Chapter 379 - Through Adversity and Towards the Stars (3)

    Chapter 379 - Through Adversity and Towards the Stars (3)


    Shocked by the unexpected truth, Theodore was at a loss for words.

    Planet Buster-he was able to understand the fearsomeness of Wrath just by its absurd alias. Anyone with a little bit of knowledge about astronomy would agree.

    Magicians exploring the laws of this world had already known for centuries that this world was just one celestial body, and it could be deduced that every star shining in the night sky was tremendously huge. As the study about celestial bodies continued, the magicians came to understand the greatness of the stars.

    「 The ground we live on is just the shell of a star! 」

    The ground surface with an altitude of 0 meters and the bottom of the deepest sea were just the skin of a star. A mountain falling? Breaking the sea into two rivers?

    For a mortal, it might seem like the wrath of a god. However, the transcendental people with cosmic vision would merely sneer at this. The same was true for creating typhoons that would sweep over the whole world, destroying the crust of the continent and exploding all volcanoes.

    "A grimoire that can destroy stars exist?" Theodore muttered in a disbelieving voice. "No way."

    The thickness of the crust that humans and other creatures lived on ranged from several to hundreds of kilometers. Beyond the perception that the mantle was thousands of kilometers in thickness, there was the outer core and inner core of enormous energy.

    Let's calculate based on the laser that Fafnir fired in the past. This laser had penetrated through a few kilometers of sea and overturned the mantle as it pierced through the crust at the bottom of the deep sea. It reached a depth of at least a few hundred kilometers. However, the depth of this material world was at least 6,000 kilometers.

    'It is nothing other than a cat scratch.'

    If the laser were swung horizontally, it would burn several countries. However, it couldn't go through more than 2% of the world.

    The laser needed to be 60 times more powerful to destroy a star, and even that wasn't certain. The durability of a planet became stronger as the depth increased. Putting aside the thousands of kilometers of mantle, the rotating core emitted an enormous magnetic force, blocking almost any energy interference. It couldn't be broken with 600 times the power, let alone 60.

    -I know that User can't accept this easily. However, my words are true. Wrath is a weapon used to destroy any world that threatens our Seven Sins. Even the Dragon's Paradise, which was dozens of times larger than this star, couldn't bear the power.

    "Dragon's Paradise?"

    -It was the dimension where dragons lived and where the dragon god, Bahamut, and his kin nurtured and managed the dragons of every dimension. That was also a dimension where the dragons gathered in the millions.

    Theodore's eyebrows raised slightly at the interesting story.

    -Maybe if Bahamut and his kin had gathered their strength at the same time, they could've prevented it. But the moment the dragon god left to manage another dimension, Wrath fell and the planet shattered.

    "...Gluttony, I want to ask one thing."


    It was hard to be more surprised than this. Theodore's expression calmed, and he opened his mouth, "Wrath is referred to as a comet? What the hell is its size that it can exert such a ridiculous destructive power?"

    He was well aware of the destructive power of a meteorite. No, he thought he was well aware. The ultimate magic of the summoning type was to call an asteroid from outer space. The remains of the Grand Canyon had been caused by a few pieces of meteorites dropping in the Age of Mythology.

    Nevertheless, the destructive power of Wrath was beyond these specifications. Even if all life in this material world were extinguished, the power to collapse the star itself couldn't even be imagined.

    -Three kilometers.

    Now, Theodore could imagine it and feel despair.

    -It is three kilometers in diameter and made of a special metal. Wrath ignores the laws of physics, and space-time magic doesn't work against it either. It accelerates using a built-in engine and increases the penetrating power by rotation. Once it reaches the core of the planet, it absorbs and amplifies its power, becoming a supernova.


    -The special material isn't present on this planet and has been altered to not respond to any solvent. It collects information on the technology and resistance of the civilizations remaining on the planet from the Seven Sins and then pushes forward with more power.

    That was truly a metal star. Studies showed that a stone-like meteorite around one kilometer in diameter could reset civilization once. What about a meteorite three kilometers in diameter, made out of a special metal and had various powers? It was hard to picture because the numbers were so huge, but Theodore paled.

    'This... It can't be blocked, even if there are transcendents gathered in three digits.'

    It would be Doomsday.

    -Cough! Well, don't despair. I have thought about a way out.

    "What?!" Theodore raised his head as he was about to despair.

    -It isn't possible to stop the fall of Wrath itself, but it is possible to affect the timing and power of the 'fall.' I will delay the fall by using the purpose of my existence as an excuse and reduce its power to the point of only reducing civilization. If you make a shelter prior to the arrival and evacuate your people, there won't be a problem.

    "My people? Who else?"

    -If you design a large shelter, you can protect as many as you want. However, I wouldn't recommend it. As the number of people who know about the threat of Wrath grows, Wrath will recognize it as an increase in resistance and increase its destructive power. I can't do anything about it either.

    Theodore understood Gluttony's words and gritted his teeth instead of asking a question. Sometimes he forgot that Gluttony was also a grimoire. It didn't care if humanity was destroyed or if a star was damaged. As long as it fulfilled its purpose of existence, it didn't care if the world fell tomorrow. For Gluttony, the value of the whole human race wasn't worth a single grimoire.

