Chapter 385 - The Marriage of the Century (6)

    Chapter 385 - The Marriage of the Century (6)

    There were the sounds of insects coming from somewhere. The noise tickling his ears woke him up. Then Theodore opened his eyes and gazed up at the ceiling. Beyond the glass ceiling, moonlight shone. Theodore blinked a few times and calculated the time.

    'Not yet midnight.'

    He looked at the desk clock and saw that there were a few more hours until the sky would brighten. He tried to close his eyes again, but once he woke up, all drowsiness was cleared. Should he drink a glass of water? Theodore was about to raise his body but was forced to stop moving. It was due to the heavy weight on his shoulders.



    Veronica and Sylvia... Even in the darkness, their hair colors shone. Their skin that wasn't covered by the quilt was white and smooth.  Theodore couldn't help looking at their sleeping appearances, particularly at the dark marks made by his lips which remained near their necks. As his gaze heated up, Veronica opened her eyes and laughed with a whisper-like voice, "―At any rate, you are very sneaky."

    Sylvia hadn't yet woken up, so Theodore replied in a low voice, "Becky, you aren't sleeping?"

    "Huh? No. You are looking at me with such beastly eyes. How can I sleep well knowing this?"

    "A beast..." Theodore tried to refute it.

    However, Veronica lifted her blanket with a look like she knew everything. The only lighting present was from the moonlight and the stars. Ordinary people might not be able to see the dim shapes, but fortunately, Theodore wasn't an ordinary person. Veronica's curves, not covered by a single piece of clothing, choked him. He was rendered speechless and could only open his mouth.

    Veronica giggled in a teasing manner at the sight. "Look, this is a beast."

    He couldn't win. Theodore smiled bitterly and raised his eyebrows. Veronica kissed his collarbone and abs as if to celebrate her victory. Although Theodore wasn't ticklish, he couldn't help laughing. He endured the prank for a while before holding her hands and kissing her on the forehead.


    "Theo is stopping me before I'm satisfied. How stingy."

    "What if the bed almost completely bends?"

    It sounded like a joke, but it really wasn't. This bed, which never had a single person lay in it before the first day they arrived at the villa, had bent slightly over the course of two months. Despite being a bed made of solid iron and wood, its durability was like a cheap timber bunk.

    Veronica's face flushed red after hearing it. "Oh, no. I didn't do it all alone, but it is my fault?"

    "The number of times... Becky is very violent."


    Theodore smirked as he took the initiative in this conversation. His words were actually true. Despite being a 7th circle magician, Sylvia was still a human who trained herself. It was difficult to compete with Veronica in everyday life, not just combat. Above all, Veronica had inherited a red dragon's blood and was famous for being faithful to her 'desires.' In the environment of their honeymoon house, her desires burned more intensely every night.

    After exchanging sexually explicit words, the two people looked up at the same sky and were silent.

    "...Is it time to go back?"

    Theodore didn't immediately answer Veronica's question. However, his silence was a positive reply. It would be a tremendous loss if three tower masters were away for more than two months. Kurt said he would give three months of vacation, but this overloaded the entire kingdom.

    "They were the most enjoyable two months of my life."

    Theodore was feeling burdened when Veronica leaned against his shoulder and said in a bright voice, "We could go anywhere and eat anything. It lasted two months, and Theodore is the best part."

    "Am I the beast or is it someone else?"

    "Omo, you don't know? I am a dragon." Veronica playfully bit his earlobe. It was a charm that was closer to that of a cat than a dragon. Theodore tickled her chin and laughed.

    Veronica stroked her belly and whispered, "Will it happen? Our baby."

    "I'm not sure."

    It was hard for Veronica to become pregnant due to her dragon blood. However, the story was different when her partner was Theodore, a transcendent who wasn't bound by cause and effect. From then on, it was a matter of pure luck.

    'A baby...' Theodore became a bit nervous at the unexpected thought of the birth of a life that would inherit his blood and surname. He knew it well in his mind, but it was hard thinking about it becoming real.

    'Me... A father.'

    He wondered what color the hair would be. Black? Red? Silver? It would be nice to have a child with their lovely coloring. A child with small limbs who would call him 'Father'... His mouth twitched just thinking about it. This vision of the future was broken by Veronica's words, "Theo. From now on, do you plan to go to that kid?"


    There was no separate explanation about who they were talking about. Ellenoa was unable to leave the Northern Great Forest while acting as Mitra's Saintess, so he had to find her. With two months left until the fall of Wrath, Theodore planned to spend half of the time limit with Ellenoa. Hearing the expected answer, Veronica pinched him.


    "A person with two people needs a third? You are really a bad guy."

    "I love you, Becky."

    "It's fine, you bastard. If you are sorry, hold me a bit harder. I won't forget your arms..." She murmured in a lovable manner. Theodore gripped her shoulders. Her body came closer without any resistance, and hot heat was transmitted through their touching skin. It was a temptation that couldn't be endured if they were alone. However, right after that, Theodore's other shoulder became numb.


