484 Chapter 484: Special Physique

    "As expected, he chose a Red Spica Crystal. Is this even shocking at this point? Young Master Mu's crystal will be the same. It's another draw."

    "Sigh, both of them will forever be undefeated. They are just too excellent. I can't believe there is someone in this world who can draw with Young Master Mu.

    Mu Fan picked up his hammer and crushed the red crystal before him.

    As soon as the crystal was broken, gasps could be heard in the hall.

    Everyone was shocked to see that Mu Fan had failed. The crystal was not a Red Spica Crystal. There was not even a speck of green inside the crystal.

    "He failed?"

    "This boy defeated Young Master Mu?"


    "How could this be?"

    "Am I dreaming?"

    There was a wide variety of reactions from the people, most of whom were shocked to see the result.

    After seeing both of them successfully choosing Red Spica Crystal, again and again, they had thought that their success was a given, but their expectations were turned upside down after seeing Mu Fan fail.

    Soon, the commotion calmed down as people saw Mu Fan glaring at Long Chen.

    The atmosphere had turned heavy. It seemed as if something big was about to happen. People wondered if Long Chen was going to be in trouble for defeating Mu Fan.

    While they were wondering, laughter echoed in the room. The crowd was once again shocked as they saw that it was Mu Fan laughing. The person that was known never to laugh was laughing so openly and freely.

    After freely laughing for a few minutes, Mu Fan controlled himself.

    "Good. That was a new experience. You won in the game and in wit. I quite like it," Mu Fan said with a smile on his face.

    "Give me your slip. Let me see what I need to give you," He asked as he extended his hand towards Ji Shan.

    Ji Shan looked towards Long Chen to see what he should do. Long Chen simply nodded his head.

    "Give him my slip. It would be insulting for Young Master Mu if I win and not let him do what he bet. I'm sure he wouldn't accept that either," Long Chen said.

    Ji Shan gave Long Chen's slip to Mu Fan and gave Mu Fan's slip to Long Chen.

    Mu Fan took the paper from Ji Shan and unfolded it.

    He read what was written on the paper.

    As he read, he started laughing once again.

    The person that had never laughed before had laughed twice before everyone. This whole day felt extraordinary to the crowd. They had seen impossible feats being continuously performed and now they were seeing something that was considered on the same level as being impossible.

    "Will Young Master Mu give me what I asked for?" Long Chen asked Mu Fan.

    "Are you sure you want this? You could ask for anything that I possess, you could ask for money, you could ask for fame, you could ask for treasures as well. Think again. If you want something else, I'll let you change this request," Mu Fan asked Long Chen with a curious smile on his face.

    "I don't care about fame, nor do I care about riches. I wrote what I want. It depends on Young Master Mu if I receive what I asked for," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "Good," Mu Fan smiled as he stepped towards Long Chen. He threw the paper on the ground.

    He stood just before Long Chen as he reached out his hand.

    Long Chen also extended his hand. They shook each other's hands.

    "I, Mu Fan, promise you my undying friendship for as long as I live. Even though I don't know you that well, I promise to help you with whatever you need as long as it's not against my principles," Mu Fan said, shocking Nanli Gu.

    Nanli Gu stepped forth and picked up the paper that had the bet written.

    He silently read it.

    "Friendship of the person that hadn't tasted defeat before I defeated him today."

    Nanli Gu looked at Long Chen in confusion. He didn't know why, but it seemed like everything was planned by Long Chen. Even his own actions seemed to be according to Long Chen's wishes.

    "I promise the same," Long Chen replied.

    The crowd was amazed and started clapping for the both of them.

    "Let's go to the higher floor," Mu Fan told Long Chen before he released his hand.

    Mu Fan picked up the 36th basket from which he had chosen a crystal.

    Long Chen, his friends, and Nanli Gu went to the higher floor.

    "Arrange for seats for everyone," Mu Fan told  Nanli Gu.

    Nanli Gu instantly called a few servants to arrange more seats here.

    Soon, chairs were arranged for everyone.

    Mu Fan sat on one of the chairs and placed the basket in front of him.

    "Please break these crystals. I want to see which of these is a Red Spica Crystal," he told Nanli Gu.

    Nanli Gu kept looking back and forth between the basket and Mu Fan.

    "Are you going to do it, or should I do it personally?" Mu Fan asked again.

    Nanli Gu didn't step forward; instead, he dropped down to his knees.

    "Please forgive me, Young Master. I made a mistake," Nanli Gu started apologizing.

    "Why should I forgive you? Can you explain it? Just say it, so that others can hear you," Mu Fan said.

    Other than Long Chen, Ji Shan, Mingyu and Zhiqing, there was no other outsider here.

    "The basket that I gave him had no Red Spica Crystal. I cheated to have you win. Please forgive me, young master," Nanli Gu apologized as he hit his head on the ground.

    Ji Shan, Mingyu, and Zhiqing didn't know about this, and this news stunned them, but Long Chen clearly knew about it. That's why he made him change the baskets between him and Mu Fan.

    "Sigh, I didn't expect this from you. I wouldn't have even known about this if I hadn't been before this basket," Mu Fan sighed.

    "I'll decide your punishment later. Be glad that he didn't spread this news to others. I don't think you can even comprehend how damaging it would've been for the reputation of the Mu Clan. You would've been killed by Uncle if that had happened. You should thank Xu Shen as you would still get punished, but this news won't reach father," he told Nanli Gu.

    "T-thank you for protecting our reputation," Nanli Gu thanked Long Chen.

    "It's fine. I don't want to destroy anyone's reputation," Long Chen replied.

    "Go back and make sure no one enters this room," Mu Fan told Nanli Gu.

    Nanli Gu followed the command and left the place.

    "I believe they are your friends? Let them leave if they are not close. I want to talk about some important stuff," Mu Fan said as he glanced at Long Chen.

    "They are my family. They can know anything," Long Chen replied to Mu Fan.

    Mu Fan nodded his head as he got ready to speak.

    "Alright. I want to know if you have a special physique like me," he asked Long Chen.

    "Special Physique?" Long Chen let out in confusion.

    "Some people are born with a Special Physique that can give them some powers and specialty. These people are scarce and only a few people have special physiques which are also known as the ones blessed by heaven," Xun answered to Long Chen as her voice resounded in her head.

    "Do you have a special physique?" Long Chen asked Mu Fan.

    "I have. That's why I was able to see the truths of the crystals and find the right ones. I believe you have a special physique as well," Mu Fan said.
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