486 Chapter 486: I was defeated

    The Food District was the place that was filled with restaurants that served dishes that were the specialty of various corners of the continent.

    Long Chen was about to enter one of the restaurants when he noticed Xiang Limu stopping behind them.

    "Are you not coming?" Long Chen asked Xiang Limu.

    "I, ah, I don't think someone like me deserves to eat food there. The food is too expensive for me," Xiang Limu said as he shook his head.

    "It's alright. I'm paying. Treat it as a thanks for being so patient with us and showing us around the places," Long Chen told the man as he gestured to him to follow them.

    Long Chen and the others entered the restaurant. Xiang Limu also entered, but he looked somewhat hesitant.

    A waiter came up to them to escort them to a table, but he was surprised to see Xiang Limu there.

    "Xiang Limu, this is a place for the well-respected people and the wealthy. Don't dirty this place. Get out," the waiter told Xiang Limu, who was standing behind them.

    "Ah, is this how this restaurant talks to their guests?" Long Chen asked the servant.

    "This is to maintain our standard. We can't allow any random beggar to enter this place and lower our standards," the waiter answered Long Chen.

    The manager was standing nearby, watching everything, but he didn't interfere.

    "So the people that can afford to eat food here are beggars? That is insulting. Can I talk to someone else?" Long Chen asked the waiter.

    "Everyone is busy. If the guests want to come, they can. But you guys can't bring your guide inside," The waiter replied.

    "Sigh, he's not our guide. He is our friend at the moment. If you still don't allow him, then I can only leave," Long Chen said as he turned back to leave.

    "I wonder how Mu Fan would react when I leave and tell him how we were behaved to," Long Chen let out, trying to make sure that the manager heard him.

    He was also holding Mu Fan's token in his hand, which he kept in a position that it would be clear for the manager to see.

    "Ah, wait, sir!"

    The manager ran to Long Chen, to stop him.

    Long Chen stopped as he glanced back.

    "You idiot! Is this how you behave with guests? Go back and reflect on your actions. You're not getting any pay today," the Manager told the waiter as he sent him away.

    The Manager looked at Long Chen with a flattering smile as he started talking.

    "I would like to apologize for my subordinate. Please don't take it to heart. There are some idiots like him. I'll make sure to teach them properly. Please come with me; I'll escort you to your table."

    Long Chen nodded his head.

    'That's how the ones with power or reach are treated. So different from the weak ones. This is how the world is. The money will only give me respect in my small circle of people that depend on the ones that are influenced by it or me, but power is something that will deter everyone. I will get there one day,' Long Chen thought as he glanced at the token of the Mu Clan.

    He kept the token back and followed after the manager. The hotel was filled with people. Long Chen didn't see any free table inside. They were brought to a private room, and the manager personally handed them the menu.

    Long Chen and the others place their orders after going through the menu once.

    "Go ahead. Order whatever you want. It would be disrespectful if you hesitate," Long Chen told Xiang Limu, who was still hesitating.

    "How about I bring the most expensive dish for this little friend?" the manager asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, do that. I don't think he'll be able to select anything," Long Chen replied as he didn't get any answer from Xiang Limu.

    They finished the dinner and left the restaurant. The exploration of the city was already completed.

    Xiang Limu took them back to the Grand Mu Hotel before he bid his farewell.

    "Thank you for showing us around," Long Chen thanked Xiang Limu before he gave him ten black gold coins more.

    Xiang Limu initially refused, but Long Chen gave the coins anyway.

    Long Chen and the others entered the hotel.

    Ji Shan was living in a separate room while Long Chen and his women stayed in a different room.

    The night filled with passion passed away again, but no voice left the room as the rooms canceled the noise from leaving. The room was filled with moans as Long Chen, and his girls used Dual Cultivation to increase their Cultivation.

    The night passed away as the first ray of the sun fell on the land.

    Long Chen and his women woke up and got dressed. The girls stayed in the room, while Long Chen left the room and went into Ji Shan's room.

    "Are we going to go out today?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen.

    "No. We will stay in the rooms for the next six days until it's the time to leave. There's no need to go out unnecessarily. Just stay inside and Cultivate."

    Long Chen informed Ji Shan before he left his room and went back to his room.

    He told the girls to cultivate separately and improve and assimilate the Cultivation they received from Dual Cultivation.

    Long Chen, on the other hand, started to comprehend the skill that he had received from the Divine Heaven Sect.

    It was a skill that could help him read the thoughts of people that were weaker than him. He found it useful and wanted to learn it so that he could understand what went on in the minds of the people before him.

    Even if he faced a strong Cultivator whose mind he couldn't read, he would still know that something was wrong by reading the thoughts of their subordinates. He knew that it would be most useful in his quest for the Ghost Temple. He didn't want to use force as he had found out that they were more strong compared to what he had assumed.

    He wanted to infiltrate the Ghost Temple, and this ability was his trump card, which he thought would be one of the most useful skills for him in the Ghost Temple.

    As long as he could read the thoughts of others, he could see what lines he needed to stay away from or if someone was suspicious of him.

    Long Chen started comprehending the skill while the girls began cultivating.

    Almost everyone was cultivating except Long Xue Ying, who was sitting inside the fake world in anger. She still hasn't calmed down from all this.


    Time kept passing slowly while Long Chen kept comprehending the skill with all he got.

    A day passed away, and they still stayed inside their rooms.

    Back in the Mu Clan Mansion, Mu Fan was standing before his uncle. He was being asked about the things that happened between him and Long Chen.

    "So, Nephew Fan, I heard that you were defeated by someone in the competition of the eye and luck?" his uncle asked him.

    Mu Fan's uncle was in charge of this city. His father and grandfather were in the sect.

    Even though Mu Fan's father's position was higher in the clan, and in the sect, they allowed his uncle to handle this place as they didn't want to burden his father with this. His father was a very important part of the sect. He couldn't be sent away to handle a city.

    "Yes, Uncle. I was defeated. I was defeated openly and fairly," Mu Fan replied with a slight smile on his face. He didn't look even the slightest upset.
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