    Sylvia looked at him with blurred eyes and punched his shoulder. Unlike her usual gentleness, her eyes were filled with lust and a desire to monopolize. Veronica read her expression and laughed as she threw back the blanket. "Okay, my younger sister wants to do it first?"


    "This is the last night of our honeymoon. Look at my strength!"

    Theodore realized what she meant by this time, but it was already too late. The two beautiful women, Veronica and Sylvia, took the lead and knocked him down. Just before his resistance was broken, Theodore realized that Armand's words were right. Other people shouldn't hear these sounds.

    *     *     *

    The next day, breakfast at the Miller villa was late. The three people only emerged from the room after the sun was already in the middle of the sky. Unlike Theodore who looked haggard, the faces of the two brides were bright. Only Armand made a complicated expression when he saw the aftermath. He approached Theodore, who just finished breakfast, and handed him a small bottle. "Master, have some of this."


    "It is a popular remedy for fatigue in my industry. The effect isn't large, but it is good for rapid physical exhaustion and malnutrition."

    "Sigh, I won't refuse."

    It was different from consuming stamina or magic power. This refreshed the mind...? Still, it felt like something was empty when he drank the glass bottle that Armand gave him. After drinking, Theodore found some spare energy and thanked him.

    "Thank you, Armand."

    "It is nothing. It is my duty as your butler."

    There was no fault in Armand's behavior as a butler. Kurt hadn't appointed him to this villa for no reason.  Theodore wondered about Armand's career and opened his mouth, "There will be no one in this villa for a while. In the meantime, run this villa as you wish. I completely trust you."

    "Huhu, this old man doesn't deserve this."

    "Are you sure? I haven't met a better employee than Armand. The king's chamberlain won't be able to do the work like you do," Theodore finished their conversation with a hearty compliment.


    "Please make a villa that I will visit one day with my parents. Please."

    "...I will do as Master commands." Armand Gustain, the former chief servant of the palace, bowed down with a faint smile. The situation seemed to be pretty interesting for an old man.

    "Then I'm going." Theodore turned to the two people waiting for him and hugged them. Veronica and Sylvia-he liked them a lot before but they were now an indispensable part of his life. A ring shone on the ring finger of his left hand, and their heartbeats made him happy.

    "Be well for me. Of course, don't be any better than me, okay?"

    "I'll be angry if you don't come back soon. For around half a year."

    The two of them gave him words of encouragement and complaints as they stepped away from Theodore. Veronica and Sylvia were returning to Meltor. He regretted the warmth that disappeared from his chest and reached out a hand.

    "I'm too scared to do that. Then... 「 Transition. 」" At Theodore's words, there was a flash of light.


    While the two people moved to Mana-vil's central tower, he continued teleporting without a break.

    「 Transition, Northern Great Forest. 」

    As always, the flash of light blinded the caster. Theodore passed through a gap in space where nothing could be seen, moving thousands of kilometers. If he wanted, he could move to another place inside here or he could stop the transition and go back. However, Theodore was silent and arrived as usual.


    As soon as he arrived, the smell of a dark forest tickled his nose. The smell of life, the scent of the soil and vegetation mixed together, was so rich that it was difficult to sniff out anything else. Theodore slowly opened his eyes once he arrived. Some trees were the height of ordinary buildings while others were big enough to be half the height of the magic towers. This was proof that the vitality of the world tree had gone beyond its limit. It was at this moment that...

    "...Eh?" Theodore's eyes widened as he saw something.

    There was something that shouldn't exist here. He had set his arrival point at the outskirts of the forest and not the center so that the elves wouldn't be surprised. As such, he wasn't surprised by the forest that had been rejuvenated after several years. Then why...?


    Mitra was the embodiment of the world tree.

    [Hoing? Deo?]

    Her height didn't even reach his knees, and the bud on her head was like before she had grown up. Why had she degenerated instead of evolved? Having heard his voice, Mitra smiled widely. [Deoo! Deo came!]

    Mitra was still Mitra. Theodore was about to hug her when...

    [Eh? Deo?]

    [Hooing? Really Deooo!]]

    [Deo! Deo!]

    [No! Give to me!]

    One, two, three... Soon, the Mitras, that seemed to number in the two digits or maybe over 100, started to flock. They were cute kids, but more than 100 of them had gathered. It was so terrifying that Theodore was stunned. His magical knowledge was useless as he didn't know why Mitra had multiplied. Mitra grabbed his leg, Mitra climbed onto his shoulder, Mitra climbed onto his head before anyone else... Theodore was confused by the unfathomable sight.

    [Theo! You finally came!] His savior arrived. No, his savior was still Mitra. However, unlike the other Mitras, this Mitra was a teenage girl riding on something.

    Theodore recognized the three wagging tails and exclaimed, "Tres? This is ridiculous!"

    The number of tails was the same but the body was bigger...? The series of incomprehensible situations left Theodore feeling lost.
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