494 Chapter 494: Pirates

    Long Xue Ying got off the bed and glared at Long Chen, but she didn't move.

    "I want the strength! I want to kill all the bastards that had a hand in what happened!" Long Xue Ying declared as she clenched her fist.

    "Good. This is the skill that is considered to be one of the strongest cultivating skills of the Dongxia continent. Take it and get the strength that you want! Use this to reach the great heights in the path of Cultivation. A height great enough that makes everyone else before you look like ants," Long Chen let out as he glanced at her in full seriousness.

    Long Xue Ying stepped forth and took the booklet from Long Chen's hand.

    "I'll send you back so that you can begin your journey of Cultivation with this skill. Stay in the safety of that world and Cultivate inside. If you want to get revenge, this is your one and only option. Remember my words," Long Chen muttered before he sent her back to the fake world.

    "Sigh, it's difficult dealing with emotional girls, but that went well," Long Chen let out as he shook his head. He stepped forth and laid on the bed.

    "You think that is difficult? Try being the babysitter of a boy that keeps killing people and offending people left and right," Xun appeared near him as he started laughing.

    "Why should I care if some insects get offended. What can they do now? I had only one weakness, and they can't get to it now. Those insects are not worth worrying about anymore," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    He was the most carefree he had ever been after the addition of the Fake World, which boosted his confidence as well. Along with the effects of the Dark Sacrifice, he was getting slightly affected. He was happy that he didn't need to worry about anyone either. Now he was able to deal with problems at his own pace without worrying about the safety of other people.

    He was able to escape from the troubles or go all out when needed without caring for those around him. He felt like he was the safest he has ever been.

    Long Chen rested on the bed for a few minutes before he left the room.

    He happened to walk out of the room right when Lang Jing's father was passing by that place.

    Lang Jing's father glanced towards Long Chen, who was wearing the Mask of Mischief and another mask on top of that.

    He found the physique of the person before him familiar, but the aura and everything else was different. He shook his head before he walked away.

    Long Chen also walked in the opposite direction and entered his room.

    Mingyu and Zhiqing were still cultivating.

    Long Chen also sat down on the ground near the wall and indulged himself in Cultivation.

    Time continued passing, and with each passing second, Long Chen's Cultivation increased, whether it was the day or the night.

    The Ship during the journey faced even more sea Monsters, but they were dealt with just as swiftly as the other beasts before them. They ship didn't need to stop for even a second during the journey because of the obstruction.

    Ten days passed away in the safety of the ship. People felt some jerks and watched the attacks of the Monsters on them. Most of the passengers on the ship had confidence in the defense mechanism of the ship.

    They just treated the monster attacks like an entertainment experience. There was something entertaining for them about watching the strong beasts being killed like weaklings right before their eyes.

    Long Chen and the others only left their rooms to see the beast attacks once or twice in the last ten days and spent most of the time after that on the rooms.

    Since the 10th day was over, Long Chen had started to actively go out of his room to keep an eye on the sea during the day.

    He realized that they were almost in the middle of their journey, and it was almost the time where the ships often faced pirates according to the information that he had received.

    For the next few days, Long Chen spent most of his time on the deck, waiting for the pirates to come.

    He did see the girl on the deck that reminded him of the girl in his past life, but she stayed away from him as if she was scared now. Every time she came across Long Chen, she ran away.

    More time passed, and it was the 14th day. Long Chen was standing at the edge of the ship when he saw a ship at a distance, coming towards them.

    The Ship had a black flag on top, which had a skull symbol on it. Even though it was almost night, Long Chen was clearly able to see the flag.

    Long Chen couldn't help but smile as he saw what he was looking for.

    He hurriedly walked back to his room and informed Mingyu and Zhiqing that it was time to leave. He sent them in the fake world near his mother before he left his room.

    The ship had started shaking, which meant that the ship was being attacked. Long Chen realized that the pirates had probably started their attacks.

    Long Chen knocked on Ji Shan's door.

    Ji Shan opened the door. Long Chen entered the room and closed the door behind him.

    "Ji Shan, the pirate ship is here. It's time for me to leave. Here, keep this Mu Clan badge. It will help you. Also, keep the location talisman I gave you close to you. Don't lose it, or I might not be able to find the Light Heaven Continent. And use the Mu Clan badge, it will give you power in the ship. Stay safe and take care, brother. We will meet again soon," Long Chen let out as he stepped forth and hugged Ji Shan firmly.

    "You too. Take care, man. I will never forgive you if you died on me. Remember that! You must come back. I would love to show you your sister in law that I will find there. Don't delay or you might miss our marriage," Ji Shan said as he chuckled.

    Long Chen couldn't help but laugh as he heard Ji Shan's response.

    "I won't miss your marriage at any cost. I'll even be there when your baby will be born. Don't disappoint me, though. I'll beat you up if you don't have a woman by the time I come back," Long Chen responded as he smiled.

    "It's a promise," Ji Shan said as he nodded his head with a beautiful smile on his face.

    Long Chen nodded his head before he left the room and walked back to the deck. Ji Shan also walked after him to see him leave.

    Long Chen walked over the deck and noticed that the ship of the True Dao Sect and the Pirate Ship were engaged in battle. Both of them used their ship battle formations to attack the other ship, but both of the ships had Defensive barriers as well.

    Long Chen realized that this was the perfect time to leave now that everyone was engaged in watching the exchange of attacks.

    Long Chen walked to the empty side of the deck and jumped out of the ship. He passed through the barrier with ease.

    He brought his Spirit Sword out of his storage ring and landed on it.

    He also activated the First skill of his law of darkness- Shadow Transformation. Long Chen disappeared and became invisible as he flew towards the pirate ship.

    Ji Shan was standing in the back, watching everything.

    "You never fail to amaze me," Ji Shan shook his head before he walked back.
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