Chapter 372 - Advent of the Heavenly Demon (2)

    Chapter 372 - Advent of the Heavenly Demon (2)

    Theodore held the handles of the supreme monk's wheelchair, leaving the others behind. It wasn't a story that could be heard by other people, and he needed time to sort it out in his head. Not a single word was spoken until they entered a quiet and empty lot, with the only noise coming from the wheels of the chair.


    Once the wheels finally stopped, Theodore opened his mouth, "How long have you been on this continent?"

    The question came out of nowhere, but the supreme monk didn't question it. Rather, his white eyebrows gathered together like he was worrying over something. Theodore waited a few seconds. Mixed in with the crisp sound of the leaves, the old man replied, "Before I answer that question, I want to let you know one thing."

    "What is it?"

    The supreme monk made eye contact with Theodore. "I am sure that you have guessed my origin. But the life of the supreme monk is mine. I hope you don't identify me with the 'me' that you met before."

    "Then you are separate entities?"

    "Yes. I am an avatar born from Prometheus' divinity, but each self has an independent ego. The 'me' that you met in the West Continent is a different person."

    Myrdal Herseim hadn't been the only avatar that Prometheus left behind in this world.

    The supreme monk looked at Theodore as he gave this explanation. After meeting his eyes, Theodore could understand. The weight of time on the monk and his eyes resembled Myrdal, but there were differences.

    In the West Continent, Myrdal was one of the greatest elementalists. In the East Continent, he was the supreme monk. Both of them were amazing as avatars of a god, but they weren't the same person.

    Myrdal Herseim was dead. Theodore considered it for a few seconds before nodding. "...I understand."

    Then the supreme monk said with a wrinkled smile, "Now this old man is going to answer. I have been living since the black dragon fell to the ground and the end of the Investiture of the Gods era... It was enough for the snake to ascend three times."

    "3-3,000 years?" Theodore's eyes widened as he immediately understood what that meant. It was said that once a snake lived for 500 years, it would become an imoogi. Once an imoogi lived for 500 years, it would become a dragon and ascend to the sky. If this was true, it meant the supreme monk had been in the East Continent since the days of the Age of Mythology.

    "Well, I didn't play any star role. It was around 1,000 years ago that I took a position as a monk. Ah, please don't reveal this about me. The children under me think that I inherited the position."

    "Of course. It wouldn't be good to have these words leaked."

    "Thank you," the supreme monk thanked Theodore for his promise and took a deep breath. It seemed that the supreme monk had an unhealthy body. Perhaps the body that lived for 3,000 years was reaching the end of its lifespan.

    "Before I return to the dust, I have something to tell you."

    "I'm listening."

    "My connection to this world of gods has long been broken, but the things they left behind still remain. I will hand them over now. In exchange, will you listen to one of my requests?"

    Theodore's eyebrows raised slightly. He was reminded of Taeryun's ward.

    The ability to defend and the secrecy were details that Theodore didn't miss. Unlike magic which artificially manipulated the world, shamanism naturally induced the power that existed in the world. It might fall behind magic in areas such as efficiency and destruction power, but it could exercise greater strength in barrier making and stealth.

    "As you know, the qi of this world is greatly reduced," the supreme monk started the story regardless of whether Theodore knew, seeming to have accepted Theodore's silence as consent. "The creatures born from nature will reduce, but humans will become weaker over the next 300 years. It won't happen now, but there will be great sacrifices over the next century or so."

    "Umm, maybe not."

    The descent of the heavenly demon was something that would never be seen again in this material world. Unlike the West Continent, it would obviously have a big influence on the East Continent. The number of people had greatly decreased in this war, and the monsters would increase. It wasn't enough to influence the material world, but it could potentially be a great disaster.

    "I don't know if a big enemy will appear again. But this old man won't be alive until then. Please don't turn away from the people of this land." The supreme monk couldn't raise his body from the wheelchair, but he turned his pale face toward Theodore.

    One of the most mysterious figures in the East Continent, the supreme monk, bowed his head humbly.

