482 Chapter 482: Cheating?

    Some people even claimed that he was bored with life and that he had tried ending his life a few times before.

    It was also said that in the last few years, he had smiled a lot of times, but he had never laughed.

    "Get the baskets for the young master," Nanli Gu told the attendant who hurriedly went back to the place with the women that had helped her carry 35 baskets.

    "Don't wait for me. You can start already," Mu Fan told Long Chen as he pointed his hands towards Long Chen's basket.

    "Since you're doing this for fun, let me do it that way as well. We'll break the crystal when we're both ready," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    Since he was trying to close in on Mu Fan, he couldn't be the first person to do it while leaving Mu Fan behind.

    Ji Shan understood what Long Chen was trying to do, but he didn't interfere.

    "On the other hand, can we talk about our bet? I don't want to go in blindly. State beforehand what you will get if you won, and then I will state what I want from you if I win," Long Chen told Mu Fan.

    "Where is the fun in that? Let it be suspense till the end. It is more fun that way," Mu Fan said, shaking his head.

    Even though Long Chen was sure that he wouldn't be defeated, he still wanted to know the bet to know if it would be worth it for him to go all out on it.

    "If you say so. We'll keep it a suspense. Whoever wins will do one thing the other person says. How about we both write our wishes for the other person and give the papers to a neutral party? The wishes will be opened after the results are clear," Long Chen let out.

    Since he was going to go all out, he wanted to know what Mu Fan wanted him to do even if he won just to understand what he had in his mind.

    "Sure. I don't mind that."

    Mu Fan looked towards Nanli Gu and asked him, "Can you bring us two papers and a pen?"

    Nanli Gu nodded his head as he walked back.

    Ji Shan couldn't help but laugh on the inside to see the person that acted so haughty before them to run errands like a servant. He was somewhat pleased.

    Nanli Gu came back immediately with two papers. He also brought two pens.

    He gave the pen and paper to both of them.

    Long Chen wrote something on the paper and folded it. Mu Fan also did the same.

    "Who should we give these to? Who do you want to be our neutral party?" Mu Fan asked Long Chen.

    "It doesn't matter. Let the attendant hold them when she returns. I don't mind. I don't think they will change it," Long Chen replied to Mu Fan's query.

    "Nah, Let your friends hold them. They are already here. Since you trust us, it's only fair that I trust you," Mu Fan said as he stepped forth and gave the paper to Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't open the paper and gave them to Ji Shan to hold.

    The attendant returned after some time with her helpers. They brought 35 tokens. Each of them having 10 Red Spica Crystals.

    Slowly, everyone in the room had found out about the contest that was going to happen here, which excited more and more people that stood behind them to watch the event unfold.

    One of the participants was the one who had already shown his massive luck by getting a 5-win streak while the other person was the famous yet mysterious Young Master of the Mu Clan. They were excited to see how the Young Master of the Overlord Mu Clan performed.

    "Alright. Your baskets are here as well. Let's begin now," Long Chen let out as he walked towards the first basket on his side. Mu Fan also walked towards the first basket on his side. His face was still expressionless.

    The attendant gave a hammer to Mu Fan as well.

    Mu Fan picked one of the crystals from the first basket after 30 seconds and placed it on the table before him. He looked towards Long Chen, who was still looking at his basket.

    After a few more seconds, Long Chen also picked a crystal from his basket.

    "You already selected one. Nice, You should go first as well," Long Chen said as he saw that Mu Fan already had a crystal before him.

    Mu Fan didn't refute Long Chen as he picked his hammer and smashed it on the crystal.

    The red crystal shattered to pieces exposing the tint of green inside.

    "Amazing! He got the Red Spica Crystal on his first try. It's going to be interesting."

    "Clearly, Young Master Mu is superior in luck and talent. I can't even comprehend why someone would challenge him."

    Everyone started praising Mu Fan.

    "Master Nanli, this seems like a good opportunity for your store. How about you start the betting on who will win? People seem more confident in him," Long Chen told Nanli Gu.

    "Why would I do that? Everyone would bet on him, and I would lose," Nanli Gu rolled his eyes as he refused.

    Long Chen chuckled as he smashed the crystal before him.

    Another uproar ensued as people saw the green color inside the crystal of Long Chen.

    "Another Red Spica Crystal! They're both tied!"

    "This boy is really lucky,"

    "I wonder if he can actually do the impossible here,"

    People's discussion changed as soon as they saw the result of Long Chen.

    "Nice. This really is fun. I look forward to the result," Mu Fan smiled as he glanced at Long Chen. Long Chen nodded his head in return.

    They both moved to the second basket and picked a crystal each from their baskets.

    "You go first this time," Mu Fan told Long Chen. He had made it to be a turn by turn game.

    Long Chen didn't reply and just smashed the hammer on his crystal. Once again, it was Red Spica Crystal.

    "Another success. You weren't bragging," Mu Fan let out as he smashed his crystal as well, revealing a beautiful tinge of green inside his crystal.

    "How can they make it look so easy? Wasn't this supposed to be as difficult as treading the heavens? Are these the real baskets? They haven't filled them with Red Spica Jade, have they? Could it be that they are cheating?" One of the people that was watching exclaimed unintentionally.

    Nanli Gu frowned as he heard people doubting him.

    He picked the second basket of Mu Fan and Long Chen and placed them before the person that had said it. He also put a hammer there.

    "Break the rest of the crystals. If you find a single Red Spica Crystal, I will give you a Three Hundred Thousand Black Gold Coins!" he exclaimed as he glared at the man.

    Even though the man was somewhat afraid, the greed of Three Hundred Thousand Black Gold Coins made him pick up the hammer. He picked up each of the crystals and started breaking them.

    Soon, he had broken all of the eighteen crystals, but he didn't find a single Red Spica Crystal.

    "This idiot. Did he really think that this place would cheat? It is run by the Mu Clan! They are the most honest clan in this world."

    "You embarrassed yourself! Now scram out of this place!"

    "This idiot!"

    Even though there were other people that were suspicious previously, they had all started trusting it again, and they all placed the blame on the man and forced him to leave this place.

    "You need to control your anger. Don't let someone's words affect you," Mu Fan told Nanli Gu, who had walked back to him.
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