Chapter 382 - The Marriage of the Century (3)

    Chapter 382 - The Marriage of the Century (3)

    It was less than 10 minutes later.

    Theodore had carried Leo on one shoulder and entered the mansion with Rebecca. It was a house that he hadn't been to in almost three months since the work of a Chief Tower Master overlapped with him going to the east. However, the Miller Mansion had now become a mess due to Theodore's words which were like a bomb.

    His mother, Isabella Miller, regained her spirit first and asked, "Just now... what did you say? Say it again, a bit more slowly?"

    Looking at his father who shrugged, Theodore said indifferently, "I am getting married."

    "It isn't a joke?"

    By default, a senior magician was good at hiding their feelings. It wasn't something he wanted to hide, but he didn't want to show his turbulent mind. His parents thought it was a joke due to his expression, but Theodore was serious. Dennis, his father, took a few deep breaths before asking, "M-Married? You aren't in a position to be dragged into an arranged marriage, but this is too sudden."

    "It is a normal love marriage. I'm just rushing because I don't want to wait too long."

    "You should've given us some time..." It was a one-sided notice, making Isabella complain a bit. Even so, it was nice to see that her adult son had found a bride. Since childhood, Theodore had always acted older than his age. If he was planning this wedding, then he must feel affection for the bride.

    "So, when is our son going to introduce us to the bride? Do we know her? Please tell us everything from now on."

    "Yes, your mother is right. Our family is in a very special position, so shouldn't there be a meeting?"

    The surprised faces of the couple filled with laughter. Their son was good looking and capable. However, he was so talented that it was hard to find him a bride. They had been watching him for years, hoping he would find someone to take care of him. They wouldn't object if he chose a non-marriage, but they wanted a daughter-in-law and grandchildren.

    "Hmm, this is the real deal."

    His parents could tell without having to use foresight. Theodore coughed as he anticipated the reaction of the two people. Dennis' and Isabella's eyes shone with curiosity. Eventually, a second bomb was dropped from Theodore's mouth, "She is the Red Tower Master, Veronica..."

    "Oh! The rumor that you have a good relationship with her is true."

    "―And the master of the Blue Tower, Sylvia."



    The couple's mouths dropped open as they were at a loss for words. It was a marriage involving two brides, and all three people were tower masters? This was an event that would receive great attention from all the kingdoms on the continent. If Theodore had ulterior motives, the Meltor Kingdom would one day be turned into the Miller Kingdom!

    "Ah, you don't need to worry about attention. I have already requested for it to be confidential."

    "R-Really? I'm glad. No, isn't there another problem?"

    Unlike the confused Isabella, Theodore's response was calm. "I understand what you are concerned about, but it is okay. The magic towers are the pillars of the Meltor Kingdom, not a group of soldiers to be used at their disposal."

    "Umm, your words are true, but..."

    "Well, if that happens, I can just give up the position of Chief Tower Master."

    Someone might laugh when hearing this, but there was no chance that the situation would flow this way. Other people might not know it, but Kurt III knew. For the 9th circle transcendent, the crown was just a piece of scrap metal to Theodore. However, his parents didn't know this and could only think he had great determination.

    "...Sigh, I get it. Your will is firm, so we won't go against it anymore."


    Dennis patted Theodore's shoulder with a friendly face, and Theodore stepped back with surprise from the warm atmosphere. However, his left arm was grabbed before he could move.

    "I was worried because you were precocious as a child, but our Theodore is also a man. I am surprised and impressed. Did you politely ask the two women for permission?"

    "Huh? Ah, well..."

    "Surely you didn't hurt the two of them? I didn't raise my son like that."

    It was a coincidence that he had been hit just after proposing marriage. Theodore couldn't help sweating nervously as he struggled to answer the question. He thought it would be better to fight the heavenly demon one more time. Having finally escaped his parents' questioning, an unexpected person appeared just as Theodore was heading to his room.

    "Brother Theo!" Suddenly, Leonardo appeared and grabbed Theodore's collar. "Brother! I heard from Mother! You are getting married to multiple people?"

    "Leo, this..." Theodore tried to say it was only two people but then shut up. It was because there was one woman who was promised to him, but he couldn't hold a wedding ceremony in the style of human society for her. However, Leo took the silence was acceptance and held Theodore's waist. "No matter what, you can't have Sister Reb!"

    "...What?" Theodore looked down at Leo. "Sister Reb. Are you talking about Rebecca Clovis?"

    "Huh? Is there another person in the house with that name?"

    "...Pfft! Puhuhu!" Theodore couldn't help laughing as he realized the situation. Then he whispered, "You... Do you like Rebecca?"

    "Ah! Brother, I-I..!" Leo's face turned red as he was held in Theodore's arms. He was quite shy for someone who had yet to have the coming of age ceremony. "W-Why not? Sister said she would wait until I am older. That's why Brother can't take her!"

    "Hahahaha! My little brother is already grown up. You don't have to worry about me taking your beloved."

    "Really? Brother, really?"

    Theodore ruffled his brother's hair that was just as black as his own. Perhaps Rebecca had promised him without thinking, but Leo's eyes were serious. Maybe his relationship with her might be quite interesting in ten years' time. What would Randolph's reaction be if he found out?

