490 Chapter 490: Effects Taking Place

    "This friend... Were you the one that bullied my sister some time ago? Do you know how big of a crime you have committed? Hurry up and apologize to my sister and break one of your hands to apologize for your sins. Only then will we forgive you! Otherwise, you will be killed today!" The boy asked as he glanced at Long Chen arrogantly.

    Long Chen ignored him as he continued talking to Ji Shan about the sea. He didn't find the boy to be worth his attention

    "Did you not hear what I said?" The boy asked again.

    Long Chen finally looked towards the boy.

    "Let me tell you two things. First, I didn't do anything to offend her. Your sister is crazy. Second, even if I did something, You are too weak to do anything. Go back," Long Chen casually replied.

    He could see the Cultivation of the boy, which was only in the first stage of the Earth Realm, which was weaker than his and his team's Cultivation.

    Even Zhiqing was a second stage Earth Realm Cultivator Now. Ji Shan, on the other hand, was an 8th stage Earth Realm Cultivator and Mingyu was also in the 8th Stage, which was the same realm as Long Chen.

    That boy was just too weak for them.

    "You are too arrogant, but I would like to see what gives you the right to be so," The boy said as he punched towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen casually moved his hand and caught the hand of the boy before flinging him in such a way that his back was resting against the railings of the ship.

    "Just a single push, and you will die alone in the sea. Should I do it?" Long Chen asked as he caught his other hand as well.

    "Stop you bastard!" The girl ran as well, but Ji Shan stepped forth and kept her back.

    "Calm down, young lady. My friend is a little unorthodox. I don't believe that he would go easy on girls. For your own protection, stay back," Ji Shan let out as he held her hand, stopping her from going forth.

    "Do it if you dare. I would like to see how you live after that!" the boy let out as he spit towards Long Chen's face.

    Long Chen dodged it and saved himself from getting in contact with the boy's spit, but this was enough to make him angry.

    He pulled the boy forth and gave him a loud slap.

    The boy rotated 2 two times because of the impact before he fell down to the ground, unconscious. Two of his teeth were knocked out of his mouth.

    "Kids these days don't know how to respect people," Long Chen muttered as he looked at the boy lying on the ground.

    "Be glad that we are in the ship, or he would be lying there in tiny pieces. Take him back," Long Chen told the girl.

    Ji Shan released the girl. The girl ran to her brother and picked him up.

    "You will regret it," the girl venomously glared at Long Chen before she carried the boy back.

    "Do you think you were too stern on the boy? This might cause some trouble," Ji Shan asked Long Chen.

    "You don't know how hard it was for me to control myself from killing him. Insects like him deserve to die!" Long Chen let out as he clenched his fist.

    Ji Shan just looked at Long Chen in confusion. It was as if there was something different that he hadn't seen before.

    Long Chen turned back to look towards the sea.

    "You need to control yourself. This is because of the effects of using Dark Sacrifice. First, you didn't care for the ones you killed, and now the effects are finally getting to affect your emotions about living strangers. You need to know that even if you believe that they are insects, you can't lose your sense of reasoning," Xun appeared near him and said.

    Long Chen glanced back at her and simply nodded his head.

    "I know that you can't go back to the way you were after the effects fully took effect, but you can at least pretend to care for them like a normal human would," Xun suggested.

    "I will try," Long Chen muttered.

    "Did you say something?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen. She was standing near him.

    "Nothing," Long Chen let out as he smiled gently.

    'At Least it doesn't affect them,' Long Chen thought.

    He and the others kept appreciating the view before them. They were soon in the Clear Sea, which had Crystal clear water. The sea was really the most beautiful thing that Long Chen had seen so far. He could also see it sparkling at the end of the horizon.

    "The clear sea is so beautiful. I would never have expected that it would be so dangerous. There might be monsters hiding anywhere, waiting to attack," Ji Shan commented as he looked at the sea.

    "Just sit tight and enjoy. It'll be a good experience to see the sea monsters up close and personal," Long Chen chuckled.

    He brought out four fruits from his storage ring and gave one each to Ji Shan, Mingyu and Zhiqing.

    Long Chen also ate one of the fruits.

    "Wearing a mask here sucks. I can't feel the nice air on my face," Long Chen complained, but he didn't take off the Mask.

    They suddenly heard footsteps behind them. It sounded like a lot of people were coming here.

    Long Chen turned back and saw a bearded old man standing there. The man looked like he was in his 60s. He had a head full of white hair and a long white beard. The same girl was standing behind him that had just gone back with her unconscious brother.

    There were also ten more people around him that looked like the people of this old man.

    The old man was a peak Earth Realm Cultivator while the other young men were Early Earth Realm Cultivators or mid-Earth Realm Cultivators.

    "Did you hurt my grandson?" the old man asked Long Chen.

    "Why does the grandson and the grandfather ask the same question. Didn't that idiot already tell you about me? Also, can you answer me one thing? I don't get it. I thought that the people who could afford this place would be at least sky realm cultivators. How can someone like you afford this place? Did I underestimate the wealth of Cultivation Families in Empires?" Long Chen asked the old man.

    "Am I right?" he asked Ji Shan's opinion.

    "It's not that difficult to earn three hundred thousand Black gold coins after taking out all that you own and selling everything. Clans generally have thousands of years of history. It shouldn't be impossible for them to put everything on the line for an opportunity to go to the land of opportunities," Ji Shan answered Long Chen.

    "You kids have grown arrogant. Today, I will punish you in place of your parents so that you learn some manners!" The old man said as he raised his hand.

    He was just about to order his man to attack when Long Chen said something.

    "Please don't make me do this," Long Chen said, stunning the old man. "I don't want to start a fight on this journey right after I promised that I would control myself."

    "Break the bones of these bastards!" the old man commanded.

    The ten men started running towards Long Chen and Ji Shan.

    Long Chen sighed. He cracked his knuckles as he took his first step forth, but Ji Shan stopped him.

    "Let us have a go as well. It's been so long since we got some good exercise," Ji Shan said as he walked past Long Chen.

    Mingyu and Zhiqing also moved.

    Long Chen couldn't help but laugh as he saw them getting excited over a fight.

    He stayed back, watching them fight.
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