Chapter 383 - The Marriage of the Century (4)

    Chapter 383 - The Marriage of the Century (4)

    A few days later, Meltor Palace was submerged in a strange atmosphere.

    In the early morning, the officials of each department and the nobles in the vicinity of the capital were given a decree they didn't understand. Furthermore, the information was really short.

    [ For today, any entrance to the palace is prohibited. ]

    Regardless of title or position, no one was allowed to cross the threshold of the palace without the king's permission. However, this was Kurt III, the best king in Meltor's history who had succeeded in growing the kingdom. As such, although there were a few nobles who questioned the sudden command, no one was dumb enough to oppose the edict. The central tower magic tower, which shared the duties of the palace officials, was exceptionally silent. Meanwhile, the palace corridors were empty.

    Thump, thump.

    However, there was the sound of footsteps in the corridor. There was no disturbance in the half-tempo as the sounds which were like those of a musical instrument arrived at a gorgeous door. The master of the footsteps pushed open the door without hesitation.


    Was the door lacking a bit of oil? The door creaked open, and the people in the room turned to look at it. The middle-aged wife, Isabella Miller, raised her voice first, "Wow, you're well dressed! I don't know whose son you are but you are very handsome. Isn't that right?"

    "Hahaha! How do you not know? It is our son."

    "Mother, Father." Dressed in a tailcoat made of luxurious materials, Theodore laughed. He had expected these reactions, but knowing it in his mind was different from experiencing it. There was perfume dispersed all over the place, and the makeup on several faces was also unfamiliar. It was uncomfortable to wear the layered, tailored clothes, but it was a courtesy to endure such inconveniences on such days.

    "Wait, your tie is a bit crooked." Isabella, who was appreciating the appearance of her great son, stepped toward Theodore and adjusted his collar. She straightened his slightly torn tie and then stepped back as she couldn't see his face unless she raised her head. Theodore had been one handspan shorter than Isabella when he left for magic school, yet her little child was already getting married now. Somehow, she felt a lump in her throat.


    "Oh, my."

    As Isabella's tears fell involuntarily, Theodore wiped them with his thumb and looked at her with his pair of eyes that had been clear since childhood. There was the depth of a lake in them, and Isabella had to admit that her son had grown up. He was no longer a child to be pitied but one to be proud of.

    Soon afterward, Isabella grabbed Theodore and whispered into his chest, "...Shouldn't you live well? Be happy. Understood?"

    "Yes, Mother."

    "I know that my son is very busy, but keep in mind that you shouldn't be half-hearted toward your family."

    "Yes, I definitely won't forget."

    After Isabella finished speaking, Dennis hugged Theodore and patted him on the back. The span of his father's arms, which had seemed so wide when he was a child, was now narrow. It wasn't only Isabella who became sentimental. Theodore too struggled not to shed any tears.

    Dennis felt Theodore tremble and said in a calm voice, "From a long time ago, you were a very precocious child. I still remember your small body helping with the housework. You studied hard enough to pass the academy's entrance exam despite no one teaching you. You also persevered for a few years until your talent woke up. You were such a good child."

    "Father, I..."

    "You don't need to say it. I know. I believe in you. I believe you will do well if you don't worry. Still, you should often show your face to us. Think about a parent's mind."

    "...Yes, I will visit often."

    Dennis gave Theodore one more firm hug before standing side by side with Isabella. The atmosphere was joyous but bitter. Their last job as parents was letting go of their grown child.

    Knock knock.

    At this moment, there came a knock like someone had just arrived outside the door.

    "It seems like the ladies have arrived. Theo, open the door for them."


    Generally, a bride and groom wouldn't see each other until the ceremony. However, this wedding ceremony was a bit different. Theodore slowly approached the door and pulled it open.

    "Ah." He froze as he saw the appearances of the two brides.

    Veronica and Sylvia, the beauties with unique colored eyes and hair, greeted him in pure white wedding dresses. Was it due to the skill of the palace maids...?

