493 Chapter 493: The choice

    "I'm more excited to get to the Chaotic Sea. The pirates will be a better sight to see," Long Chen commented as he smiled.

    He wanted to find a pirate group, probably in the middle of the sea, as the ones in the center would be more prone to know about the whole sea compared to the ones that lived near the edge.

    "Well, I've been working on this ship for a long time, and I can tell you that we will meet the pirates. Those bastards are always in the sea, waiting for ships from the continents or from the smaller populated Islands. I don't think there was ever a trip of this ship where we didn't face the pirates," The Commander of the guards commented.

    "Have you seen the pirate ship being destroyed before?" Ji Shan asked the commander.

    "A few times, but most of the time, they are able to escape. Whenever they see the situation going against them, they turn tail and escape. We don't bother with chasing them as our main purpose is not to battle with the pirates but to take the people safely to the Light Heaven Continent," the Commander replied.

    "Oh right, I should inform you about the people that we arrested for attacking you. It turned out that they are a group of people that didn't know the rules, and they did break it. We have their confession, and they will be punished. Only the girl won't be punished because she didn't attack you from what we got. I was just about to come to find you to ask you if that was true, or did the girl attack you?" the man asked Long Chen.

    "She's just stupid. Let her be, she didn't attack me," Long Chen answered as he shook his head, agreeing with the information that the man collected.

    "Alright. We will deal with them the way the law dictates, but if there's something you want them to do to forgive them, you can also do that," the man reminded Long Chen.

    "I don't care about those insects. Do what you want," Long Chen answered casually.

    "Alright," the man agreed. He was quite impressed by Long Chen's demeanor and put him in an even higher position in his eyes, looking at his attitude.

    "The show is over. We will take our leave now," Long Chen told the Commander before he started walking away.

    "Thanks for explaining everything," Ji Shan and Zhiqing thanked the man before they started following after Long Chen.

    Long Chen and the others were roaming on the ship, taking a tour of the unexplored regions of the ship like a full-fledged restaurant in the ship that served guests but they charged black gold coins.

    The restaurant was half full. Long Chen could see that most of the people present in the restaurant had a Cultivation of the Sky Realm. Most of them were Initial Sky Realm Cultivators, while a rare few of them were the Mid Sky Realm Cultivators.

    Long Chen didn't see any High Sky Realm Cultivator on the deck, but he knew that there were probably a few high Sky Realm Cultivators on the ship. He had already seen Lang Jing's father, who was a Half Step Heaven Grade Cultivator.

    Fortunately, there was no way for Lang Jing's father to recognize Long Chen. Long Chen had activated his Heaven's Shroud, which was showing that he was an initial Sky Realm Cultivator. It also faked his aura. No one was able to match the new aura to the aura of Long Chen even if they had met him before.

    There was also a small garden on the ship itself for people to take their morning walks in and to refresh their minds.

    There were many more attractions on the ship, some of which were like people playing sports with other people on the ship and many more.

    It was like a luxurious ship that tried to give the perfect trip to the travelers.

    "No wonder their services are the most expensive. Even though they take a lot of money for their tickets, they do provide some nice features on their ships," Long Chen muttered.

    They traveled to all the places that they could on the ship, even the captain's room. They weren't allowed to enter the room, though.

    After the tour of the ship, Long Chen walked back to his rooms and again resumed his cultivation. The others also got busy in their cultivation, trying to break through while they could.

    It was Long Chen's third day on the ship.

    He looked inside the Fake World Ring like always to see if everything was alright or not.

    Before today, whenever he looked inside the ring, he only saw the angry face of Long Xue Ying, but now she was finally looking somewhat calm.

    She was talking with his mother. The anger was not visible on her face, unlike other times.

    Long Xue Ying finished her conversation with his mother and went into her room.

    Long Chen decided that it was the perfect time to talk to her since she might finally listen to him calmly.

    Long Chen looked back and saw that Mingyu and Zhiqing were cultivating behind him on the bed.

    He thought that if he was wrong and Long Xue Ying started yelling furiously, it might disturb the girls' Cultivation.

    He stood up and left the room as he walked towards one of the empty rooms that were assigned to Mingyu and Zhiqing. Long Chen had the keys of all three rooms since Mingyu and Zhiqing lived in his room instead.

    He entered the room that was assigned to Mingyu, as that was the room that was closest to him.

    Long Chen entered the room and closed the door so that the voice wouldn't escape even after Long Xue Ying screamed in her anger.

    Long Chen used his consciousness to bring her out of the Fake World and into his room.

    Long Xue Ying was sitting on his bed when she found out that her surroundings were different. She was on a separate bed in a different room, and Long Chen was standing before her.

    "Are you ready to listen to me now?" Long Chen asked her.

    "You kidnapped me without listening to me, and now you want me to listen to you?! I heard the explanation from Patriarch and Aunt Ziyi, and I understand what happened. I still want to go back to my place! Let me leave!" Long Xue Ying declared. She was controlling her voice, though. Even though it looked like she wanted to lash out on Long Chen, she was controlling her anger.

    "It's impossible to go back. I can't go back there even if I wanted to, let alone you. It's impossible. We are on a ship that is in the sea outside our continent, and it's not going back. We will just be killed if I suggest going back because it's the ship of our enemy. We are hiding in the enemy's den. You need to understand that whatever happened has already happened. We can't change it, and we can't bring him back to life. We can't even take revenge without proper strength," Long Chen said as he shook his head.


    Long Xue Ying was about to say something, but Long Chen started talking again without giving her a chance to speak.

    A small booklet appeared in his hand out of thin air.

    "I am giving you the opportunity to get the strength that can help you get your revenge. As long as you get that strength, you can take that revenge for yourself and go back to the enemy's house. Think carefully. You can leave this room and die without achieving anything, or you can wait and let me help you get strong so that you will be capable of taking your revenge without dying. The decision is yours," Long Chen let out, without explaining what the booklet in his hand was.
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