Chapter 361 - Seimeis Legacy (2)

    Chapter 361 - Seimeis Legacy (2)


    There was no room to avoid it. Theodore couldn't cope with the speed of this light despite being transcendent. The three artifacts were the true nature of the light.

    If they contained any hostility, his super sensitivity might be able to read it. However, there were no such feelings at all. After a moment, Theodore realized that the three artifacts were assimilating with his body, and he could use all three powers naturally without any sense of incongruity or rejection.

    '...Amazing. They truly are treasures worthy of being called 'divine artifacts.'

    The concentration of power flowing throughout his body was unreasonable. He could now fully handle a dragon heart, but the power of the three artifacts went beyond that. If possible, he wanted to try using it right now. Theodore felt a sense of fulfillment and was looking down at his palms when there was a sudden sign of an attack.

    "You thief―!" Kamiizumi, the young swordsman couldn't shake off his pride despite being reproached by his grandfather.

    Magoshiro was a genius who became a swordsman at the age of 30 and whose grandfather was called the greatest samurai. Who would've taught him to be humble? Nobutsuna sometimes told him to control his temper, but Magoshiro had a thick head and only listened with one ear.

    'How dare this outsider?! The Heavenly Sword is my fortune!' Magoshiro thought this despite not having the courage to challenge the Heaven and Earth test. While the people present were baffled by the unexpected event, Magoshiro raised his sword and stepped forward. Nobutsuna belatedly tried to stop him, but Nobutsuna couldn't move faster than another master.

    Kiiing- There was the sound of Magoshiro's sword emerging from its sheath.

    'Hoh, it is faster than I thought?' Theodore watched the sight and understood Magoshiro's acceleration. The technique of acceleration by using the opposing force of the sheath and blade was quite fresh. It was a difficult technique to use unless the blade was a dao, but Randolph used two swords and had more application possibilities.

    'No, can I imitate this acceleration with the magnetic field?' Theodore only thought up to there as the tip of Magoshiro's sword arrived at his neck. From here, Theodore had to move quickly.

    Pajijik. He turned into lightning in a flash and raised two fingers. His right hand was clenched into a fist, with two fingers raised like a blade. It was an action to borrow the power of the Heavenly Sword. A sword energy formed around one finger while Theodore struck forth like he was holding a real sword.

    "Heok!" It might be due to his mood but Sword saint Kamiizumi Nobutsuna saw it one step too late.

    At this moment, lightning broke the whole world into two.

    "Kuook! M-My arm...!" Simultaneously, Magoshiro's right arm was cut, spraying out with blood. The aura blade of the god-sword, which could slice apart the clouds, tore up the opponent's arm.

    Theodore inwardly felt a sense of amazement, but he spoke in a detached manner, "You can see that I wasn't too excessive on that boy."

    "...Of course."

    Magoshiro collapsed. His injury wasn't more severe because Nobutsuna had used his sword to block the attack. Otherwise, Theodore would've taken Magoshiro's life.

    However, could this prideful grandchild overcome the reality and the sense of loss? Nobutsuna sighed as he thought about the difficult future. He picked up Magoshiro and took a few steps back, expressing his intention to not intervene in this situation.

    "There is no need for things to be difficult." Theodore said

    It was an irreversible situation. Theodore thought so, but it was too much to come here and leave with only the divine artifacts. He needed their help to overcome this disadvantageous situation.

    "It may be hard to believe, but I came here because Abe no Seimei told me to. It is why I could pass the Heaven, Earth, and Human Test right away and also why the divine artifacts recognize me as their master."



    The Japanese people looked at Theodore with disbelieving eyes. Even so, they didn't have the courage to antagonize Theodore, who had used their founder's name. Besides, there was some evidence despite it not being confirmed. Theodore naturally perceived their thoughts but couldn't do anything. Then at that moment...


    Something wriggled inside his body. Theodore felt uncomfortable and concentrated on the sensation. Suddenly, it burst out of his body like a popcorn kernel popping. A blinding light poured out.

    "Oh! It is as good as I thought. Is my soul treated as part of the subject?" It was the same Seimei as the one Theodore had met in the spirit world.

    "...Seimei. Did you use the Eight Jade Magatamas?" Theodore immediately grasped the situation. Seimei nodded with admiration. "That is correct. You understand quite quickly. I can't use my strength properly, but this is the immediate effect. Isn't that right?"

    The last question wasn't toward Theodore but to the Japanese people, who were facing someone who seemed to be a ghost.

    A living legend, Abe no Seimei-his portraits were still hung in many places, and there were hundreds of adaptations of his biography in literary works. He might be over one thousand years old, but it was rare for a person in Japan to not know his face.

    "I-I greet Founder Seimei!" Suzuka realized his authenticity before anyone else and fell to her knees, with Nobutsuna and Toman quickly following. It was a bow that even the Japanese monarchy didn't receive. However, Seimei just nodded lightly and gestured for them to rise. "That greeting was enough. Child, I have a long story to tell you. Can you provide me with a space?"

    "Of course, Founder! We will do our best!"