    Veronica's neck contrasted with her crimson hair and presented a bewitching beauty, while Sylvia had wintery, fairy-like white skin and moistened lips. Despite the abundant amount of lace, the feminine lines of the two women weren't concealed, creating a tempting atmosphere.

    "What, did you fall in love with us again?"

    "Huhuhut, Theo. You have a funny expression."

    The two beauties seemed satisfied with his response as they grabbed Theodore's arms with smiling faces. The thin lace didn't obstruct the soft and warm texture, making him dizzy. Dennis and Isabella chuckled as they saw the three lovely people.  For those who had no family, the parents-in-law were like new family members. So, the brides approached the Miller family, and they talked for a few minutes.

    Then a servant entered the room. "Everything is ready, Chief Tower Master."

    The people in the room became pale and tense. They looked at their clothes and looked in the mirror to check their makeup. The reason why Kurt III had forbidden access to the palace at once was that it was now time for the wedding of Theodore Miller and his two brides.

    *     *     *

    Truth be told, Meltor's palace wasn't that gorgeous.  The absence of luxuries was influenced by the practical nature of magicians, but the main reason was the war with Andras which had lasted for hundreds of years. They had needed funds to expand the armaments and raise soldiers, so their civilization had only advanced one or two steps. If they had spent money on the luxuries of the royal palace, Meltor would be ruined. However, today, they lay off on the frugality for a while.

    "Ohh, His Majesty did quite well? The decorations of the palace are more attractive than those of the magic tower."

    Theodore and Sylvia nodded at Veronica's surprised words.

    The clean, white palace, which didn't have great merit, had been transformed by the presence of a variety of statues and garlands which had come from an unknown place. Kurt III must've instructed workers to come to the palace today without anyone knowing.

    Thump, thump, thump.

    The three people walked leisurely inside the palace toward a special room in the palace where people were waiting.

    One step and another step...

    As if to enjoy this moment in life that they wouldn't experience twice, the three of them walked without speaking. They could feel their body temperatures coming from the palms of their hands, and they could hear each other's breaths as they were wrapped in calmness.

    Finally, they looked at the door of the wedding hall.

    "...Go?" Theodore asked his two brides without looking back. Sylvia's silver hair shook on Theodore's left side, while Veronica was warm on his right side. There was no need to speak, and their intentions were clear.


    There was no need to use their hands. Telekinesis magic, the power that obeyed Theodore's will, pushed at the pair of big doors. Then there was a massive noise, and the guests turned to look at the three people. There were only familiar faces present. After all, they had only invited people close to them.

    There was Vince, the middle-aged magician who had a busy schedule, Randolph, the swordsman who changed from casual clothing into formalwear, and Titania, the high elf who had waited without returning to Elvenheim. The members of Quattro who had dissolved after the war in the north, William and Paragranum in the female avatar, were also present.

    'No, wait a minute. I thought Paragranum wasn't invited?'

    Theodore looked at her blankly, and she just shrugged. She had used her own method to be in this position. So, he ignored Para and carried on looking ahead. Theodore, Veronica, and Sylvia passed by the guests and family members, arriving at the podium.

    "...Haha." When Theodore saw it, he couldn't help laughing. It wasn't a sound that should be made at this place, but the two brides and other guests were laughing like they understood his reaction. After all, his reaction was natural.

    "You look good, Chief Tower Master."

    It was because Kurt III, who wasn't wearing his usual crown, was standing in the palace to officiate the wedding. Veronica snorted while Sylvia was just embarrassed because she didn't know what was going on. Theodore thought the king's appearance was absurd and asked, "Your Majesty, don't tell me...?"

    "If you don't mind, I would like to officiate this marriage. What are the thoughts of the three tower masters?"

    The groom and brides looked at each other, but Kurt didn't seem willing to step down unless he was outright refused. In retrospect, it wasn't like there was no precedent to this. The last time a marriage was officiated by a king had been several hundred years ago. The three people laughed and made their decision.

