491 Chapter 491: Attack of the Sea Monster

    Zhiqing was fighting one of the Initial Earth Realm Cultivators while Mingyu and Ji Shan took care of the rest of them.

    It had been quite some time since Long Chen saw them in action. Ji Shan was still subtle and attacked with a force that was just enough to break the defense of the enemy without affecting the surroundings, whereas Mingyu was graceful and precise.

    With each step she took, she knocked out one of the enemies. She didn't kill anyone, though. Her control in her strikes was impeccable.

    The old man was frowning as he watched his men being defeated. He finally took a step forth to join the fight since he was a Peak Earth Realm Cultivator. He believed that once he took part in the fight, it would be over, but as soon as he took his first step forth, a fist landed on his stomach, making him fly back. He crashed on the ground.

    The old man coughed out a mouthful of blood as he sat up. He looked to the front only to find Long Chen standing there.

    "When young people are fighting, old men shouldn't interfere," Long Chen let out.

    Long Chen glanced at the girl who took a step back in fear before he glanced back towards the fight.

    The fight was almost over, and all of the people brought by the old man were defeated. They were lying on the ground, but they were still alive.

    "That was incredible. You have improved a lot since the last time I saw you. Keep practicing, and you will reach the peak," Long Chen said to Mingyu and the others with a praising look on his face.

    He stood up and walked towards the old man.

    The old man stood up and brought out his sword, but Long Chen still hadn't brought his weapon out.

    "Go on, do it. Attack me," Long Chen said in a voice that sounded like a grim reaper.

    The old man didn't know why, but he had a feeling that if he attacked, it would be the biggest mistake of his life.

    Long Chen didn't stop as he continued moving towards the old man.

    "The heck is happening here? Who dares to fight in our ship?"

    A heavy voice came from behind as more footsteps were heard.

    Everyone, including Long Chen, looked in that direction to find the Commander of the ship standing there in his spotless white uniform.

    There were over 20 guards standing behind him.

    "Sir, I'm glad you are here! This boy is destroying all rules and regulations of this ship! First, he attacked my grandson, and when I came to ask for answers, they attacked my men and me. You can see the conditions of my men already. They are the ones lying on the ground," The Old man immediately changed tones and put all the blame and Long Chen and the others.

    "You know that it's a crime to fight on this ship?" The commander asked Long Chen.

    "I do know that, but defending yourself against the attack is not a crime. Whether it was his grandson or him, both of the times, we were attacked first. We only retaliated in self-defense," Long Chen answered the chief guard.

    "You need to come with me. Since you both are involved in this, you will both be punished, but first, we will need to interrogate to find out the truth. Put down the weapon and drop down to your knees," The Commander declared.

    The old man instantly dropped down to his knees and threw the sword away. Long Chen, on the other hand, stayed standing.

    "Is this not the ship of the True Dao Sect?" Long Chen asked the commander of the guards.

    "It is," the Commander replied.

    "Then why are you punishing the ones that defended themselves? The Mu Clan Young Master told me that defending yourself on the ship wasn't a crime. Are you telling me that he lied?" Long Chen asked the commander.

    The Commander looked at him like he was looking at an idiot.

    "Hah, Are you claiming that Young Master Mu talked to you and told you that? Who the hell do you think you are? He's the Prince of the True Dao Sect, who wouldn't stoop to a level low enough to talk to you. Young Master Mu is the most out of reach person for someone to get close to. I might have believed you if you had said someone else's name, but now your lie is clear. I believe him more than you know," the Commander said as he rolled his eyes.

    "Right right. He is a liar! He doesn't respect anyone as he even involved young master Mu in his lies," the old man said as he pointed towards Long Chen.

    Long Chen shook his head as he brought out the token given to him by Mu Fan.

    "I don't know who you insulted more- me or him," Long Chen let out.

    "That token..." the commander was stunned to see the token. He stepped forth and took the token from Long Chen's hand. He observed it and realized that it was Mu Fan's personal token.

    'He gave him the token? Just what is this identity of this man to be Young Master Mu's friend?' The Commander thought as he looked at the token.

    "I'm sorry. It was my mistake. I didn't recognize Sir," the commander apologized as he gave the token back to Long Chen. Even though he still didn't know who Long Chen was, he decided that it would be clever to think of him at the same level as a disciple of the True Dao Sect.

    The old man was sitting on his knees, looking at everything with wide eyes.

    "Arrest them for inciting violence and attacking our guests," The Commander told his men to arrest the old man and the others that were still lying on the ground.

    The Commander apologized to Long Chen once again before he left with the others.

    "This token is quite useful. Was this why you weren't afraid of creating trouble?" Ji Shan asked Long Chen after he saw the others leave.

    "Maybe," Long Chen muttered as he smiled. Long Chen had a long talk with Mu Fan about the token and what he could do with it when he went to meet him, so he knew that he was safe

    They walked back to the edge of the ship as they continued looking at the sea.

    After half an hour, Long Chen suggested that they should go back and Cultivate.

    Long Chen and the others turned back to leave. A few seconds after they turned back,  a tentacle came out of the water and stuck onto the ship.

    Long Chen felt the ship jerk a little. He looked back in the water.

    "Here it is... We are under attack," Long Chen let out as he noticed the tentacle.

    Soon, another tentacle came out of the water.

    One after another, 20 tentacles came out of the water and surrounded the ship.

    "We need to tell the captain!" Zhiqing suggested in a concerned tone.

    "The Ship Captain already knows. There are formations on the ship that alerts them whenever they are under attack. Don't worry and just enjoy the show," Long Chen chuckled as he held her hand and pulled her closer to the railing.

    "Seems like a Sky Realm Beast. Isn't this just the start of the journey? If the weakest beast we saw is an initial sky realm beast, just what will we face in the future?" Ji Shan asked with a wry smile on his face. He knew that the beginning journey was the easiest generally, but even on the easiest journey, they faced a monster.

    "That's why I said just wait and enjoy the show. This ship is prepared for the worse it could face,"
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