Chapter 353 - Overload (3)

    Chapter 353 - Overload (3)

    The difficulty of moving through space varied according to the distance from sky to land. Moving over one village or territory was something that senior magicians could do without much difficulty, and elders with the knack for it could travel from Mana-vil to the border.

    However, the story was a bit different going on from there.

    It was difficult to meet the amount of magic power required to travel to another country with less than seven circles. Moreover, it wasn't easy to control magic power beyond their capabilities, even if they took the needed time and prepared materials.

    Even the current genius of space magic, Orta was exhausted when he crossed borders on this continent.

    '...A success. Is it really this easy?'

    However, Theodore had realized that his space movement was a complete success the moment he spoke in the southern swamp.

    There wasn't the normal feeling of space movement. It was too quick as he passed through space without any delays. This was despite the fact that it was not short range space movement but long-distance travel between two borders on the continent.

    Transcendence-it was the name of those who acquired the authority to intervene in time and space beyond the limitations of the lifeforms born in this material world. There was no relation to aptitude or proficiency in space magic. To put it simply, his eye level had changed.

    If Orta's magic eyes could dissect an area of space in his vision, then Theodore could now close his eyes and figure out the spatial coordinates of anywhere in the world and the way to get there. Maybe it had something to do with Clipeus' 'control authority.'

    'No, it isn't just that. Abracadabra-if this means what I think...!'

    It sounded like a chant, but Theodore thought the phrase implied its own accomplishment.

    ABRACADABRA (It will be done as you say)-at first glance, it looked no different from an Order. However, if he dug deeper, he could see the difference. An Order forced the phenomenon of the world to follow its will, whereas Theodore's enlightenment caused the world to transform to express his will.

    A fireball, a ball of fire, a flame sphere or just a pop of flames-the name didn't matter. He only needed to think what he meant and he could use the magic. Ultima magic was the area in which he needed to pay attention, but in the case of Simon Magus, he hadn't muttered a single word of a chant despite using a magic like Dimensional Leave.

    Perhaps it was because Simon had reached the end of the road where he could use magic just by thinking.

    "Hah," Theodore couldn't help letting out a laugh.

    As soon as he got caught up in the almighty feeling of having the world under his feet, he realized the sky above him. Theodore didn't have an inferiority complex. This was natural for someone who bore the title of the greatest magician of the Age of Mythology. He just thought it was amazing that there was still so far for him to climb.

    Thinking up to there, Theodore opened his eyes and saw Aquilo inside his familiar laboratory.

    She greeted, "Oh, you woke up?"

    The time Theodore had spent in understanding must've been long. He looked around for the other two people and realized they had headed for the bath and lounge respectively. They had tried to wait for him to wake up but had no patience for it.

    Theodore faced Aquilo with a strange look.

    Aquilo laughed and grabbed his right arm. "What? Are you surprised that I waited?"


    "This is too much. I didn't touch any of the interesting things while waiting. Don't I deserve some praise?"

    "I think it is a natural courtesy to not touch..."

    After all, she wasn't a kid with junk food. Fortunately, those words hadn't flowed out of Theodore's mouth. Over a period of five years, his experiences had helped him automatically filter out what he could or could not say. Thus, he laughed lightly and responded to her, "Well, thank you for waiting. You are very kind."

    "K-Kind? Me...?" Aquilo, the evil dragon of the sea, gaped at him. She had ruined harbors, led pirates and plundered all types of treasures depending on her mood. The people of the sea would say 'If the name of Aquilo is heard, people will stop fishing and even a crying child will stop.'

    Yet Theodore said Aquilo, the evil dragon, was kind? Aquilo was paralyzed by the unexpected counterattack, and Theodore left the room. Her reason returned when he asked a question, "So, are you going to keep following me?"

    "Ah, yes," Aquilo replied one beat later. "Didn't the lord say to be well? I don't know what it means."

    Aquilo smiled shamelessly from behind him. 'Huhu, I actually know. Isn't this going to work better?'

    There was no doubt that Aquilo had enjoyed many years of pleasure. The lord had spoken without any great expectations, but Theodore Miller was a prey she had personally pointed out. If things went well and it became a male and female relationship... It would be fine to have one child.

    This was an environment where dragons couldn't be born naturally, but transcendence could overcome this limitation. The desire that could no longer be suppressed wriggled in Aquilo's body.

    'It seems that he has a good relationship with the fireball... Since ancient times, male have been creatures who can't be satisfied with just one person.'

    It was the same for a virtuous hero. She held his arm tightly and deliberately leaned her body in. Aquilo had enough experience in the methods to defeat a man to write a book. Theodore had a hunch that Aquilo was up to something and didn't respond.

    '...Sigh, she doesn't have any malice, but I'm tired of dealing with her.'

