Chapter 342 - Unknown Land (3)

    Chapter 342 - Unknown Land (3)

    Theodore's response was quicker. Before the snake could move, Theodore cast the magic spell he had prepared.

    The target was the group of three people, and the target point was 500 meters away. Poison soon spilled from the hydra's mouth, but Theodore's group disappeared first.


    Poison Breath-the poison from the hydra's six heads struck the ground. The damp ground crumbled, and bubbles rose like lava. It was a frightening sight.

    There were various characteristics for all types of poisons in this world. For example, there was acid poison that corroded metals and rocks. There was also a poison that destroyed the nervous system, a poison that caused internal bleeding, a poison that caused unidentified diseases, and so on. It was impossible to count them with the fingers of both hands.

    Nevertheless, Theodore was convinced that the hydra's poison was the most dangerous one.

    '...I would've made a mistake if I faced it directly.'

    In the old myths, the hydra's poison was one that was impossible to find an antidote for. If the hydra's breath was that terrible, Theodore would've decided to retreat without hesitation as the poison would have annihilated all three of them. However, his super sensitivity told him that he had a 60% chance of winning. It was proof that the measures he had prepared in advance were sufficient for the low-level poisoning.

    Theodore assessed the situation in a matter of seconds and sent a signal to the others, (Come to this position now.)

    He drank a detox potion and used a few auxiliary spells essential to fighting the hydra. He used Air-walk, which made it possible to walk in the air, and Purification, which made harmful substances harmless, as well as Air-flow, which scattered the air around the body and increased the resistance of the body. It made his respiratory tract feel a little tight, but it was better than inhaling poison.

    After completing 13 types of secondary spells in an instant, Theodore realized that his clouded flesh became clearer.

    'It noticed quicker than I thought. Is it sensitive to the movement of mana? That big snake?'

    The hydra had raised its heads and stared at the three people with killing intent. Despite the gap of a few hundred meters, they hydra's big body gave off a foreboding feeling like it was right in front of them. If Theodore were lacking in courage, his heart would've stopped when faced with those yellow eyes.

    However, Theodore's complexion was the same as he shouted in a loud voice, "Goetia! Automatically keep up the purification, detoxification, and airflow control! Reapply the spells every five minutes and give priority to assisting the two others above me!"

    [Yes, Master!]

    "Use some of the stored magic power in my circles for independent mobility. Isolate the circuit and use it! Do your best to last a long time!"

    Goetia didn't answer. One circuit was isolated as soon as the instructions were received. Over the past years, Goetia had transformed into a loyal existence. Theodore focused on the imprint on his heart-the Artificial Yin and Yang. It was to use the power of Laevateinn from the Ring of Muspelheim.

    "「 I declare. 」"

    In the myths, the weakness of the hydra was fire. However, there was no way it could be defeated by ordinary fire magic. It had to be divine fire or a fire that was beyond the rules of this world. As an example, yes, the fire of Muspelheim was valid.

    "「 As your master, I command you. Fire of Muspelheim, become my weapon and manifest here. 」"

    The crack of the dimension opened, and a white light spilled onto Theodore's palms, turning into a few swords and spears. A fire that wasn't bound by the laws of this physical world burned endlessly even in a vacuum and ignored the boundary between matter and non-matter. The body of the snake instinctively sensed danger and moved.


    Several white spears were stuck into the hydra's body. Shortly after that, the whole world was burning brightly.


    The one thing Theodore overlooked was that the hydra's poison was also flammable. The deadly gas caused a massive explosion of smoke and fire, and the earth of the entire swamp area seemed to be shaking. The shockwave caused by the explosion even tore through the clouds.


    Of course, the impact to the hydra at the center of the explosion was much greater. They hydra's scales which couldn't be cut by an aura blade were torn, and green blood gushed upward like a fountain. Theodore wasn't pleased as he looked down at the hydra. 'This is the extent of the injury? Its durability is better than a dragon's.'

    The explosion from a little while ago displayed power that was comparable to 8th circle wide-area magic. With an attack like that, even a dragon wouldn't be able to avoid suffering a serious injury. However, only a little of the hydra's skin had been peeled off.

    This was a level of durability that couldn't be destroyed with wide-area magic. Theodore quickly changed his tactics and instructed his group, "Titania, shoot!"

    Titania nodded as she was pushed by the pressure of the explosion, while the shape of a translucent giant emerged behind her.  It was Geros, the ancient elemental who had been called Zephyrus in the distant past. The Hurricane Bow cried loudly, Kuooooh!

    The hydra bowed down belatedly, but the stormy arrow had already hit one of its heads. The huge green snake bounced away like it was hit by a hammer.

