492 Chapter 492: Lang Jings father

    "This sky realm beast is nowhere close to that level. It's like an insect trying to stop an Earth Shaking Elephant," Long Chen said.

    Long Chen and the others watched the tentacles surrounding the ship with great interest, waiting to see the response from the ship captain.

    There was a barrier surrounding the ship that was stopping the tentacles from entering the ship, but it didn't stop the tentacles from wrapping the whole barrier.

    "It's about to start," Long Chen said as he noticed that the flow of energy in the barrier was increasing slowly.

    The surface outside the barrier was suddenly electrocuted. Long Chen and the others could see the flickers of lightning with their own eyes.

    The tentacles were electrified, and they lost their grip on the barrier.

    The barrier was freed, and the tentacles again entered the water.

    "So that was its defense. Amazing. Do you think it will attack again?" Zhiqing asked Long Chen.

    "It most probably won't attack again. It's a weak Monster, and I don't believe that it would attack again. It's like a child who was trying its luck hoping to find weaker ships," Long Chen replied.

    "The Monsters in the middle of the journey will be the most persistent ones," he added.

    "If it attacks again, we will just get another good show to watch," Long Chen muttered.

    They waited there for some more time, but the monster didn't come back.

    "I guess that was it. Let's go back. We will be in the middle of the sea after 12-15 days. That's when the real fun will begin," Long Chen muttered as he looked back.

    Long Chen and the others walked back to the living quarters. Ji Shan stayed in his room while Mingyu and Zhiqing lived in Long Chen's room.

    The rest of the time was spent in Cultivation in the silence of their room. The only time the peace was broken was when the servants brought food to their rooms.

    The day passed away in Cultivation, and the night passed away in dual Cultivation.

    Long Chen and his girls grew strong with each passing day.

    Long Chen also wanted to give the dual Cultivation to Ji Shan, but he didn't even have a girl yet.

    Long Chen had decided that he would give a copy of the Dual Cultivation Manual to Ji Shan so that he would be able to use it when he goes to the Light Heaven Continent and if he finds a suitable girl there that he liked.

    The next morning, Long Chen left the room and walked into Ji Shan's room.

    He gave him the Dual Cultivation Manual copy and described it. He also explained that there were no side effects to it and that he would be able to grow after he finds a girl he likes.

    "Is this why you guys were so active at night? I thought you had suddenly gone over to the lustful side of the spectrum," Ji Shan chuckled as he took the Dual Cultivation Manual copy and placed that in his storage ring.

    "Something along those lines. This skill is really useful. Don't give it to anyone you don't trust. This skill has a certain history behind it. I found it in the Divine Heaven Sect. There are some remnants of that sect that are still alive. Some of them might come after you if it somehow reaches their ears," Long Chen warned Ji Shan.

    He told him everything about Divine Heaven Sect and what he needed to be careful of when dealing with this skill and privacy.

    After telling Ji Shan everything, Long Chen left the room.

    He was about to enter his room when he saw someone at the other end of the hallway. That person was walking away.

    'He is here?' Long Chen thought as he recognized that person.

    That person was an old man whom Long Chen had met before coming to this ship.

    He was Lang Jing's Father.

    'Is he going back to the Light Heaven Continent? He must have realized that Lang Jing is dead. I wonder if his plan about the Dark Soul Sect was successful or not," Long Chen thought as he glanced towards the man.

    The old man felt like someone was looking at him. The man turned back but found no one there. Long Chen had already entered the room.

    "He's going in the same direction. I can probably find the place he belongs to if I don't leave the ship, but he's just not that important. The Ghost Temple is more important at the moment. I don't have anything to do with that old man anymore," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    He sat down on the ground and started cultivating in the silence of the room.

    Days kept passing, and soon, two days passed away.

    The ship again started shaking. Long Chen and the others opened their eyes.

    "What is that?" Zhiqing let out as she stood up.

    The shaking was increasing.

    "Another Monster attack probably. Let's see," Long Chen muttered as he stepped out of the room.

    Ji Shan was already standing out of his room. They moved towards the deck together.

    The deck had quite a lot of people. They were all looking at the sky.

    Two swan-like creatures were flying in the sky, firing balls of ice at the barrier of the ship.

    "Frozen Trigger Swan?" Long Chen muttered as he looked at the beast.

    It was a beast that looked like a swan, but it was blue in color. It also had a fish-like gill near his neck that was its specialty.

    Because of the gills, it was able to breathe Underwater as well. This beast was as comfortable inside the water as it was outside the water.

    "There's two of them, and they keep attacking from a distance. Can the lightning barrier of the ship take care of them?" Zhiqing asked.

    "Don't worry, young lady; this ship is not as weak as you believe. It will be over soon," A person said.

    Long Chen and the others looked in that direction and realized that they were standing near the commander of the guards.

    "It should be starting soon," the Commander said as he glanced upwards.

    A formation appeared at the edge of the ship, which started shining brightly. A beam of lightning left the formation and hit one of the swans, killing it instantly.

    The other swan screeched in anger, but another beam of lightning came out of the formations and attacked the swan. The swan dodged the beam of lightning, but it was struck by a different ray of light that appeared from another formation.

    The swan was also dead. It started falling down. It soon crashed into the ground, splashing a lot of water towards the sky.

    "This one was slightly stronger. I understand what you meant by the fact that the monsters will keep getting stronger the further we go," Zhiqing muttered. The Swan was stronger than the monster that they had seen last time, but only by a little.

    "That's how these things go. But no matter how strong they get, they will never be able to affect the ship. This ship has the best defense mechanism of them all, and it's designed to take on the strongest monsters one could face in the sea easily. We are not like the small sects who provide travel without security," The Commander proudly said as he smiled.

    "The show is over, but it will only get better as we get to see stronger monsters. You can also treat it as an amusement ride where you'll get to see strong monsters being hunted with your own eyes," He added.

    "It's a new experience, and it is fun to see how these things work. I am liking this ship ride," Ji Shan chuckled as he agreed.
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