    Theodore foresaw that he wouldn't be bored for at least a decade and laughed. It was a good day.

    *     *     *

    After a cheerful dinner, Theodore returned to a room and stared out the window.

    Was it because the mansion was built on a hill...? The view of the Miller territory was visible with one glance. At the outskirts of the estate, abundantly growing wheat fields were rustling, and warm light leaked from the homes of people who had finished their work today. There were no strays scattered around the streets, and the guards were patrolling the alleys.

    "Even if it isn't luxurious, everyone is living well. Well, the people weren't starving even when we were in a barony."

    His rustic peace-loving father, Dennis Miller, wasn't an outstanding leader, but he was a good lord. He might not have the ability to make money or command troops, but he wasn't lacking the ability to rule a territory. In fact, the expressions on the faces of the people wandering around the streets at night were bright.

    "Times of peace."

    The warring history of the Northern Continent had come to an end. Andras and Meltor forgot their old grudges and were starting a new era. The scars left behind by the war were great, but the resilience of life went beyond them. Even if there were severe injuries, new flesh would grow. People returned to the devastated cities, built new homes, and grew crops in the devastated fields. It wasn't possible to immediately erase a long history, but it would fade as generations flowed. The role of 'fighters' could be said to have ended.

    -Not yet, a voice bluntly interrupted Theodore's thoughts. -An existence that destroys civilization... There is a possibility that 99% of the human race will be annihilated if Wrath falls. If you can't stop it, this village will disappear.

    Theodore frowned at the unlucky words. "...Why are you mentioning the situation again?"

    -Hmm, User seems to be too easygoing. I have to say it in case you have forgotten. Don't forget.

    "How can I forget? Why are you complaining?" He grunted in a dull voice.

    Glutton's mouth moved on the palm of Theodore's left hand, -It isn't enough to reserve magic power and prepare countermeasures. Don't you realize the seriousness of this time? Yet you are planning a wedding? Are you going to throw it all away and enjoy the end of your life?

    "Hey, didn't you say that you are sending my data in real time to Wrath? Why do I have to prepare more than I already have?"


    Theodore's point was correct, which caused Gluttony to groan and fall silent. It was because there wasn't much of an answer to Wrath.

    'It is something that can't be defeated using common strategies.'

    Gluttony weakened the power that would destroy the planet and reset civilization, but it was a super destructive weapon which would perform its own reinforcement and crush any creature that resisted. Additionally, Theodore was registered as a user of the Seven Sins. So, Gluttony's and his data was being transmitted in real time. Whatever Theodore prepared, there was no way to hide it from Wrath as Gluttony was in his body.

    Thus, he decided not to prepare anything. If he stored magic power, Wrath would increase its magic power. If he obtained artifacts, it would add more power to its output.

    -...I acknowledge that you can't act in a reasonable way. However, the strategy that User has set up as a countermeasure is 'crazy.'

    "I already know that. The problem is that no other method comes to mind. If you have a method that is more successful than my strategy, I will take that gamble straight away."

    There were no odds of success to be found even after he calculated it a few times. Strategies and preparations were pointless before a violent weapon that increased in strength in response to the opponent's strength. It was a numbers game where the result couldn't be reversed, even if he added or subtracted any variables.

    In the end, Theodore had to accept those odds of 0%.

    'It will never miss whatever I prepared or any magic I develop. It is a weapon that grasps my limits thanks to the data it receives from Gluttony.'

    The reasoning of a magician had already confirmed his death. There was no chance. Even if a god descended and even if he used Fafnir, Theodore Miller still had no power or means to block this destructive existence. Thus, Theodore chose madness. He abandoned the duty of a magician to maintain reason until any circumstances. Forgetting about resistance, he just looked at the future.

    "What I need now isn't preparations or research. If there is a grain of potential left, I will bet on it in the last moment."

    If he could awaken at that moment and go beyond the limitations that Wrath knew, there would be a light in the future.

    "I need an instrument to help me jump over myself. Family, lovers, friends. It doesn't matter. In preparation for the moment I clash with Wrath, I have to build up more bonds that allow me to go beyond the limits of Theodore Miller."

    He didn't resign himself to it. He didn't give up. He was in a hurry not to keep his fears away but to not leave behind any regrets. It was the context that hastened the wedding with the two people. Thus, he would love them more and dream of a future with them. In order to not give up and to overcome his limitations, Theodore decided to be faithful to his own life.

    He was interested to see how Leonardo and Rebecca would progress, and he felt a sense of responsibility toward his parents. Everyone would live. This was for the tomorrow that he hadn't seen. It was for a future that hadn't arrived.

    Even Theodore, who had cast off the bonds of cause and effect, couldn't be freed from the cycle of life. No, he chose to be entangled. He was a transcendent who could escape to another dimension, but he refused to turn his back on this dimension and decided to fight against the destruction.

    "I will smash Wrath."

    It was in order to protect the world where everyone lived and to live with the people who loved him. Theodore Miller clenched his fists while looking at the destruction that was still far away in the universe.

    "―Definitely," he vowed.
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