoration of a pier broken by landslides, and the expansion of information sources in the central part of the continent.]

    "Approve all of them. Tell the white tower to post a report as soon as they finish the selection," Theodore passed on the instructions. Then he sat down at a table with Paragranum and started talking, "Why did you come see me this morning?"

    "It is about the Southern Continent."

    "The south? This must be a big deal." Theodore's eyes widened at the unexpected words.

    The grimoire, Paragranum, only cared about the purpose of its existence, not the chaotic Southern Continent. Many of the rare animals and plants that could be used for alchemy were available in the central and northern regions. So, he didn't think there was any reason for her to be interested in the swamp. Then why did the words 'the Southern Continent' emerge from Paragranum's mouth? It wasn't long before he found out the reason.

    "The dragons are moving."

    Dragons were the most powerful species in the material world. There was no way for Theodore's expression to remain calm, but he tried to control his expression. Meanwhile, Paragranum spoke as if she had been waiting for his reaction, "The red clan's Brasmati, the green clan's Erucus, and two more. I don't know why, but four dragons have gathered on the Southern Continent. Do you have any guesses?"

    "No, I have no idea."

    Dragons were beings that didn't accompany their parents after becoming adults. There had never been a collective action like this in the history of the continent. It might be different in the Age of Mythology, but this was a disaster in current times.

    At this time, Theodore asked a question, "Is Aquilo included in that group?"

    "...The sea isn't within my area of detection. But it is possible. If the sea dragon interferes, there would be a total of five. Maybe all the dragons are gathering in one place."

    "It is a meeting of dragons..." Theodore added one more thing to his list of tasks to do in the south with a grim expression. He needed to investigate why the dragons were gathering in the Southern Continent. It was hard to overcome the power of a dragon, but he had the confidence to pull himself out if he had to fight. Theodore was a few steps before the realm of transcendence and several times stronger than he had been in the past.

    'I wish Aquilo would answer... There is still no communication from her. Did something happen?'

    It had been five years since he lost contact with Aquilo. That had been before the battle of the world tree, so he hadn't been able to go after her. Theodore was briefly troubled by this. Meanwhile, Paragranum rose from her spot. "Then it is up to here for me. I don't want you to miss the expedition, so be careful."

    "Yes, thank you for informing me."

    Once Paragranum left, Theodore kept thinking for a while. Why were the dragons showing interest in the Southern Continent? Was there a threat to the material world? If so, should he be alert to threats?

    'Tsk, I don't know.' Theodore let out a long sigh and suppressed his thoughts about the dragons.

    He sat down in front of the mirror of communication and organized the reports from each tower.

    'It is time to replace Master's prosthesis. Balance the bonded neurons... Okay, that is enough. I can tell him separately. It has been three days since Baek Dongil returned from Bergen? The hobgoblins won't interrupt the schedule, so I will give him a vacation and send him to my hometown.'

    A period of five years wasn't short. Since having come to Meltor, Baek Dongil had now reached the 4th circle. He was constantly tapping at the wall to the next level. His heart, which had gotten hurt by how he had been treated in the East Continent, was now healed.

    Vince, Theodore's teacher, had also changed. It could be because he had lost one leg and devoted himself to research. His atmosphere grew softer, and the number of magicians who acted as his assistants increased.

    "Well, it is good."

    This was a peaceful age. Theodore's teacher could devote himself to the research he wanted to do but hadn't been able to due to being on the battlefield. Of course, Vince didn't always like everything. At that moment...

    [Master, I've received a request.]

    As he heard Gladio's loud voice, Theodore turned. "Is it an interview? I didn't make a promise..."

    [It is a messenger from the Soldun Kingdom. After a meeting with the king in the morning, he came to see Master.]

    "The Soldun Kingdom? What is the name of the messenger?" He asked to be certain. Theodore thought it was Baek Jongmyung who came to see Baek Dongil.

    However, his expectations were betrayed in a different manner.

    [The name is Marquis Fergana.]

    "...Why him?"

    He was the 7th circle magician who had been defeated by Theodore in Soldun's civil war and eventually became a royal hound. Theodore made a strange expression and got up. "I have to meet him."
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