496 Chapter 496: Pirate King

    He also showed the Life-Giving Pill to the Pirate Chief.

    "I-i will listen to you," the Pirate Chief agreed.

    "Good. Here, take this Life Healing Pill. It will heal your chest wound, but your hand won't be healed. Only the Life-Giving Pill can heal your hands, which I will give you after you take me back," Long Chen said as he threw the Life Healing Pill in the Pirate Chief's mouth.

    As soon as the Pirate Chief ate the Life Healing Pill, his chest started healing, and his shoulders stopped bleeding. His hands didn't recover, though. He had no hands now.

    "You will only get your hands back after you get me to the Ghost Island. Before that, you can forget about that," Long Chen let out, shaking his head.

    "I will listen to you, but I can't take this ship near the Ghost Island. It's impossible with the Ghost Barrier that surrounds the whole place. Please forgive us, but the ship can't handle the attack of the ghosts near that barrier. We can take you closer to that barrier, but if we go further, our ship will be destroyed, and we will die," the Pirate Chief let out, shaking his head.

    "As I said, I am from the Ghost Temple. I will handle everything. Take me there, or I will destroy your ship right now," Long Chen said, firmly.

    "I... You have a way to protect the ship from the Ghosts?" The Pirate Chief asked.

    "If the people of the Ghost Temple won't have the way to enter, then will you be the one to know? Just shut up and do as I say. You will be able to pass through the Ghost Barrier without any difficulty," Long Chen let out.

    Even though he was lying, he made it convincing for them. Also, he wasn't afraid of ghosts since he already had some exchanges with the spirits and knew that they couldn't harm him.

    The Pirate Captain seemed convinced.

    "Turn the ship to the South!" he commanded his men.

    Long Chen wanted to ask how long it would take them to get to the Ghost Island, but he knew that it was not something he could ask now that he was pretending to be a Ghost Temple disciple.

    The ship changed its direction and started to move towards the south.

    Long Chen got a chair and sat on the front of the ship, facing his back towards the sea so that he could keep an eye on the whole ship.

    He also made the pirate chief sit before him to prevent him from coming up with a scheme behind his back.

    The pirate chief had a small telescope, which he used to keep an eye on the sea while he sat before Long Chen.

    The journey continued for half a day before the direction of the wind changed.

    The wind also started getting colder.

    "We are in their area. Slow down the speed. We don't need to attract their attention, or it would simply waste our time," the Pirate Chief told his men.

    The ship slowed down considerably.

    Long Chen looked around curiously. He couldn't see any ghosts nearby.

    "Why are you slowing down?" Long Chen asked the Chief.

    "We are in the sea of the pirate king.  There are rules here that we can't break. If the pirate king gets annoyed, he will destroy our ship without even trying to talk to us. The best we can do is to stay humble," the Pirate Chief replied.

    'The pirate king, huh, I guess the pirates do have a hierarchy,' Long Chen thought.

    "Alright. Follow the rules," Long Chen muttered.

    The pirate chief nodded his head, but he suddenly stood up as he saw something at a distance.

    Long Chen also stood up after seeing his stunned expression. He glanced back in the direction the Pirate Chief was looking at and saw a Ship.

    "It's the ship of the Pirate King. No matter what happens, please don't speak anything. You need to hide the fact that you're from the Ghost Temple," the Pirate Chief warned Long Chen.

    Long Chen didn't understand why he was so scared and why he needed to hide that he was from the Ghost Temple. The Ghost Temple should be the biggest power here. The Pirate King shouldn't take the risk of attacking a disciple of the Ghost Temple.

    "Why?" he asked the Pirate Chief since he was the only one who could answer.

    "The Pirate King's wife and child were killed by a Ghost Temple disciple. He couldn't even take revenge since the Ghost Temple is a giant when it comes to power, so he couldn't attack their island in fear, but his heart is still filled with hate. If he finds out that you are from the Ghost Temple, he will try to kill you at any cost without letting you escape. Just stay silent and let me deal with him. You will be my second in command before him," The Pirate Chief declared.

    "What is his Cultivation?" Long Chen inquired.

    "He is said to be at the peak of Sky Realm, but it's also possible for him to be stronger," the Pirate Chief replied.


    Long Chen agreed to play the part since facing a Peak Sky Realm expert was not something he wanted to do when he was so close to getting to the Ghost Temple.

    The ship of the Pirate King stopped before the ship Long Chen was standing in.

    The Pirate King's ship was twice as large compared to the other ship.

    In fact, it looked just as large as the Ship of the True Dao Sect.

    The Pirate Chief used his Qi to enhance his voice.

    "Greetings to the Pirate King!" he declared.

    "Biming! What are you doing in my region?" the Pirate King let out from the other ship.

    The pirate Chief was called Biming amongst the pirates.

    "We were passing by this place to get to the other side of the sea. We ask for forgiveness for our transgression," Pirate Chief Biming replied.

    "You came at the right time. I sent you an invitation before, but you were already out on patrol. Join me! We are going to war," The Pirate King let out sternly.

    Pirate Chief Biming was stunned at the declaration. He finally noticed that more ships were coming from behind the ship of Pirate King that belonged to other pirate chiefs. It seemed like the Pirate King was actually ready for war.

    'War? Is he going to war on the Ghost Temple?' Long Chen wondered.

    Pirate Chief Biming was thinking of the same thing.

    "War again whom?" the Pirate Chief Biming asked the pirate king.

    "War against the Rebel Pirates! I received some information that a group of stupid Pirate Chiefs are planning a rebellion. Currently, there is a meeting going on between them. We are going to crash that party. Join us unless you are with them. In that case, I will be forced to subject you to the same punishment- Death!" The Pirate King declared.

    Pirate Chief Biming looked towards Long Chen in confusion. He couldn't help but shake his head as if telling Long Chen that there was no other option.

    "I apologize, but we have no choice but to follow them to the war. If I deny, our ship will be destroyed, and we will die. We can only go to your place after dealing with the rebels," Pirate Chief Biming said to Long Chen as he lowered his voice.

    Long Chen couldn't help but fall into a deep thought. It meant that his trip would be delayed and he would be involved in other people's problems, but he couldn't leave either.

    He depended on the Pirates to lead him to the Ghost Island, which was almost impossible to find in this big sea without help. If he left, he would waste much more of his time hoping to be lucky enough to find the island.
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