    [Kuaaaack! I will kill you!] Despite feeling slightly pained because of the Hurricane Bow, the hydra kept attacking the three people.

    It was dreadfully fast for something as big as a hill. However, in comparison to the three masters, the hydra's reflexes were lacking. Randolph and Titania scattered using Air-walk, while Theodore made some illusions and distracted the hydra. Randolph was the first to change his stance. "Your eyes won't be as hard as your skin, you cunning snake!"

    He accelerated with his Aura Ability and reached the hydra's heads. Then his blades struck a pair of eyes.


    [Kiyaaaaak? Get lost, human!]

    Randolph's two blades clashed with the hydra's closed eyelids, and flames emerged. The hydra's eyeballs couldn't be damaged, but the shock was transmitted. The confused hydra shook its heads. Meanwhile, Titania used this gap to only aim arrows at the eyeballs. Faced with multiple attacks, the hydra didn't know which eyes to open or close.

    Theodore felt a sense of incongruity. 'It is too panicked. Does it not have much experience fighting despite its strength? It just needs to close its eyes and flounder around.'

    The big snake shook its head, but the sword master didn't budge. The hydra had the high durability and toxic poison, but that was it. It was too weak to be a descendant of a creature from the Age of Mythology. However, it wasn't weak enough for Theodore to relax. He didn't hesitate as he prepared the next move.

    "Mitra, I will ask you to do it."

    The girl named Mitra popped out. [Hoing! Today is another transformation?]

    After becoming a god at Elvenheim, Mitra had been able to regain her status for a short period of time.

    Despite being contaminated, this swamp was part of the material world. As such, it couldn't rebel against Mitra, who had regained Dmitra's name. She nodded and sank into the ground where the poison was a little thinner. The poison of the hydra was incomplete, so Mitra wasn't affected by it.

    A few moments later, the hydra thought of Theodore's idea and started to flounder.

    Kukukung! Kukung...! Kukukung!

    Massive amounts of dirt rose and fell back to the ground. The hydra's struggle without any eyesight was like a natural disaster. It was indeed a monster known in the Age of Mythology.

    [Don't go up! These foolish bastards!]

    The cliff was struck by six heads, and stones poured down. Randolph wielded his swords and stopped the obstacles from hitting Titania. Then the hydra turned its head triumphantly. However, Theodore was expecting this. 'Mitra, now!'

    The hydra was looking at the three people when the swamp swirled, and a large muddy hand rose up. It wasn't just one or two hands but six, which was precisely the number of heads the hydra had.

    [Hoiiit! This is huge!]

    [W-What? Mud monster!]

    The hydra was surprised by the unexpected situation, while Mitra grabbed the heads without missing one. Her grip was so tight that the hydra couldn't open its mouths. The hydra could only blink as it was caught, while Theodore waved his hands.

    'Not even thinking about escaping... Is this really a hydra?'

    It had absurd strength, durability, and deadly poison. Theodore had been determined to fight for half a day when this fight began, but it ended in just 30 minutes. He wasn't disappointed with the enemy's weakness, but this was the first time his expectations were betrayed.

    "...Abraxas, deploy." As Theodore cast a spell to destroy the hydra's body, his colleagues had a similar expression. It would be better to win easily, even if he felt empty about it. Theodore's eight circles revolved, and the unstable mana gathered under his control. It was magic that could kill a dragon when focused on one point.


    Once the huge amount of magic power started moving, the hydra began to struggle. However, it was too late. Dmitra's mud hands were firm and the binding force of earth wasn't easily broken. It took 30 seconds for Theodore's spell to be completed.

    First water and fire phase-blue and red beads floated around him.

    Second wind and earth collapse-the two beads increased to four and circulated around him.

    Final chapter-as soon as the beads merged and divided, a small world was created with a huge destructive force.

    It was enough to blow away more than half of the six heads. The four magic spheres slowly got closer, and Theodore waited for the right moment to throw it. Unless someone interfered with his spell...

    「рассеивание (Disperse)! 」

    As the powerful voice was heard from somewhere, the magic power around Theodore's body lost its strength and faded away. The three people looked in the direction of the third party who intervened. The person who prevented them from dealing a heavy blow wouldn't be an ally. Nevertheless, the three people were surprised at the sight of the enemy.

    "...Don't tell me?"

    The man had red hair and vertical pupils that were different from a human's. Theodore was familiar with these pupils. These eyes belonged to the strongest species, the guardians of this material world.

    "Hrmm, I guess you know my essence." The unidentified red dragon was curious about the unexpected reaction and stood between the three men and the hydra.

    Then he looked at Theodore and asked, "Are you willing to break the pledge, transcendent human? If you crossed the 'wall', you should know that you aren't allowed to enter the swamp."

    Of course, Theodore made a stupid expression.
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