485 Chapter 485: Rich

    "It might be similar to mine or completely different. I heard that the special Physiques are rare, but they have many different types. You're the first person I met that had a Special Physique," Mu Fan explained to him.

    "Because I chose the crystals correctly?" Long Chen asked him.

    "Yes. Nothing else can explain that unless you are a heaven realm Cultivator, which I'm sure you aren't. There are only a few heaven realm Cultivators on this content, and they won't stoop down to betting to win the tickets,"  Mu Fan let out.

    "Don't worry. This news isn't harmful. I also have a special physique. If our sect or any other sect knew about it, they would not harm you. They would simply try to recruit you. Even the True Dao Sect will take you in as a disciple and give you a nice position. If you want, I can tell the sect and help you join it. If you don't want to join, I'll keep it a secret and let you leave," Mu Fan explained to Long Chen.

    "Why would you keep it a secret? Won't it be a service to the sect if you tell them that you found a person with a special physique?" Long Chen inquired.

    "It would be a service, indeed, but I have promised my friendship to you. I won't break that promise. It depends on you if you wish to join the sect. Also, I don't believe the sect will force you even if they know that you have a special physique," Mu Fan replied.

    "Thanks. But I don't want to stay on this continent. I will be leaving this place and going to the Light Heaven Continent. I don't wish to join the True Dao Sect or any other sect," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "Alright. If that's what you want," Mu Fan smiled as he nodded.

    "Can you tell me about your physique, though?" he asked Long Chen.

    "My physique, ah, I don't know what it's called, but I named it the Truth Seeker Physique. I am able to see inside most of the things," Long Chen replied with a made-up name and a made-up power.

    "Oh, It's similar to mine. My Physique is called the Elemental Judgement Physique. My physique also empowers my eyes. I am able to see the origin, the names, or the uses of the crystals, jewels, and other nature-related materials like rocks, etc. It's pretty useless and doesn't help with the combat. But because I have this ability, I was assigned this Port City. I handle the verification and the separation of the items, jewelry, etc. that we receive," Mu Fan replied.

    "So that's why you were so confident. You had the specialty in this field," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "Wasn't that why you were confident either? That's why it was such fun-meeting a person that could see what I could see. Facing a person that could defeat me was fun," Mu Fan let out with a subtle smile on his face.

    "It's your first day today, right? I believe I saw you guys outside the city. Did you find a place to stay?" he asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, We booked the rooms in the Grand Mu hotel, which I heard was owned by your clan as well. I haven't seen the rooms, but they should be good since I only heard praises about it," Long Chen answered.

    "Good. The rooms are indeed good. Also, can you introduce the others to me? Since we're friends now, I should know your family as well," Mu Fan told Long Chen.

    "Right. He's my brother Xu Shan," Long Chen said as he introduced Ji Shan.

    He introduced Mingyu and Zhiqing as his wives.

    "You have two wives? I guess you're quite romantic in that regard," Mu Fan smiled as he glanced at Long Chen.

    "What can I say, the heart wants what it wants," Long Chen answered.

    "True words," Mu Fan nodded his head.

    "I have been curious about something. Why are you keeping your face behind that mask?" Mu Fan asked Long Chen.

    "It's something personal. I did show my face to Master Nanli, though. But I do prefer keeping my face behind the mask," Long Chen answered.

    "Alright. I won't force you to do what you don't want. Wait right here, I'll tell Nanli Gu to bring the things that you won," Mu Fan stood up and walked outside.

    Long Chen relaxed after Mu Fan left.

    Ji Shan was about to say something, but Long Chen gestured to him to stay silent. There was a possibility that others might be able to hear them in this place. He didn't want Ji Shan to believe that they were alone and spill out something unconventional.

    Long Chen glanced at the folded paper that was in his hand, which contained Mu Fan's wish that he would need to do if Mu Fan had won.

    Long Chen unfolded the paper and read the thing that was written inside.

    He also started laughing as he read the contents of the paper.

    "I believe I understand why he laughed after reading my wish," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    He folded the paper again and kept it in his pocket.

    After a few more minutes, Mu Fan returned with Nanli Gu and a few servants.

    Nanli Gu asked the same questions to Ji Shan, Mingyu and Zhiqing and recorded their answers and noted them on a register before he gave them a ticket each.

    "You had seven 5-Winning streaks. That makes you win seven tickets. I gave the three, and the rest will be paid in Black Gold Coins. You will get 1.2 Million Black Gold Coins for four tickets. Also, because of your bet and the increment of your bet money, you will get an additional three hundred thousand Black Gold Coins. This ring contains 1.5 Million Black Gold Coins," Nanli Gu said as he gave Long Chen a storage ring.

    Long Chen glanced inside the ring and found it filled with Black Gold Coins.

    'Just four tickets are worth this much, no wonder it is said that the sects make a lot of money from Port Cities that offer intercontinental travel,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head.

    "Is there something else you want to do here?" Mu Fan asked Long Chen.

    "Not really. We were on an exploration of this city when we found this place. We would probably continue our tour," Long Chen replied.

    "Alright. You guys can leave. I still have something to do here, which is why I came here in the first place. Here, this is my personal token. You wouldn't face any problem in the city as long as you show this token. You can also come to the Mu Clan with that token if you face any problem," Mu Fan said as he gave Long Chen a 5-star token which had 'Mu' written on one side and Fan written on the other.

    "Bye, guys. It was fun to meet you. I would probably meet you again," Mu Fan said as he walked away with Nanli Gu.

    Long Chen also stood up and left the place with the others. He went back to the ground floor and found Xiang Limu standing in a corner.

    They left the shop and continued on the trip to the city.

    Xiang Limu showed them many places in Port City. He showed them the place that sold tickets of ships and explained the process people had to follow to get the tickets. He also showed him the other attractions of the city like the Mu Clan building and many more relevant places.

    After that, he brought them to the place that was known as the food district of the city.
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