    '...No, wait a minute.'

    At that moment, a flash went through Theodore's head.

    "Gluttony! Wrath exerts its power on the basis of the world's technology or resistance?"

    -That's right.

    "Then if only I am aware of the approach, will it remove most of the power to reset civilization?"

    -...User, what are you thinking? Gluttony responded with confusion, but its subtle attitude meant 'yes.'

    Of course, it was too difficult and close to impossible, but...

    "Listen to me."

    Theodore didn't speak for long. It was because the idea that emerged spontaneously hadn't been organized yet. However, the meaning was clearly conveyed. After listening to Theodore speak for 10 minutes, Gluttony gave its opinion, -I have to ask something. User, are you sane?

    "I am sane. More than ever."

    -User's plan is a gamble and pure foolishness. I would rather you be crazy.

    "So, what is the prospect of it? Is it possible or not?"

    This time, a few minutes passed before Gluttony responded heavily, -It is possible, though the odds are low enough to be meaningless.

    "That is enough."

    If it wasn't a dead end, it could be overcome. Theodore had always opened the way with that belief. Subsequently, he sighed and said, "Did you say you can slow down the fall time? What is the maximum time?"

    -Considering the location at the present time and the movement speed... Four months. 3,048 hours. The error range is 8 hours and 13 minutes.

    Theodore nodded and muttered, "...It isn't easy. I have to hurry."

    There were four months before the world was destroyed. It wasn't a long time. Still, there was a lot he could do. After finishing up the arrangement, he opened his two clenched fists. Long shadows stretched out in the sunshine outside the window. Theodore was silent as he stared at the shimmering shadows of the willow leaves.

    *     *     *

    After three days of adjustment, the first round of negotiations was completed. Japan wanted farmland, which was scarce compared to its population, while the remnants of the empire, centered on the Fairy Dance Lee family, wanted a fortress area that was easy to protect from foreign invasion.

    Meltor would preempt some gold mines, land, and so on in exchange for strength.

    'Time is already flowing like this.'

    Once both sides finished a satisfactory consultation, Theodore realized it was time to return. Finally, he spoke with Lee Seol before leaving, "The secondary and tertiary groups will assist with the cleanup. Do you understand?"

    Lee Seol held a scroll with his signature on it and answered with a bright smile, "Yes, Theo! Leave it to me!"

    Despite having lost her country, the Fairy Dance Lee family could be said to have gained the greatest benefit from this catastrophe. Theodore had started a large-scale magician force here, and the power of the combat unit led by Lee Joonyoung was stronger and more trustworthy than any refugee group. They were an organization that was temporarily taking on the role of a 'country,' so they could perform the task of gathering refugees well.

    "Yes, I believe in you." Theodore patted Lee Seol's head a few times before turning toward the space gate.

    The personnel who were to accompany him had already been arranged. Theodore saw one of them and said softly, "White Tower Master, who are you putting in charge of this base?"

    "Elder Hesel of the Red Tower and Elder Ole of the Blue Tower are co-heads. There are some differences in personality, but I gave them the same permissions. They should coordinate well."

    "I understand."

    Orta knew the members of each tower and how to put the personnel in the right place, making him extremely competent in this area. Theodore nodded without saying anything more. Orta wouldn't be leaving for long anyway. After reporting to Kurt, Orta would return to the East Continent to be in charge here.

    Then Theodore handled the last issue. "Suzuka."

    "Yes, descendant of the founder," Suzuka politely replied to his call.

    "Shuten-doji won't break his promise with me, but I don't know about the rest of the youkai. In case of an emergency, you should place onmyōjis around the mountains where they are isolated."

    "I will do as you say."

    "Ah, and..." Theodore pulled out a mirror. "Take back the Eight Mirrors and keep it in Seimei's shrine. It is something that has no relationship with me."

    "T-Thank you."

    "The Eight Jade Magatamas were shattered without leaving one behind, and I have a place to use the Heavenly Sword. I'm sorry I can't give them back."

    It wasn't entirely as he said. He possessed foresight and could see it. The Eight Mirrors wasn't necessary in the fight against Wrath but the Heavenly Sword was. However, there was nothing to say about the Eight Jade Magatamas that had broken in the fight with the heavenly demon.

    Rather than being saddened, Suzuka just bowed deeper. "No. We aren't blind to the wisdom of Founder Seimei, and he entrusted the three artifacts to you. Please give me whatever you want."

    "I'm thankful for your words. Give my well wishes to Nobutsuna."

    "...Be well."

    After the conversation with Suzuka, Theodore approached his colleagues in front of the space gate. Veronica and Orta could open it, but only Theodore could jump between continents without any after effects. Theodore touched the magic crystal attached to the space gate and opened his mouth, 「 Central Tower, Opening Warp Gate No. 1. 」

    Simultaneously, there was a dazzling light in every direction.


    Beyond the glare, a familiar landscape could be seen. The research tower of the central tower, the facility designed and built by Theodore, was waiting for its owner's return. Theodore took one step ahead of everyone else and entered the space gate.

    "Let's go back."

    ...To the magic kingdom of Meltor.
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