480 Chapter 480: Victory?

    Long Chen looked at the first basket, and after thinking for some time, he chose one of the crystals.

    He again betted the 2 Black Gold Coins that he had with the woman.

    He crushed the crystal again, revealing the green inside it.

    He was successful once again. He had started attracting people's attention now because of his two-win streak.

    "Awesome! I won again! Looks like the gods are on my side today,"

    Without wasting time, he selected the crystal from the 3rd basket.

    The Woman looked at him suspiciously now. She wondered if he was cheating somehow or if he had a way to see the Red Spica Crystals.

    Long Chen smiled at her as he chose the crystal from the 4th basket.

    "Bet everything I made on this as well. I'm going to break the crystal," Long Chen said before he smacked the hammer on the crystal.

    The crystal was broken, but there was no green inside the crystal this time.

    "Sigh, I thought he could do it."

    "This man failed as well."

    "Of course he can't do it. There comes a time when even the greatest of luck can't support you. It's not that easy to get a five-win streak."

    The watchers started commenting as they saw Long Chen lost on his 4th try. Some even started laughing before they went back to what they were doing.

    "I lost? This can't be possible!"

    Long Chen let out in shock as he picked up the pieces of the crystals. He looked at each broken piece carefully, but he didn't find the green inside.

    "That's not a Red Spica Jade, Sir. You have lost," the Woman said with an apologetic smile on her face, but inside her heart, she was relieved.

    "Hmph, I will not be a sour loser, but I can't accept this! Bring me ten more baskets! I will keep trying until I win!" Long Chen said as he gave her ten tokens.

    The woman smiled as he brought ten more baskets. Now there were ten baskets before him.

    Even though Long Chen pretended to be upset, behind the mask, he was quite calm. He has done all this intentionally, not to seem too suspicious and just occasionally lucky.

    He chose a crystal from one of the baskets and again bet one coin before breaking the crystal.

    The crystal was broken, but he had failed again. It was not the Spica Crystal.

    The woman kept the basket back again. Long Chen had ten baskets before him.

    He won 2 and lost two before he seriously started playing.

    He succeeded the next four times at picking the Red Spica Jade.

    He had one basket before him, and if he successfully selected the Red Spica Jade, he would win.

    There were again some people watching him now.

    "That young man spent so much, but he is so close to finally winning. If he can be lucky once more, then he will win," One of the men watching him commented. That person was here to bet as well, but he had lost every time. Now he was watching Long Chen's play.

    "You can pick the crystal. If you win, your money will be doubled, and you still win a ticket to the Light Heaven Continent," the woman informed him.

    Long Chen nodded his head and picked up one of the crystals.

    Everyone observed as Long Chen smacked the hammer on the Crystal. The crystal was shattered, revealing the green inside.

    "A Red Spica Crystal! This person won! Incredible!"

    "He did it. It gives me hope, as well. I would like to try it again."

    "Give me a token!"

    The ones that were defeated and had given up were once again motivated by Long Chen's success.

    Most of them went to buy tokens while the others congratulated Long Chen for achieving success.

    "Can I get my ticket now?" Long Chen asked the woman.

    "Ah, wait here. I will inform the Manager," the woman said to Long Chen.

    She left Long Chen behind and walked to the upper floor. After some time, she came back again.

    "He invited you above," the woman informed Long Chen.

    "Can I bring my family and friends up as well?" Long Chen asked her.

    "You can only bring your family," the woman nodded her head.

    Long Chen brought Mingyu, Zhiqing, Ji Shan with him as they didn't know them, but people probably knew Xiang Limu. He would be seen as lying if he brought Xiang Limu with him.

    He told Xiang Limu to wait for his return.

    Long Chen followed behind the girl with others.

    He was brought to the higher floor, which had many Treasures kept behind the glass and used as decoration. The floor looked pretty luxurious.

    The floor and the walls were spotlessly white; even the furniture was white, which gave him an official vibe.

    There was a table in the center of the room, and a man was sitting behind that table.

    The man had blonde hair that came down to his waist, but they were properly tied. His pitch-black eyes were the only black thing he could see in the room.

    "Yes, Sir. He is the gentleman that won the ticket,"  the woman replied to the man.

    "Come, sit."

    The man gestured for Long Chen to sit on a chair before him.

    "I'm sorry. I only have one extra chair. Your friends would need to stand." he added.

    "You guys stay here," Long Chen told the others before he stepped forth and sat on the chair in front of him.

    "My name is Nanli Gu. I am the manager here. Now, you might be wondering as to why I called you above instead of directly sending the ticket to you, am I right?" Nanli Gu asked Long Chen.

    "Yes," Long Chen nodded his head.

    "It's because we need to do some registration process. Every person that gets a ticket or even the ones that buy them had to go through a registration process. I called you here just for that. It's nothing much. We would just ask for some general information about you and record that with the ticket number that we are giving you. That's all," Nanli Gu explained to Long Chen.

    Long Chen had already known about the registration thing as Xiang Limu had already told him about it. So he wasn't surprised.

    "Alright. I understand," Long Chen nodded his head.

    "It's good that you understand. So the first thing I need to do is to see your face. You need to take that mask off," Nanli Gu told Long Chen as he picked up a book from the table.

    Long Chen activated the Mask of Mischief and removed the fake mask, revealing his face.

    "Alright. You don't look like anyone that's wanted by the sect. That's good."

    Nanli Gu noted something in the book.

    "Can I ask the reason you wear the mask? You don't look half bad," he asked Long Chen.

    "It's something personal. You can say that I don't like people seeing my face as I get embarrassed," Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    "Alright. You can wear the mask again," Nanli Gu told Long Chen.

    "Next, what is your name?" He asked.

    "I'm Xu Shen," Long Chen gave him the same fake name that he had given to Xiang Limu.

    "Where are you from?" Nanli Gu inquired.

    "I'm from the Tianshan Empire,"  Long Chen answered.

    "Reason for coming here?"

    "I want to go and explore the Light Heaven Continent."

    The man kept asking Long Chen similar questions related to his life, and Long Chen kept answering without taking much time. The whole process was more natural.

    "Alright. I'm done. Here is your ticket. Enjoy. You can go back," The man said as he handed Long Chen a golden ticket that had the Name of the True Dao Sect and a number.
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