    "Raise your head."

    Why did a non-human want to protect humans? Prometheus treated this world like a chessboard, yet his avatars were devoted to humanity. It was the same for both Myrdal and the supreme monk. Thus, Theodore didn't think about becoming angry.

    "The dragon lord gave me the responsibility to defend this world, and the East Continent is also under my jurisdiction. For as long as I live, I will not neglect this duty."

    "Ohh...!" The supreme monk made an admiring sound at this short declaration. "You are truly the right person to be a hero of this age... A person who doesn't care about the arrangements of the old era and walks the right way. This old man can sleep now."

    His tear glands had also dried up. The old man's eyes wrinkled several times before he pulled out something that was wrapped up. It was a scroll, and once opened, it looked like a watercolor painting. Three rings decorating a staff, a crescent-shaped sword, and a rope wrapped in light had been elaborately drawn in the painting.

    "The Mountains and River drawing, open."

    Once the supreme monk activated the scroll, the image popped out like it was reality!


    Subsequently, the scroll was torn apart since it had a limited use. Still, the Mountains and River Drawing that poured out was fine.

    "There is no owner. Will you give it a try?"

    "Yes," Theodore accepted the proposal without hesitation and picked up the staff with the three rings with his left hand. Gluttony smelled the treasure and extended a tongue straight away.

    [+17 Fleeing Dragon Staff (Treasured Object)]

    [A sacred relic from ancient times, it controls the power of the mountains and rivers. The three rings symbolize the heavens and the earth. It can be used to supplement techniques, but the proper method to use it is to throw it. Once thrown at a target, the Fleeing Dragon Staff distorts the space around the target, sealing it off.

    * The rating of the treasured object is 'Legend.'

    * When used, the target is sealed in the spatial coordinates.

    * When consumed, your ability in space magic will greatly increase.

    * When absorbed, space magic understand and aptitude will increase slightly.

    * When absorbed, you can obtain clues about the space system.]

    'Hoh.' Theodore wasn't shocked since he encountered several divine objects, but the staff wasn't something that could be made in this era. If a master were caught off guard, it could be used to disable them at once. If put into the hands of a proper owner, its sealing ability would amplify several times.

    It wasn't just this Fleeing Dragon Staff, but the other two objects as well. There was the Wugou Sword, which cut off the head of a giant monster, and the Immortal Rope, which could tie up a sacred creature. They were treasures which exerted more power than a master if handled properly.

    Even so, the supreme monk said reluctantly, "Huhu, it is my fault that I couldn't preserve the Tashinpyeong or the Taegukdo. These objects could be compared to the three treasures of Japan..."

    "Why are you blaming yourself? Just these items will be a great help. Thank you, Supreme Monk."

    The supreme monk smiled at Theodore's words and pointed in one direction. "But I can help you with one more thing. I will complete the work that you are preparing on that mountain. When it comes to barriers, I pride myself on being better than onmyōdōs."

    "...You saw through it with just one glance. I understand." Theodore was unable to deceive the supreme monk and smiled.

    It was something he would use to deal with the soon to be born evil spirit. The fighting strength of a magician increased in proportion to their preparation. They would regret giving him nearly a month to prepare.

    *     *     *

    The sun was just about to set. It had been a day since Theodore met with the supreme monk, received the three treasured objects, and had the gaps in his magic circle filled up. Theodore felt it this morning-the sign that the whole world was sinking into a deep sea, just before something terrible was going to happen.

    '...There isn't much time left.'

    As light cast a shadow on the ground, everyone got a foreboding feeling. The energy of evil was constantly flowing from Geongun Castle. All the wickedness in the heavens and the earth seemed to be drawn into an abyss in the ground. After preparing for battle, the party stood gazing in the direction of Geongun Castle. Their concentration was so extreme that they could see the trajectory of a lightning strike.


    At that moment, all life in the area felt a single vibration.

    'T-This...' Theodore noticed the reality before anyone else and was shocked.

    "This vibration... Surely, it isn't?"

