479 Chapter 479: Lucky

    "If you successfully selected the Red Spica Crystal, then you would win, and the money that you bet will be multiplied by ten. If you fail, you will lose your money," Xiang Limu said.

    "I don't want to see my money multiplied. I want to see how I can get the tickets," Long Chen responded.

    "As long as you get a five winning streak, you can get the ticket as a reward," Xiang Limu explained to him.

    "So I need to get the Red Spica Crystal 5 times to get a ticket? That's 20 times to get 4," Long Chen reacted as he thought about it.

    "Yeah, As long as you get 5 in a row, you will win a ticket. Each try cost a black gold coin, though," Xiang Limu explained.

    "So I need to pay 25 black gold coins. A ticket for the ship is around Three Hundred Thousand Black Gold Coins from what you told me. That does make sense why this place would be so popular. The chances of someone winning are so low," Long Chen muttered as he glanced towards the shop.

    "Do ten people really win every day? Sounds hard to believe," Ji Shan asked Xiang Limu.

    "No, rarely people succeed. Although the shop has a quota of distributing ten tickets in a day, they don't reach that threshold as people don't win that often. The best I remembered was a day when three people won a ticket," Xiang Limu answered Ji Shan.

    "Do you want to try?"Ji Shan asked Long Chen as he saw him looking towards the shop.

    "Yeah, I want to win," Long Chen replied as he nodded his head.

    Ji Shan walked closer to him.

    "I won't say if we can win or not, but it wouldn't be good to attract attention to us," Ji Shan whispered in his ears.

    "Don't worry, I've thought about everything. Nothing will happen," Long Chen comforted Ji Shan.

    Even though Ji Shan couldn't see Long Chen's expression because of Long Chen's mask, he sounded confident.

    "Alright. If you think that it's time, then it might be," Ji Shan agreed.

    "It's so crowded, though. Will I even get the opportunity?" Long Chen asked Xiang Limu.

    "You will. Most of those people are here to watch. The number of staff inside isn't low. You can ask the staff, and they will arrange for you," Xiang Limu replied.

    "Alright," Long Chen walked towards the store and entered it.

    The people that handled the store were wearing clean white clothes with the symbol of the shop, which made it easy to identify them.

    Long Chen found a lady in the white clothes standing free on the side. He was about to go to the lady, but he was stopped by Xiang Limu.

    "You need to get the permission token first. You see that guy sitting behind the counter there? He is the person that gives the tokens. You need to pay 10 Black Gold Coin to get one token, which you can give the store helpers. One token means one try. You can buy five tokens if you want to try five times," Xiang Limu explained to Long Chen.


    Long Chen walked to the man that was standing behind the counter.

    "I need to buy the tokens," he told the man.

    "10 Black Gold Coin for one token. How many do you want?"  the Man asked Long Chen.

    "Give me 50," Long Chen replied as he placed 500 Black Gold Coins on the table.

    "Hehehe, Another rich guy is trying his luck. Here are your 50 Tokens," The Man smiled as he took the 500 Black Gold Coins and gave Long Chen 50 Tokens in return.

    Long Chen took those 50 Tokens and placed them in his pocket while he walked towards the girl.

    "Huh, looks like he is too confident in himself. Too bad he doesn't know how difficult it is. Whatever at least the shop earned some money," the man behind the counter muttered

    Long Chen walked to the woman and told her that he wanted to bet.

    "Can you give me a token first so that I could bring the goods to you?" the girl asked him.

    Long Chen gave her one of the tokens.

    The girl walked behind a shelf and brought a basket that had ten crystals in it.

    All of these ten crystals did look the same. Even Long Chen couldn't find the difference.

    "You can take your time selecting. You only have one try, if you choose the wrong crystal, you'll fail. In that case, you would need to get another token to have another go for the ticket," the Girl explained to him.

    Long Chen had already heard that. He nodded his head.

    "Can I touch these?" he asked the girl.

    "No, Sir, you aren't allowed to touch these. You can only use your observation skill to recognize the Red Spica Crystal," she said.

    "Alright," Long Chen replied.

    He started looking at the Crystals carefully.

    He had heard about the Red Spica Crystals before. These crystals had a green color inside them, which wasn't visible unless someone broke them.

    Long Chen had also heard that it was impossible to see through the crystals with Spiritual Sense, but he was more confident in his Divine Sense, which he had found to be much more effective than the normal Spiritual Sense of the Cultivators.

    He pretended to observe the crystals while he subtly spread out his Divine Sense, which worked.

    He was able to see that one of these 10 Crystals was indeed a Red Spica Crystal.

    He didn't let any strange emotions show on his face and maintained his expressions.

    He took 5 minutes as he pretended to look uncertain.

    "Can I ask my friends for opinions?" he asked the woman.

    "No, Sir, you can't talk to anyone unless you want to be disqualified," the girl replied.

    "Alright. I'll test my luck then. This one," Long Chen pointed towards one of the crystals.

    "Very well," the girl picked up that crystal and placed that on the table before him. She placed the basket back and gave him a small hammer.

    "You can break the crystal. If it's a red Spica Crystal, we will know. But you can also bet money on it if you want to do that before you break the crystal. Our establishment will double your money if you win," The girl said.


    Long Chen again looked uncertain, but he placed 1 Black Gold Coin on the table.

    "Since I'm trying my luck, then let me go all out," Long Chen let out.

    "You can go ahead," the girl told Long Chen.

    Long Chen raised the hammer and smacked it on the crystal.

    The crystal was shattered, revealing a speck of green inside.

    "Huh, You succeeded?" the girl let out in shock as she realized that it was a Red Spica Crystal.

    Ji Shan couldn't help but smile wryly. He had seen so many impossible feats being performed by Long Chen that he had become numb, but Xiang Limu was stunned at Long Chen's luck.

    "Hahhaa, looks like I am indeed lucky," Long Chen said as he proudly laughed like an arrogant young master.

    "My bet doubled, so I should have 2 Black Gold Coins, right? Long Chen asked the girl.

    "Yes. Your coins will be paid when you decide that you don't want to play anymore. Do you want to continue or leave with your winnings?" The woman asked Long Chen.

    "This Young Master is lucky today. Let me win the tickets then. Bring me four more baskets," Long Chen told her as he gave her four more tokens.

    The girl walked back to the main counter and came back with four baskets, each having ten crystals.
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