Chapter 347 - Prometheus Plot (1)

    Chapter 347 - Prometheus Plot (1)

    10,000 years ago, during the Age of Mythology, the continent was too threatening for humanity. It was a time when countless monsters, that could tear apart mountains with their natural strength and power, wandered. Humans didn't have the same power as Vulcans or the Arv, making them a lesser species.

    There were only two ways for humans to survive. It was to go under a more powerful species and beg for protection or become the slaves of another species. The beginning of humanity in the Age of Mythology hadn't been particularly good. However, there had been one being that recognized the possibilities of the humble species and threw away his life for them.

    It was Prometheus, a titan of Olympus.

    The giant god, who had been favored by Zeus for having more intelligence than any god, had dared to commit a rebellious act. He had handed untapped power to the mortals, rather than one of the upper species. This was the 'first fire' of humanity.

    He had shared with humans the ability to feel and handle mana, the source element of this material world.

    「 Look, Prometheus! You broke Olympus' great rule and hastened the chaos of the material world! This is Zeus' order. Prometheus, you will be immortal until you repay the error with your own hands. You will experience the pain of your liver being eaten until that day! 」

    When Zeus, ruler of Olympus, became aware of it later, he was greatly enraged and cursed Prometheus. However, Prometheus didn't regret it. In fact, he had known it would be like this from the beginning.

    Even the contents of the penalty that Zeus gave him-Prometheus had foreseen it all and was pleased at the thought of being able to watch humanity's prosperity after this era. The 'first fire' that he had smuggled out would bring about the end of the Age of Mythology.

    Human history had come about with the rebellion of a giant god. Of course, there were no big changes in the early days. Humans didn't have the concept of mana and had difficulty building up mana in their bodies, using it in a primitive manner. At first, it had been hard, like creating a fire without coal.

    The gods, who had been wary of Prometheus' plan, were glad to see it. Then humans developed it with time.

    Mana compressed at high concentrations―this power would be called aura.

    A genius whose name was no longer known had come up with the concept of 'aura' and devoted his whole life to proving it. It was a crude feat compared to the later generations, but historically, it was a big step. The days when humans had difficulty dealing with wild beasts alone were forgotten.

    The power of the gods, the demons' tricks... The beginning was just an imitation, but someday the same realm would be reached. This imitation was called 'magic.'

    A priest of a clan had preached this method, systematically explaining the structure of the world and exploring what direction mana should take. It was something that could be seen in elementary textbooks now, but for the ancient people, this enlightenment had been just like the first fire.

    The development of humans after achieving these two powers, aura and magic, was dazzling. It had only been one thousand years.

    The two pioneers had spread the knowledge throughout the continent, and humanity threw off the chains around their neck. From a human point of view, it was a long time. However, consider the fact that the lifespan of an Arv was over a thousand years old.

    Compared to other species in the Age of Mythology, humanity was developing at an impossible rate.

    "Not long after that, transcendents appeared," Myrdal told this old story with a warm expression. "Humans in those days were more spiritual than modern humans, and the mana concentration in this material world was dozens of times higher. It was a natural phenomenon."

    As transcendents appeared to lead humanity, the concept of 'nations' was eventually introduced into humanity's history. Unlike the upper species in which each individual was powerful, humans were aware of their own weaknesses and cooperated.

    There was no caste system, and no gap between the rich and poor. Before the gods, demons, and upper species, humans joined together and lent strength to each other. The first golden age of humanity began like that.

    A few generations later, hundreds of transcendents were born. Humans were influential on the continent and faced the upper species and gods on an equal footing. It was a desperate situation for the gods, who weren't coping with the demons. Fortunately, humans hadn't forgotten Prometheus' grace. They allied with the gods and fought a long battle against the demons who invaded this material world from the outside.

    It had been the beginning of the 'struggle', the biggest turning point in the Age of Mythology.

    "...Hrmm, I won't explain what happened next. It is a history that isn't related to my story."


    Myrdal let out a long breath after speaking so many words, and the breathless Theodore barely remembered to breathe. Even Theodore, who knew more secrets than anyone else in the magic tower, was struck breathless from what he heard in these 10 minutes. It was because all of the deeply hidden secrets of humanity's history had come pouring out at once.

    'The starting point of humanity was the rebellion of a giant god. He is still on this continent and watching us...'

    This summarized everything. The rest of the contents were worthwhile but held no meaning in the present situation.

    Theodore arranged the information in his head before talking to Myrdal, who seemed to be waiting for something. The story wasn't long, but he could tell that this old man was similar to Gluttony. Myrdal was the type of person who answered a question with another question.

    "What does it mean to turn off the fire? Do you plan to take away the ability to handle mana from humanity?"

    Myrdal nodded. "Correct. Humans can now live without relying on mana. I became the host of Sloth for this moment and sucked up the mana of the continents for thousands of years."

    "...The mana of the continents, don't tell me?!"

    "Gluttony is aware of it. The mana concentration of this material world is gradually falling. Dragons will no longer be born, and the gaps between dimensions will soon close. There are fewer magic and aura users becoming transcendents."