    "Yes, thank you. And...the descendants of Kamiizumi?"

    "Yes, Founder," Nobutsuna replied in a heavy tone.

    Seimei pointed to Magoshiro. "I will pay my respects to all your hard work so far. But that child doesn't have a good spirit."

    Nobutsuna blushed and bowed. "I am sorry."

    "He must've been born with that temperament. I will reattach the severed arm as soon as he grows."

    "Yes! I will teach him strictly."

    "I believe you."

    After speaking a few words with Toman, Seimei finally turned to the waiting Theodore. The humiliation of handing over the three divine artifacts to him was already forgotten. Seimei ignored the shocked and delighted Japanese people as he pointed in a single direction. "Now, let's separate. We have become two bodies, so can't we move more efficiently?"

    "To where?"

    "It is determined. The mountain nearby."

    It was the great mountain where Seimei had sealed the youkais in the past. In front of a place that was more dangerous than anywhere else, Theodore accepted the proposal with a calm expression.

    *     *     *

    Kuoong― Kuoong― There were sullen cries as a bird flew away from the dreary and twisted mountain. The bird's reddish eyes, black feathers, and distorted body were proof that it had been bitten by a youkai. Theodore stepped on decaying leaves while thinking. The Oe Mountain that Seimei brought him to truly had a different interior. The flora and fauna were beyond the standards of living. Ordinary humans wouldn't be able to survive for more than a few minutes after entering this mountain.

    "...At the very least, their instincts will be left behind. But for how much longer?"

    The creatures knew instinctively not to approach Theodore and didn't dare do so. It was proof that the beast's instinct was suppressing the urge to attack and kill the living, but there were limits to self-control. Once the urges surpassed their instincts, the creatures would pounce on Theodore.

    'I want to face the big ones before that.'

    It wasn't scary. It was just annoying. If the number of creatures reached the thousands or tens of thousands, fatigue would pile up. He didn't want to waste unnecessary energy in a situation like this. The flora and fauna of the mountain had been influenced by the youkai for centuries. Once they emerged, he would need to sweep away all the worms or weeds without leaving a single one behind. At that moment, Goetia's voice filled the quiet mountain air, [Master, there is one life form approaching Master. No, two, three, four... They are continuing to increase. There are at least 10.]

    "This seems to be the right place."

    Once Goetia finished speaking, Theodore's super sense shook sharply. It was proof that the power of those approaching could threaten Theodore. The monsters from the old days were coming. In Oe Mountain, his detection ability didn't work well. The sensitivity of a transcendent fell to less than half, leaving Goetia to do the work. Therefore...


    Theodore moved quickly as something reached his location. It was teeth strong enough to chew steel armor and crush rocks, and its speed was comparable or even faster than an aura blade.


    However, its level wasn't high enough. Theodore unleashed one punch, and the monster's body was thrown out in the opposite direction. Some of its prized teeth shattered, feeling the air with debris. Even so, it wasn't enough to take the monster's life.

    'Besides, there isn't just one or two. Are they small fries?'

    They were on the same level as the creatures he had seen in the swamp a while ago. It would be difficult for a master to cope if the number was in the double digits. The creatures left their injured colleague and came rushing in.

    "Hrmm." Theodore changed his mind about his actions regarding the power of Magoshiro's aura blade and his right arm. He wanted to apply some of the original strength of the Heavenly Sword. In his lightning state, he was able to mix lightning with his brain. Then he consciously used his Sorcery.


    Soul Calibre on his right arm was combined with the Heavenly Sword.

    Fusion Complete: Beheading Heavenly Sword.

    Theodore swung his right arm horizontally at the monsters. He didn't care about distance and just emitted power. A green flash filled the mountainside, but there were no visible changes. There were no rushing monsters, no chaotic atmosphere... Nothing.

    The leaves cut in two scattered in a lonely manner, while the bodies of the monsters were cut in half as the momentum drove them past Theodore. Some were cut at the waist, some from the throat, and some from the chest. The sword that cut the soul ignored any regenerative power, cutting at the flora and fauna that had become youkai. It blew them away! Theodore opened his mouth after sweeping the battle line away with a single swing.

    "I won't talk with these small fries," Theodore's harsh words filled the Oe Mountain. "The man who is the leader of this mountain should come out."

    Theodore had come to a forbidden zone, which had been sealed for a thousand years, and spoke haughtily while spilling blood. A youkai growled at the provocation. It was a one-eyed giant holding a club. The whole mountain was filled with tension like a fight would begin at any moment.

    ...Kuhat. Then someone's laughter broke the silence.

    "Kuhahahahahat!" A giant appeared with a loud laugh. They had purple skin and a monstrous presence.

    The giant had a metal clasp on his leather clothes and stood near Theodore. His pace was relaxed as he gazed into Theodore's eyes. This giant was much stronger than Nobutsuna. Theodore looked up confidently and asked, "You are the leader?"

    This caused the giant to laugh with delight and nod. "Kuhuhu, you are a funny guy. That's right! The name of this elder is Shuten-doji, leader of Oe Mountain."
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