481 Chapter 481: Unorthodox Master Mu

    "Thank You," Long Chen thanked the man before he stood up and left the floor with the woman. He got to the lowest floor.

    "I'll get the money that you made," the woman said.

    "Didn't you say that I would get that after I decide to stop playing?" Long Chen asked her.

    "Yes, exactly... wait a minute. Do you mean that you want to play again?" the woman asked in surprise.

    "Well, the thing is that I didn't expect to win at all. I was doubtful of my luck, so I bought 50 Tokens. I still have 35 of them left," Long Chen told her, shocking her again.

    "Y-you want to get 35 baskets and try again?" She asked.

    "Yes," Long Chen answered her.

    "If you say so. Give me the tokens. I'll bring the baskets," the woman said.

    Long Chen gave her the 35 tokens that he had.

    "Wait right there. I will be back soon," the woman told him before she walked back.

    "This was pretty good so far, but I hope we won't attract too much attention when you win three more tickets, which I know that you're going to win," Ji Shan let out in Long Chen's ears.

    "Don't worry about that. There will be suspicions, but not something that could prove anything. They certainly wouldn't destroy their reputation for a few tickets as they are technically run by the True Dao Sect, who handle the city and the Ships. With the availability of other Sects that handle these things as well, reputation would be more important. Also, they have to maintain their righteous reputation. I wouldn't do the same if we were in the place controlled by Heavenly Slaughter Sect," Long Chen replied to him.

    "I sure do hope so," Ji Shan let out.

    "Hey, kid. Did you get the ticket?" one of the people present in the room walked closer to Long Chen.

    "Yeah. They registered my details as well before giving me the ticket," Long Chen replied.

    He could already see that the man didn't look like a good guy. He probably wanted to take his ticket if he received the opportunity.

    "Oh, so they took your information. Good. This way, no one that steals from you would benefit from it," the man let out with a smile on his face, but Long Chen could hear the bitterness in his voice.

    Long Chen simply smiled and didn't say anything else as he walked towards the empty place where he had been standing before he won the ticket.

    Mingyu, Zhiqing, and Ji Shan were still with him.

    "This place is really decent. The sects have the power to send people to the Light Heaven Continent. I don't understand why they themselves don't go to the Light Heaven Continent when the Dongxia continent is nothing when it comes to resources," Zhiqing asked Long Chen as she thought of something.

    She was also curious about it. The sect sent others to higher places, why didn't they themselves transfer to the higher continent?

    "Have you heard the phrase that it's better to be the rich leader of a poor kingdom than to be a poor soldier of a Rich Empire? It's the same principle here from what I understand," Ji Shan was the one that answered her instead.

    "What do you mean?" Zhiqing inquired.

    Ji Shan was about to answer, but another voice came from behind. It was a male voice, but it didn't belong to Long Chen either.

    "He means that the Sects that rule this place will be weak in Light Heaven Sect. They prefer to remain the winner here instead of becoming the loser there."

    All of them looked back only to see a young boy standing there.

    The boy looked like he was 19-20 years old. He had light blue eyes and long black hair. His casual expression gave them a feeling like he was somewhat bored.

    The others didn't recognize the boy, but Long Chen recognized him.

    Long Chen was frowning behind his mask as he recognized this boy as the person who was sitting inside the carriage when they were walking towards the Port City.

    Their carriage was given special entry which signified that this was the carriage that belonged to someone of high authority in the Port City.

    "This Young Master is right. Big organizations probably don't have it as easy as us independent Cultivators. We just look at the Light Heaven Continent as the land of opportunity as we are young, and we hope to achieve more. The sects, on the other hand, need to take into consideration many things as most of their leadership is probably old," Long Chen chimed in a casual tone.

    "Right," the boy replied as he looked around.

    "Are you here to try your luck as well? It's fun," Long Chen asked the boy as he saw him looking around.

    "Probably. I was getting bored, so I guess I can do it to pass some time," The boy muttered. "All the attendants seem busy, though."

    The boy had just said that when the man that had given Long Chen the ticket came out.

    "Young Master. You are here," Nanli Gu said to the young boy.

    "Hah, Looks like you were jesting with me. The manager of this place personally came for you," Long Chen let out as he glanced at the boy.

    "Sorry that we weren't able to give you proper reception," Nanli Gu apologized to the boy.

    "Don't worry about that. I don't care about these things. I am happy to see that your staff is following my father's orders. Everything should be done professionally. It doesn't matter if a high person comes or low. You can't stop servicing someone to serve others,"  The boy let out as he nodded his head.

    "Of Course. Clan Master's orders are absolute. That's why I personally came down to take care of you. I wasn't helping anyone, and I was free," Nanli Gu let out as he smiled.

    "Can you bring me some baskets? Since this friend here says that it's fun, I might as well try it," the boy said to Nanli Gu.

    He had just said that when the Woman returned with Long Chen's 35 baskets.

    The boy was surprised to see so many baskets.

    "These are for?" he asked the woman.

    "Ah, These are for this, Sir, Young Master," the woman said to the boy as she glanced towards Long Chen.

    "You are playing again? Didn't you just win a ticket?" Nanli Gu asked in surprise. He didn't know that Long Chen wanted to play again.

    "Oh, You won? That would definitely give someone the courage to try again," The boy let out as he nodded his head.

    "As I said, these things are fun. That's why I'm doing it. It's also a good indicator to see one's luck and skills," Long Chen let out casually.

    "Well said. Bring me 35 baskets as well. I want to have some fun with this friend as well. We can have a competition of sorts," the boy let out as he finally smiled.

    "Think again, Brother. My luck is awfully good today. I don't want to be in trouble for defeating someone who's so well respected by everyone here," Long Chen told the boy.

    Nanli Gu was shocked to see someone talking to the boy like that.

    "It doesn't matter. Victory and defeat are a part of life. Also, there's a certain kind of fun in defeat as well. I would love to taste defeat if you can defeat me. Also, You have my promise. No one will trouble you for anything. In fact, I would be happy to be friends with someone who defeats me instead. I don't even remember the last time someone had defeated me," the boy let out as he sighed.

    "It will be more fun then," Long Chen chuckled. He had decided to act more confident in this place as he knew that no one would even suspect a criminal or wanted person to be acting so openly. Also, if he could get close to this boy, it would make things a whole lot easier.

    "I'm Mu Fan. What is your name?" the boy asked Long Chen.

    "I am Xu Shen," Long Chen replied.

    "Well, Xu Shen, it's good that we are having a competition, but how about we have a bet as well?" Mu Fan asked Long Chen.

    "What bet?" Long Chen asked in curiosity.

    "The one that selects the most Red Spica Crystals in the 35 tries wins. The winner gets to make a demand from the loser," Mu Fan told Long Chen.

    Mu Fan was known as one of the most unorthodox people in the Mu Clan. No one knew what he was thinking and what he would do the next moment. He was seen as a nice person, though, but his actions were difficult to comprehend most of the time. It was said that there were only a few things that could impress him.
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