    Brasmati made a menacing face when he heard that no more dragons would be born. However, Myrdal just laughed at him without changing his expression.

    Then he clapped and said loudly, "Isn't it the perfect plan? Until the day that they gain the power to explore outside this star, humanity can prosper without fear of destruction. Gods, demons, or dragons... No existence can threaten them. This is the plan that I, Prometheus, completed."

    Theodore was speechless at the absurd story. Meanwhile, Clipeus made a bitter expression. [Complet...ed. It is already done.]

    "You know. The moment you appeared in this form, I knew that the world had embraced my plan."

    [I wouldn't have appeared as a hatchling if I was supposed to stop you. The material world is finally done with my species.]

    As it was mentioned earlier, the dragon lord was the defense mechanism of this material world. If Prometheus' plan was to bring ruin to this material world, then Clipeus would appear in the form of an ancient dragon and demonstrate a power that could destroy even Sloth.

    However, the material world provided him with the form of a hatchling. It was a form that couldn't interfere with Prometheus' plan, but it could still help with any threats. The world preferred Prometheus' plan over the conservation of dragons.

    "This is the last gamble, arrogant species. But I will pay homage to those who have preserved the material world for all these years. Do your duty until the end."

    [No matter what you say, I will do so,] Clipeus replied with a resigned expression.

    Then Myrdal looked at Titania, who still didn't understand the situation. Myrdal had remained in this world as Prometheus's avatar in order to ensure his plan worked. He had stopped by Meltor's magic towers and left his knowledge, as well as a fragment of his memory at the world tree. However, this wasn't the reason why he accepted a child as his disciple.

    "Titania." Myrdal had lived for over a thousand years and become familiar with pretending to be human. Now, he was shaking off his last lingering attachment. "I know your heart but I can't accept. I am a puppet who moves according to Prometheus' will. I'm not brave enough to be responsible for your life. I didn't even have the courage to leave you until you were an adult."


    "Leaving Geros to you as well as a message to that young man were all planned. But..." The tool who only followed commands spoke his mind, "Be happy Titania."

    Originally, all of the world trees needed to be burned in order to lower the mana concentration. More than half the high elves would be killed. It would be easy if he intended to do that. However, Myrdal couldn't do it. He denied his instincts and changed his plan.

    As Titania made a pained expression, Myrdal turned toward the young man. "Theodore Miller."

    The young man who was the protagonist of Prometheus' plan, a just and excellent magician who didn't stop moving forward-it wasn't an exaggeration to say that there were no other humans in the current world who could become transcendent. No, in fact, Theodore might reach a higher level after transcendence.

    So, what choice would he make?

    "There are five minutes left. I will stop the Cage of Chronos. Ban Sloth from this world and protect the future of humanity."

    Everything was useless now. Myrdal raised his palm with the last of his strength. He couldn't interfere in ordinary space usually, but in this place, he was like a god. The moment that Theodore opened his mouth to reply, Myrdal's space magic wrapped around the four people.

    Surrounding by the stillness of nothing, the old man muttered, "...Is it finally the endgame? I'm sadder than I thought."

    It was the time for Myrdal Herseim's long story to come to an end.

    *     *     *


    A group of people suddenly appeared in the air, but the four of them weren't confused or upset. Theodore, Titania, and the two dragons realized their surroundings were familiar as they descended to the ground. It was the point where they had separated with the rest of the group before entering the Cage of Chronos.



    "Oh, Lord! You're safe!"

    Randolph's, Aquilo's, and Erucus' voices rang out respectively. They wanted to rejoice at the reunion, but Theodore couldn't afford it. According to Myrdal, the remaining time was five minutes. They had to overcome Sloth and find a way to expel it out of this material world.

    [Theodore Miller.] Clipeus came to the same conclusion and looked at Theodore. [Is there a way to expel Sloth as outlined by Myrdal? Even if the Cage of Chronos is released, I don't think the Seven Sins grimoire will take it lying down. Maybe it will trigger a powerful defense.]

    "Umm... I think so as well."

    [Please tell me if you need anything. In the name of the dragon lord, I will give every support possible.]

    Clipeus' words lifted Theodore's hesitation. It was impossible for a magician of the 8th circle to expel a grimoire like Sloth from this world, but it might be possible if he used the stage six function as Gluttony said previously. Theodore guessed that if he used the sixth stage ability properly, he would be able to exert a mythical-level strength. With that, it would even be possible to destroy the Cage of Chronos or expel Sloth.

    However, there was a problem.

    -Do you know, User? You only have 1,280 achievement points. It isn't enough to use the function.

    A huge amount of achievement points was needed. Theodore was reminded of this fact and looked around at the dragons with a serious expression. They were a species with a powerful instinct to collect treasures. Even a young dragon like Aquilo had a pile of treasures. So, then what about the older dragons? They wouldn't hold back if the lord ordered them to.

    Thus, Theodore could say it, "I'm not the one who needs it. It is Gluttony."

    [What do you mean?]

    At Clipeus' naive expression, Theodore let out a long sigh. "Take out all the magic worthy treasures or artifacts that you have. They should be at least of the rare quality."

    The dragons looked dumbfounded.
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