Chapter 352 - Overload (2)

    Chapter 352 - Overload (2)

    -Well, there is nothing to say except that the opponent was too lousy. Simon Magus is a monster that even the 6th stage Pride would lose against. Prometheus' Sloth wouldn't be a big deal.

    'Not a big deal?'

    -Originally, Sloth would've expanded infinitely if it wasn't for the Cage of Chronos. But Prometheus became its contractor through trickery and restricted its expansion, keeping it at the center of this swamp. Moreover, in the end, he released his power to act as a spear and shield at the same time.

    It had brought out four transcendents as a last hurrah, but fortunately, Theodore and the others had the power to stop it. In the end, Sloth couldn't flee or fight and was struck by Simon Magus' Dimensional Banish. There was no way to escape, even for one of the Seven Sins.

    "―It seems my job is over," Simon Magus stated.

    Theodore, who was surprised by the unintentional checkmate, stared blankly at the person before him.

    Theodore faced Simon Magus and said, "T-Thank you for the good work."

    "Stop the silly greetings. I might be pretending to be human, but Simon Magus is just a piece of debris left behind in the grimoire," Simon spoke in a cold voice. Then he continued, "Slightly less dumb guy, I don't think you are smart enough to understand me, but I will leave you with a few more words."

    Theodore hadn't known it right away, but he realized how mysterious Simon's words were. So, he immediately raised his head and listened. Then Simon Magic opened his mouth, "You made a contract with that damn tongue and will someday reach a crossroad."


    "Shut up and just listen. You understand that the 8th circle is the limit that a mortal can reach. Then what is the limit of the 9th circle and what wall will block you?"

    It wasn't a question that could be answered by Theodore who had just awakened his abilities. No, Simon Magus opened his mouth to speak again like he didn't expect an answer in the first place. However, nothing came out of his mouth. Simon noticed it himself and glared at Theodore's left hand. "You."

    -I won't allow you to say anymore, Simon Magus.

    "Hah, what will you do? Will you delete my soul? Or will you lock me like last time?"

    -I promise that it won't be as good an experience as you think.

    The atmosphere suddenly became ugly, and Theodore watched the confrontation between the two with wide eyes. So far, dozens of magicians, aside from Simon, had been called using Gluttony's function. However, this was the first time they had acted like they knew each other and were even hostile.

    Simon Magus wanted to give Theodore a few clues, but Gluttony wouldn't allow it...?

    However, victory and defeat had already been determined from the beginning.

    "Tsk, I'll drop it. I will go back and sleep like a dead person." Simon Magus might have been a transcendent in his lifetime, but he was currently just a fragment of a soul captured by Gluttony. Despite receiving higher treatment than other souls, he couldn't resist the grimoire that he was bound to.

    At least, he couldn't do anything alone.

    "...You too, you are speaking like that," the words had escaped from Theodore's mouth without him realizing. Simon Magus couldn't help turning his body in response.

    Theodore didn't miss this moment and asked quickly, "Can I know why?"

    "Well, you heard it. You aren't stupid anymore." Simon Magus smiled for the first time. Perhaps Theodore's direct question triggered something. "Yes, it is as you guessed. I am one of the magicians who contracted with Gluttony. Unlike you, I was a genius who reached the 9th circle on my own. But I guess I am a loser now."

    Theodore swallowed a breath. Gluttony had existed for many years and contracted with magicians before. Furthermore, 9th circle magicians had been much more common in the Age of Mythology. Among them, Simon Magus would certainly be qualified as the strongest person. The word 'loser' was a bit jarring, but Theodore's thoughts were interrupted.

    "I know there is more that you want to ask. But that damn tongue is restraining me, so I can't talk about it. Dig into it with your own power."

    "Yes," Theodore expressed his gratitude to the senior who led him to a higher level, "Senior, thank you for teaching me."

    "..." Simon Magus' grim facial expression changed to a laugh. "Your personality is still the same despite awakening your powers? Indeed, I know why Prometheus picked you."

    "Huh? What does that...?"

    "I can't say. Listen to the rest from those who are coming soon. I will return now," Simon's body scattered after his last words. He disappeared in an instant.

    The peak magician of the Age of Mythology-his actions were as fierce as his language. Any disciples he had would be troubled. Theodore couldn't help laughing at the thought.

    *     *     *

    "That is what happened."

    Theodore gave a short description to the three dragons who returned shortly afterward.

    'It wasn't an easy fight.'

    The dragon lord was fine, but the two dragons were different. The traces that remained on their human bodies showed the intensity of the battle. Brasmati had lost one eyeball and one arm, while Erucus was covered with scars that cut down to the bone. Their power dominated the surrounding area but the overall amount of power was greatly reduced. Wouldn't it be possible for Theodore to beat both of them now?