    He would rather have an opponent he could easily hit with his power. When it came to these seduction techniques, Aquilo was a type of opponent that Theodore couldn't handle. Unless he quickly pulled Veronica to his side, this would continue indefinitely.

    Then at that moment...

    [Welcome back, Master,] Gladio greeted Theodore politely once he crossed the threshold of the control room.  Aquilo glanced over Gladio with interested eyes, then she noticed it wasn't a living creature and turned away.

    However, Theodore asked him with a dark face, "Gladio, why are you in the control room?"

    [There is something I need to report to Master urgently.]

    "I see. What is the importance?"

    [Grade 2.]

    Theodore stiffened at the words. It was Grade 2, which could end up changing to Grade 1. This meant it was a national disaster or worse. What happened even though he had returned from the swamp faster than expected? It was as if someone had been aiming for Theodore's absence. Aquilo sat down while Theodore listened to the report.

    [It was just after Master left. There was a red warning light on the door connected to the East Continent. There was an emergency, and support troops were urgently requested. In Master's absence, I notified the heads of the other towers according to my behavior manual. I sent troops to the East Continent with their help.]

    "A wise decision. Which of the three did you send?"

    Aside from Paragranum who couldn't leave the capital, there were three people available. Only Veronica, Orta, and Sylvia could cope with a red signal. The red signal corresponding to the highest level of risk was something only a master could deal with.

    Gladio answered Theodore's question immediately, [Red Tower Master Veronica and Blue Tower Master Sylvia.]

    In that case, Orta still remained. Theodore thought about the situation quickly and turned away. He felt sorry for Aquilo, but there was no time for a break.

    "Give me the coordinates. I will meet the White Tower Master."

    Orta's location was found within seconds in the central tower. Then Theodore did what was necessary.

    *     *     *

    Following the peaceful reconciliation of the Northern Great War, the people of Meltor, the magic kingdom, were able to achieve prosperity faster than in any other time with many territories entering their hands. Facilities buried in the capital were quickly distributed throughout the kingdom, and new places to live quickly appeared in war-damaged places.

    One of the most prominent figures behind this prosperity was White Tower Master Orta.

    '...Please come back soon, Chief Tower Master.' How confused was Orta when he first received the contact? He knew that the central tower had a space gate leading to other parts of the continent, but it was possible to move to the East Continent across the sea. He wanted to study and understand the principles.

    However, the man who introduced himself as the manager of the central tower, a man who resembled the 7th Sword, had summoned the three tower masters because of an emergency.

    -There has been a big uproar near the space gate on the East Continent. It is the red signal that Master designated as the highest risk. Sending non-masters is meaningless. It is within your freedom to accept my request. What would you like to do?

    There was no emotion in Gladio's voice, but his dull tone touched Veronica, who had been bored. The incident was of the highest risk level determined by the Theodore whom she valued, and she wanted to be helpful to him. The problem was the number of people who could cross over with Veronica.

    -I will accompany Red Tower Master.

    Sylvia stepped forward before Orta, who was deliberating the situation. Her behavior couldn't be controlled because she was also a tower master. Additionally, Orta was the one who could best handle the space door. In the end, Veronica and Sylvia left, while Orta remained in the capital.

    He looking impatiently at the space door where contact had been lost. "Sigh..."

    Then right when Orta let out a long sigh...

    Flash! A man suddenly appeared in front of him.

    Orta stared at the space with astonished eyes.

    This was the magic kingdom, and there were thorough measures against space magic inside the kingdom. There was a magic circle blocking the movement of space in important facilities including the royal palace and magic towers. However, in spite of these obstacles, there was an uninvited guest.

    It was the strongest magician on this continent, Theodore Miller.

    "C-Chief Tower Master!" Orta immediately recognized Theodore and rose to greet him.

    Orta had desperately wanted Theodore's return, but more than that, his magician's instincts stirred. Despite the success of the space movement, the magic circle in this area was still fine. In other words, Theodore had walked through it instead of destroying it.

    It wasn't just that. Orta's eyes could see that Theodore looked different from a while ago.

    'An area I can't interfere in? There has been a change in the Chief Tower Master...!'

    Orta's 'magic eyes' had absolute power in spatial manipulation, yet an area that Orta couldn't intervene in was wrapped around Theodore's whole body. It was a wall that even the 2nd Sword, Zest Speitem, wouldn't be able to break through. Unfortunately, Theodore was the one to speak first, "Please explain."

    "Ah! Of course, Chief Tower Master." For the first time in his life, Orta regretted that his position was lower than someone else and pushed down the words he wanted to ask. Then he spoke an unbelievable sentence, "Two days ago, the central empire collapsed."

    The largest empire in the East Continent had collapsed overnight.
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