    "It isn't born yet...!"

    As the party members were confused, Theodore was used to mythical presences and reacted immediately, "All members! Keep in mind my instructions and wait in your positions!"

    It had been a long time since there came about the existence of a power that all the masters couldn't face. Even with full support and the strength of magic and shamanism, it was a mythical disaster that mere mortals simply couldn't face.

    Randolph Clovis, Kamiizumi Nobutsuna...

    Miko Suzuka, Veronica, Titania, the dragons, and so on...

    Shuten-doji, Daitengu, and the two monks...


    Theodore left his 11 colleagues and climbed to the top of a familiar mountain peak with a single space transfer. It was a place from which he could clearly see Geongun Castle. Although it was difficult to see inside the castle due to the influence of the barrier, he could see the approximate landscape. Given the distance and the situation, the enemy was bound to aim for Theodore. Thus, Theodore moved away from the party.

    ―Thump. There was the sound of a heartbeat again.

    Theodore was convinced that the next time he heard the heartbeat, 'he' would be born. His super sensitivity that reached the realm of foresight was sharper than ever, so Theodore waited tensely as he got closer to the moment he didn't want to arrive.

    One second, one second, one second, and one second... Time flowed mercilessly. Then that moment came.


    Beyond the wall of time and space, the sense of its existence was delivered to Theodore's body like a lightning bolt. A great demon that reigned in the sky, he was born into this material world.


    It was at this moment that...

    "Ha, it is like this." Theodore looked at the pattern on his right hand and felt power start to flow in front somewhere. A source with no limitations-it was the strength of this material world itself.

    "A force that can only be used if the enemy of the world appears."

    Theodore couldn't use it blindly. If he borrowed too much power, then this material world would be ruined. It was a fatal blow to the world that had lost a lot of mana because Sloth had been expelled. He dropped his right hand, which felt heavy, and looked at Geongun Castle. Then...

    "Dimensional Leave."

    The power of Umbra suddenly spread out from his body!

    「Search with administrator authority. #Space coordinates # Theodore Miller,」 he invoked the search function as he disappeared from this material world.

    Right now, Theodore had entered the astral world with Umbra's power. Thanks to this, Theodore wasn't caught in the search function of this administrative authority. However, he caused this situation because he predicted the result.

    [Object name "Theodor Miller" can't be found.]

    [Showing the spatial coordinates and names of the entities with a link to object name 'Theodore Miller.']

    [Veronica, Aquilo, Sylvia Adruncus, Ellenoa, ■■.]

    Aside from the previous four, Theodore concentrated his attention on the final target. The information couldn't be published completely, even with administrative authority. There was only one such monster in the world. The world couldn't endure the endlessly pouring information.

    [Heavenly demon, X12745 Y98329 Z82712.]


    Simultaneously, Theodore released Dimensional Leave. His body returned to the material world, and he raised both hands. From now on, he would be using summoning magic. It was an accomplishment beyond Summoner Satomer.

    'Normally, it would be too much for a new transcendent. However, now that my administrative authority has been activated, my magic breaks down even dimensional boundaries.'

    It was impossible with ordinary space magic. The Geongun Castle ward was more solid because it was so simple. It was unreasonable even if Theodore used Orta's technique. However, what if he reached the realm of dimensional magic? The ward was proven to block physical phenomenon from this material world, but it was relatively defenseless against interference from other dimensions.

    「 Authorizing as the administrator. Opening the dimensional door, specifying coordinates―」

    Theodore had one key to another dimension.

    [Dimension coordinates have been recognized. The key is activated.]

    [CODE: Lævateinn]

    [Correctly enter the space coordinates to open the door to the dimension called 'Muspelheim.']

    Theodore scoffed while enduring the stifling pressure of the world. The heavenly demon was just happy to be born while Lust caused this disaster. It was time to open fire before them.

    「 Door to Muspelheim, open!」

    Exactly three seconds later, the inside of the ward surrounding Geongun Castle was lit by a pale light.
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