495 Chapter 495: Infiltration

    Long Chen was standing on his Spirit Sword while the Shadow Transformation was activated, flying towards the ship of the pirates. He could see the attacks of both sides, which he made sure to avoid.

    Soon, he reached near the Pirate Ship, but he didn't try entering. He was sure that the barrier surrounding the ship probably had a similar mechanism that would stop and harm him if he tried to force his way inside.

    Long Chen chose a much easier way instead. The barrier surrounding the pirate ship was semi-transparent, just like the barrier of the True Dao Sect Ship, which was made like that so that the people inside the barrier could see what was happening on the outside.

    Because of the semi-transparent Barrier, Long Chen was able to see inside it without any difficulty, which made it easy for him to teleport on the ship, but Long Chen wanted to find the safest place to enter.

    He flew around the pirate ship to find the location which didn't have pirates. Soon, he found the place as most of the pirates were standing towards the front of the ship. Only a few random Servants were standing on the other portions of the ship.

    Long Chen teleported in one of the portions like that. He was in the Southwest portion of the ship, which was towards the back.

    As Long Chen entered the ship, he used his Divine Sense to find the location of everyone in the ship so that he could see how many enemies he needed to face.

    From what he noticed, there were 50 pirates and 150 slaves that worked on the miscellaneous stuff on the ship.

    Long Chen mainly wanted to focus on the strong pirates, which could create problems for him. It was easy to handle the weak ones using fear and force, but that was only possible after finishing the strong Cultivators.

    He knew who he needed to kill for that.

    While his Shadow Transformation lasted, he walked towards the pirate cultivators that he found to be a threat.

    The Shadow Transformation made him invisible and hid his aura, which made it impossible for the other to find out where he was unless the strength difference was vast enough. The only side effect was that the skill didn't last for long.


    Long Chen appeared behind the Pirate Chief of the ship that was looking towards the True Dao Sect Ship.

    "Keep attacking! We will definitely break their defense!. Keep going! Once we break through their defense, we will get treasures, and we will get the Women! Fight for what you need! Use everything! Make the servants move the equipment faster so that the attack formation gets more powe..."

    The Pirate Chief was in the middle of his sentence when a sword penetrated his chest from behind and came out of the front. Long Chen had intentionally missed the vitals of the Pirate Chief.

    Long Chen pulled his sword out. The Pirate Chief dropped down to his knees.

    Long Chen's Shadow Transformation stopped working; but he had already done what he needed to do. Most of the strong Cultivators were killed without anyone finding out. Only the pirate chief was left, and now, he was also dealt with.

    Fortunately, the people on this ship had low Cultivation. They mostly depended on the ship's defense, and it's battle formation.

    Even the strongest person on the ship, the Pirate Chief, was only a mid-Sky Realm cultivator.

    Long Chen became visible before everyone.

    "I am the new chief of this ship! You will all listen to my commands from now on! Those who oppose will die," Long Chen declared before he swung his sword once again and cut off the right hand of the Pirate Chief.

    He didn't stop and cut off the other hand of the Pirate Chief as well.

    "You bastard! Leave our chief!" One of the pirates ran towards Long Chen, but Long Chen simply whistled. A sword came flying and cut off the head of that person.

    "Anyone else have any doubts? You can step forward. I would love to deal with you at once. If you stay back, then I would take that as your support. If anyone betrays me after that, their deaths won't be as simple as his. Decide now!" Long Chen let out.

    No pirate moved, and they all stayed back.

    "Good. You understand. I hope you're just as sensible in the future," Long Chen let out as he smiled.

    He walked ahead of the man.

    Only Long Chen's eyes were visible through the mask that he was wearing.

    "You want to know why I haven't killed you yet?" Long Chen asked the Chief.

    "Y-you attacked me from the back, and you dare talk to me like that! Kill me like the coward you are. Don't pretend to be brave now," The Pirate Chief said in a weak tone.

    "Don't misunderstand. The end result would still be the same, even if I attacked you from the front. It's just that I don't want to waste my time on that. I'm in a hurry," Long Chen let out.

    Long Chen looked back towards the pirates.

    "Stop the attacks and turn the ship back! We are leaving now! Start moving back!" Long Chen commanded the men.

    The pirates followed his command and stopped the attacks. The ship was turned back, and it started leaving.


    The people on the True Dao Sect Ship were surprised. Especially the people that worked on the ship.

    The Commander of the guards of the True Dao Sect Ship, couldn't understand what was happening. The battle had just started, and the enemy was leaving? It was the first time this had happened so fast, especially when the enemy were the Pirates of the center sea.

    The captain of the ship was also surprised, but he didn't let the fact of enemies leaving blind him.

    He kept moving the ship forth while staying alert for another attack from another side. Whatever happened to the pirates didn't matter to him in the least. He didn't need to chase after them either..The only thing that he cared about was continuing on the journey so that he would complete it on time.


    The Pirate Ship started moving back, but Long Chen was still focused on the Pirate Chief.

    "Kill me!" the chief said to Long Chen again.

    "No. I won't kill you, but I would ask you to work for me. If you do that, you will get all the Treasures you could possibly ask for, and I would give you a life-giving pill that will heal you and your hands. The decision is yours," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    "Who here knows about the Ghost Island?" Long Chen asked the pirates that were standing on the back.

    These two words were enough to shock the pirates. Even the Pirate Chief was stunned. Fear was evident on their faces.

    "Why are you asking about the Ghost Island?" The Pirate Chief asked.

    "I am from the Ghost Island. I want to go back there. As long as you escort me back, I would give you the treasures that will make you all-powerful in the sea. You must already know the power of our ghost temple. And you must also know that your barrier couldn't stop me from entering, that should be enough for you to judge my abilities. If you still don't listen to me, I would just kill you and use the servants to handle the ship and take it to ghost Island."

    " It's just easier with you guys around as I don't have to tell you the directions like a child since you must already know where our Island is. Tell me your answers," Long Chen let out as he roamed his gaze over everyone.
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