    "Please look after us."

    "Yes! Of course."

    Pleased that he wasn't refused, Kurt III laid his left hand on the book of laws with an excited expression. He placed one hand on the book of laws and one hand on his heart. It signified a sincere pledge to the laws and to the heart.

    Kurt started to speak with a serious expression, "As time flows eternally, today we know that the fates of three people have flowed into one stream. They were born with different names, lived in different times, and met with different meanings. May their ends one day come together, so that they may be beautifully completed in their own way."

    This was the officiating so far.

    After completing the words of blessing, Kurt III turned to the three people and said, "You are the hero who stepped onto the path of magic and elevated your name. Will you swear to love and cherish your brides for the rest of your life?"

    Theodore placed his right hand on his chest and answered firmly, "Yes, I swear."

    "You are the one with a dragon's bloodline who has decided to live among humans. Will you swear to love and cherish your groom for the rest of your life?"

    "Yes, I swear," Veronica replied in an unusually polite voice.

    "You who have been loved and raised as the family of a wise man-will you swear to love and cherish your groom for the rest of your life?"

    There was no need to mention who the wise man was. Sylvia's eyes were slightly red as she replied one beat late, "...Yes, I swear."

    Once the brides' and groom's vows were over, Kurt spread his hands over the open book of laws. It was time for the expected ritual at a wedding.

    "Then can the brides and groom please give each other the kiss of oath."

    The ceremony was based on the idea of sharing the weight of the words with each other, but it didn't have much weight. It was an event where the guests enjoyed seeing the shy bride and groom. Kurt and the guests smirked. Sylvia, who still wasn't immune to skinship, was busy cooling down her red skin. However, there was someone with a 'passionate' pedigree in this place.


    "Huh? Ah―"

    She released their held hands and tugged on his waist. The force was strong, but the momentum was so great that Theodore couldn't reject and was dragged into Veronica's arms. In a flash, the lips of the two people touched each other, with their breaths and tongues entangling. It wasn't a ceremonial act but a kiss that would be done by those in a relationship.

    "Oh, my! It is really genuine!" Isabella laughed and clapped as she saw Veronica's unbelievable kiss.

    The partnerless male guests sighed and cleared their throats, while Dennis was relieved that he hadn't brought Leo to the wedding. After nearly 10 seconds, the two mouths separated.

    "Huhu, I ate well," Veronica said, licking her lips like she had eaten something delicious. Then she whispered, "If you aren't in a hurry, shall we do it once more?"


    "If you keep hesitating, I will continue eating. Isn't it good?"

    From the beginning, it was a provocation. Theodore realized the meaning of Veronica's words, while Sylvia barely maintained her courage as she stood before Theodore. This was Sylvia's limit.  Theodore smiled, held Sylvia's cheeks, and kissed her.


    He didn't use his tongue like Veronica, but the kiss lasted a long time. That alone caused Sylvia to stop breathing, then she flushed red for other reasons. Once the kiss was over, the silent guests raised their hands and started to clap.

    Clap clap clap clap clap! The sound of applause filled the palace.

    The three people stood next to each other and bowed to the people who had come to the wedding. The wedding ceremony was completed. Theodore held his brides' hands again and walked down the red carpet.

    "Veronica, Sylvia."

    The two people turned at his call. He laughed and pulled them toward him by the waist.


    "Ah, what?"

    Veronica was playful while Sylvia was embarrassed. With the two beautiful brides in his arms, the mightiest magician of the material world proclaimed proudly, "Now, we can go anywhere and do anything. I will give you anything you want."

    He would show them all the scenery of the world and give them all the treasures of this world. The man with the power to do so moved with self-interest for the first time. Theodore laughed as the eyes of his wives' widened.

    "Now, let's go on our honeymoon."

    It was time to enjoy the springtime which wouldn't come again.
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