    [I understand. You did well, Theodore Miller. I am deeply grateful as a representative of the dragons,] Clipeus said, bowing their head.

    Theodore waved his hands. "It is nothing. I just did what I was supposed to do."

    [Even though it is necessary, the value is still unchanged. It won't be a big problem if I hand over my baton to you.]


    Was it fashionable to talk like people from the old days? There was Simon Magus and Gluttony. Now, this gold dragon was also difficult to understand. As a distorted view was built up in Theodore's head, Clipeus spoke with an embarrassed expression, [It is a story you will know when it is time. Someday when you get the key to this material world, I hope you will lead it in the right direction.]

    "I don't understand it at all, but okay." Theodore nodded.

    Then the dragon king pulled out another topic with a guileless face, [Ah, can you give me your hand once before you go? It won't take long.]

    "My hand?"


    It was a strange request, but Theodore didn't hesitate to hold out his right hand. There was no reason for Clipeus to attack him in this situation. His super sensitivity which had evolved to a higher level was also quiet.

    [In the name of Clipeus,] the golden dragon said, placing their palm lightly on the back of Theodore's hand and invoking its power, [As infinite gratitude to the benefactor of this world, I will make him the successor to an old but great mission.]

    'This...!' Theodore was greatly bewildered, but he didn't pull his hand back. The 'something' that existed in Clipeus' body was already moved to his hand, mixing with his magic power. Then a golden pattern was engraved on Theodore's right hand.

    Clipeus released the hand and smiled in a manner that was less sparkly than before. [I have definitely handed it over.]

    Theodore's voice was subdued, and he barely replied, "...The burden is heavy."

    [The order of this material world will be led by the human race in the future. Only you qualify for that role, Theodore Miller-humanity's last transcendent.]

    More than half of it had been handed over. Clipeus, the dragon lord had given him the 'control authority' of this material world. It was possible to drag out all of the existing resources and even temporarily reverse some natural laws. Theodore grasped all the abilities and was thrilled to realize just how powerful the child before him was.

    'Oh, my god. This strength is god-level, and it is possible to reverse the entire gravity of this star...'

    As Gluttony had said, Clipeus was literally the final weapon of this material world. They would be the absolute destruction of any 'enemies' of this world. The dragon king, who had been born for this purpose from beginning to end, forsook the reason for their existence.

    Theodore had no choice but to answer like this, "I will do my best."

    Fortunately, Clipeus grinned at the answer. Then they turned to the half-resigned dragons. [Now, let's disband. In the future, it will be a world where we aren't needed. So, let's try to live our own way.]

    "...I understand, Lord," Brasmati spoke with a bitter face.

    Meanwhile, Erucus sounded like the sage of the forest, "The leaves that have played their role are scattered, haha."

    Aquilo was still unsure of the situation and alternated between looking at both sides.


    "Ah, yes! Did you call, Lord?"

    [Do you plan to follow him?]

    There was a moment of hesitation at the unexpected question before Aquilo nodded with a determined expression. She had been called to the swamp due to the lord. Otherwise, she would have enjoyed playing around Theodore.

    "Yes, if the boy will allow it."

    [Umm...] Clipeus made a strange sound and smiled. [Okay, be well.]

    "Huh...? U-Understood."

    [The fate of our species hangs on you.]

    "Why have my shoulders suddenly become so heavy?" Aquilo was greatly confused.

    Meanwhile, Clipeus once again looked at Theodore. Then they invoked their dragon power.


    It was space movement that functioned differently from magic. The light disappeared, and no one was left in its place.

    "W-What happened? Boy, do you have any guesses?"

    "I don't know."

    "Why does the fate of my species hang on me?" Aquilo had a rare look of panic.

    Titania and Randolph couldn't help laughing, causing her to glare at them. It was a skit that couldn't be found anywhere else in the continent. After all, there was no place in the continent that would include a sword master, a high elf, and a dragon.

    'Is it time to return?'

    The disturbance in the southern swamp was somehow settled, and Theodore had no reason to investigate anymore after reaching the 9th circle. So, he decided to return to Meltor soon. Aquilo was still grumbling while the other two sprinkled potions on their wounds.

    "Don't move," Theodore said.

    He had never tried this before and never thought it would be possible. Going from the swamp in the southernmost part of the continent to Mana-vil in the middle of the north... It was a distance that Orta had never imagined jumping. Yet, a giant magic circle had now appeared at their feet.

    'I can do it.' Theodore was confident. It wasn't hard. He turned his palm over and felt the almighty feeling of the world moving according to his will. It connected to the magic circle in the underground laboratory in Mana-vil. The distance was more than a thousand kilometers and protected by several layers of magic, but the connection was easy.

    「 Open. 」

    ABRACADABRA (It will be done as you say).


    ...And it was done.
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