489 Chapter 489: From the past life

    Long Chen and the others walked through the staircase to get over the deck of the ship.

    The ship was long and wide filled with many people, all going to the light heaven continent in the hopes of finding a better life. The deck also didn't disappoint Long Chen.

    Even though there was a barrier surrounding the ship, it wasn't preventing the wind from entering. The chilling wing was something that everyone was enjoying on the deck.

    As soon as Long Chen stepped over the deck, he was greeted with a beautiful sky above his head. The Sky was slightly yellow at the moment, which made it seem like it was evening even though it was still afternoon. A rainbow was also visible at the farthest edge of the horizon.

    He could feel the cold sea breeze grazing through his skin, making him feel good.

    There were already hundreds of people on the deck. Some of them were old while some were young.

    "All of them are going to the Light Heaven Continent in hopes of getting a better life, unaware of the sad reality that most of them won't get it," Ji Shan muttered as he glanced at everyone.

    "They can probably afford a life in the light heaven continent. I don't think there's anyone who's poor here. All of them would be able to live a decent life, even though it might not be what they thought for most of them. A good life is always more expensive," Long Chen responded.

    "Most of them will be disappointed with what they see there," he added. "I think only a few of them would be able to achieve anything significant there."

    "Huh, you talk like everyone else is stupid, and only you're smart-such a braggart. You can't even show your ugly face, and you think you have the right to claim that the others won't achieve anything. Who gives you the right to talk so big!"

    Long Chen had casually commented, but his words were heard by a few people. They all frowned, but none of them said anything except a girl who was now glaring at Long Chen.

    The girl looked like she was in her early 20s. She had a decent figure, which was attractive for most of the men, but Long Chen didn't care about that. He just looked at her face, which was more interesting for him.

    Her face reminded him of someone that he had known long ago.

    There was a girl in his previous life that was like the bully in the glass. She also annoyed Long Chen some times. This girl reminded him of that girl. She looked exactly the same.

    "Are you Li Na?" Long Chen asked her.

    "What the ** are you talking about? Have you gone crazy?" The girl asked him as she looked at him weirdly.

    "You reminded me of someone I knew," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    "Hmph, you think I haven't heard lines like these before? All boys are like this. They see a pretty girl and start using these cheap lines. Scram, I don't waste my time on people like you. Control your mouth from next time," The girl said with a disgusted look on her face.

    She was just about to turn back when she heard Long Chen's reply, which made her blood boil.

    "I don't want to flirt with you. In fact, I want to stay away from people that look like you," Long Chen said to her. What he meant was that he wanted to stay away from people that reminded him of his previous life, but the girl took it as an insult.

    "Are you claiming that I look ugly! You bastard! You must be looking to die!" the girl let out in anger as she turned back, but her blood boiled even more as she saw Long Chen ignoring her and walking towards the other side of the ship.

    "Fine. Be arrogant. I will show you!" The girl stomped her foot on the floor before she left.

    Long Chen and the others walked to the main deck and stood near the edge with their hands on the railings.

    "The water is so dark. Why is that?" Zhiqing asked as she saw the black water.

    "We should be in the region that's called the Black Swamp. This portion of the sea has black water. No one knows why exactly that is, but it's one of the safest places in the sea. No ship was ever harmed when it was in the Black Swamp from what I heard," Long Chen explained to her.

    "Oh, what are the other regions of the sea?"Zhiqing asked again.

    "There's Clear Sea which is filled with sea monsters. That's one of the most dangerous places for the ship. The chances of the ship being attacked when in the Clear Sea are the highest. You will see when it happens. It is said that the ships face at least one attack in the clear Sea by a monster," Long Chen answered her.

    There's also a chaotic sea that is not a part of the Clear Sea or the Black Swamp. That place is where the pirate ships roam. If we are lucky, we will see pirates there," Long Chen answered her.  "But sometimes we can also find Pirates in the chaotic sea and black swamp as well, but they generally stay in the Chaotic Sea. The Chaotic Sea is shrouded with powerful winds, which makes it difficult for our large ship to move fast. They are able to utilize that to their advantage," he further said.

    "Is there a pattern to these sea regions?" Zhiqing asked him again.

    "There is, but it's quite tough to remember. It's not like three regions occur in an orderly manner. There would be hundreds of black swamps in the sea and hundreds of clear seas mixed in between which will have Chaotic Sea as well. The thing is that we are pretty safe on this ship unless things go wrong. The barrier will stop most of the disasters," Long Chen explained.

    "But there are limitations to the barrier as well. In some cases, if the impact is too powerful, the barrier might break. And it can only stop things from entering, but not from leaving. if you fall off the ship, you will drop in the sea and won't be able to enter,"

    "So Cultivators can't leave to attack the Beasts. They can just stay inside the bubble unless they don't want to come back," he said as he sighed.

    "That sounds bad. So if there is trouble, people can just hope that the monster or the pirates will just get bored and leave? What's stopping them from continuously attacking the barrier since no one will come out?" Zhiqing inquired again.

    "That's not all there is. The ship does have some attack formations carved on it. It can attack without anyone going out, but as long as the formation is damaged, people here will be like sitting ducks," Long Chen joked as he shook his head.

    "Well, the attack formations of the True Dao Sect Ships and the Heavenly Slaughter Sect Ships are the best, so there shouldn't be problems like that," Ji Shan chimed in.

    "There won't be, but we would be attacked. The pirates and the monsters don't care who the ship belongs to. It's safe, though. I'm just talking about the impossible scenario," Long Chen let out as he shook his head.

    " There he is! That's the man!"

    A girl's loud voice came from behind.

    Long Chen glanced back and saw the same girl that he had met when he stepped on the deck. The same girl who left after getting insulted.

    The girl was standing with a man in his late 20s who was wearing a Daoist robe.
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