488 Chapter 488: Fear

    "All we know is that it's on an island between the Dongxia Continent and the Light Heaven Continent."

    "Are we going to get off the ship in the middle of the journey to search for Ghost Island, or are we going to go to Light Heaven Continent first?' Ji Shan asked Long Chen.

    "I want to know the exact plan that you have in mind," He said to Long Chen.

    "The plan was to get off the ship and to find the Ghost Island, but there's a slight change in the plan. We would leave the ship, but I want to find the pirates instead. It was said that the pirates attack the ships of the sects often. I want to infiltrate the pirate ship and get more information from them. As the pirates, they would definitely know the places to avoid, which include the Ghost Island," Long Chen explained.

    "So you want to bully the pirates? It does sound like a better option than to just go around blindly in the sea, looking for an island," Ji Shan muttered.

    "Can I ask why you want to go to Ghost Island, though? You don't have to tell me if you don't want to," he let out.

    "The Ghost Temple kidnapped my father. I want to go there to see if he is alive and to help him escape if he is," Long Chen said as he explained about how his father was kidnapped before his accident.

    "I know what you're thinking. I've already prepared myself for the worse. I won't lose myself if I find out that he has already been killed. I won't throw myself in the pit to die without proper strength," Long Chen let out as a subtle smile shrouded his face.

    "Alright. Let's get your father out of there," Ji Shan said in a determined tone.

    "There's one more thing. I want you to stay in this ship and not come with me to the pirate ships or the Ghost Temple," Long Chen suddenly said.

    "What... why?" Ji Shan asked in surprise. This was the first time he heard this.

    "I can take care of myself. I won't hold you back," Ji Shan insisted.

    "That's not it. I want someone to go on the Light Heaven Continent."

    Long Chen brought a talisman out of his storage ring.

    He bit his finger and let a blood drop fall over the talisman. The blood drop disappeared as soon as it fell on the talisman.

    "I found this thing in the treasury I looted."

    "Here, you need to keep this. It would be difficult for me to find the way to the Light Heaven Continent after I get off of this ship. If you have this talisman that is marked with my blood, I would be able to find you, which in turn would mean that I would be able to find the Light Heaven Continent after I leave the Ghost Temple," Long Chen said as he gave him the talisman.

    "So, you need someone to be your link on the continent. How about we give this to another passenger and tell him to keep it even after he gets off the ship?" Ji Shan asked.

    "There are too many risks in that. Many things can go wrong. That person can throw the talisman in water, forget it, or whatever. The safest way is for you to keep it. Also, here. This ring contains five hundred thousand Black gold crystals to help you on the continent," Long Chen added as he gave Ji Shan a storage ring that was filled with five hundred thousand Black gold coins.

    "Sigh, so I can't come with you. Fine, I'll hold the fort in the light heaven continent for you and collect the information about the continent," Ji Shan agreed.

    'That's great. Thank you," Long Chen thanked the man.

    They discussed more of the details about the plan and how everything would be followed. Long Chen also told Mingyu and Zhiqing that he would send them in the Fake World before he would infiltrate the pirate ships. He basically planned to keep them with him without putting them in danger.

    He hadn't realized, but there was a subtle change in him.

    Since he saw his family attacked, he was afraid. He was not afraid for his life or to be defeated, but he was afraid of losing the ones he cared about. He wanted to keep them with him without putting them in danger, which he himself found to be wrong, but he couldn't control that fear. He also felt like something was influencing his fear, making it stronger.

    It's also why he exchanged the demon sheath for the fake world ring in an instant. He only had one weakness that was his close ones. He didn't want to lose them or put them in danger even if it meant losing a future opportunity to own a powerful weapon.

    He felt like he could gain weapons any time he wanted. It had only been a few years since he started cultivating, and he had already reached such great heights in cultivation. He also believed that he would get more powerful treasures after passing the other bloodline trials. For him, there would never be a lack of treasures or skills in this world, but once he lost his family, he would never be able to gain them back.

    Keeping them in the fake world was the safest he could keep them. The fake world was just like this current world. It was just at Big and similar in a lot of ways. The only difference was that it didn't have anyone other than the people that Long Chen sent inside.

    He knew that there were many instances where he could die, and there would be many more instances like that in the future. As long as his family was inside the fake world, they could live the rest of their lives peacefully even after his death.

    No one other than him could access the fake world. Even if the ring was destroyed, the fake world would still exist as the fake world was not actually inside the fake world ring. He was told that it was in a different space, and the ring only established a link between him and that space.

    Just like people were able to leave this world and go to higher worlds, people were able to leave the fake world as well once they were strong enough, which gave them an opportunity to leave the world but only after they were strong. If they were weak, they could stay inside peacefully and in the safety of the different space.

    Long Chen didn't want to control his family, but his fear of losing his family was greater than anything, and the Fake World gave him the resources to make that happen.

    If he were still alive as he reached the peak, he would be able to make them the ruler of the land. No one would harm God's family like someone tried to do before, and if he died, then also, no one would be able to harm his family.

    After discussing everything, Ji Shan went back to his room.

    The food was delivered to their rooms, which was pretty decent quality. The ships had professional chefs working to take care of the eating needs of the humans.

    "Want to go to the deck? The sea should be beautiful," Zhiqing asked Long Chen and Mingyu.

    "Let's go. I was also thinking about checking the ship out," Long Chen muttered as he glanced at her.

    The journey between the two continents was said to take over a month to complete even when the shop traveled like the wind.

    Long Chen also invited Ji Shan.

    All of them walked towards the deck.
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