497 Chapter 497: Little Elder

    Long Chen could force the Pirate Chief to reject the offer of the Pirate King, but he knew that it was impossible as well since it would create more problems. He knew that if the Pirate Chief did that, their Ship would be bombarded with attacks from all directions.

    Their ship would be destroyed in that case, and Long Chen's plan of finding the island will be left in the dust.

    "Alright," Long Chen casually replied as he agreed. "But be fast."

    The Pirate Chief looked towards the Ship of the Pirate King.

    He again enhanced his voice and responded to the Pirate King.

    "We will come with you. We can delay our business for the glory of us, Pirates," The Pirate Chief Biming said as he voiced his opinion in favor of the Pirate King.

    The pirate chief simply responded with a 'hmm'.

    The ship of the Pirate King started moving ahead. Biming's ship joined up with other ships.

    The Ships started advancing in the direction which was opposite to Long Chen's destination. Long Chen could see that they were going back in the direction they came from.

    He was moving away after coming closer to the Ghost Island, but there was nothing he could do about this.

    "Sigh, it's going to waste so much time," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    "How do you pirates fight? Do you fight like normal with the ships or do you infiltrate other person's ship to battle them?" Long Chen asked Pirate Chief Biming out of curiosity. He only knew how they attacked the ships from the continent, but he wondered if it was the same for the battle between their own brethren.

    "We can't infiltrate their ships because of the barriers, and once the barriers are destroyed, there's no need to leave the ships anymore as it becomes easy to destroy their ships and kill them without leaving the comfort of our ship," Pirate Chief Biming let out, shaking his head.

    "Alright. That's what I thought as well. As long as the ship's barrier is safe, everything's fine, but once it's done, the battle is over," Long Chen muttered.

    "Keep our ship in the back and save our barrier. I don't want to have to go out to choose another ship to escort me. If this ship broke, you can already imagine how it would be," Long Chen let out, warning Pirate Chief Biming.

    "I don't intend to have my ship destroyed either. For us, Pirates, our ship is equal to our life. I don't want to die so soon," Pirate Chief Biming responded.

    Long Chen could see a few ships moving around them since they were now a part of a fleet, but since the ships were maintaining sufficient distance between each other, it was difficult to see the people of other ships. Still, Pirate Chief Biming had worn a robe-like thing that covered him completely, hiding the fact that his hands were cut off from the eyes of others.

    The Ships moved through the water against the flow of the wind. A large ship was leading the charge while the small ships were following after.

    There were a total of 23 ships of Pirate Chiefs and one Ship of the Pirate King.

    After moving for over half an hour, they reached the Crystal Sea, where their ships were attacked by a sea monster, but since it was a whole fleet of Pirate Ships, it didn't take even a second before that Monster was killed.

    Long Chen was pretty surprised by the power of these formations. It was amazing how a single formation like this was able to kill powerful beasts.

    He also had the Basic level knowledge in Formation because of the Bloodline Temple reward, so he had some understanding of how it worked.

    The formation needed a massive amount of power to work every time, and that power was collected using the servants. He realized that if he had the design of the formation, he would be able to carve it as well, but it wouldn't benefit him much.

    This formation needed large manpower to work every single time. He would also need to carry a large vessel with him everywhere, which wouldn't be efficient.

    He wanted to make something that was similar in attack power but wouldn't require the manpower, but his knowledge was not sufficient for that.

    "Give me the blueprint of this attacking formation. It seems weak. Let me modify that pattern to make it stronger," Long Chen told Pirate Chief Biming.

    He didn't ask directly since there was a chance that Pirate Chief Biming would lie and say that he didn't have the blueprint, but if Long Chen brought his greed out, he would have no problem showing Long Chen the designs.

    "Ah, Sorry, We don't have the pattern or the blueprint. Even the Pirate King doesn't have the Formation Specifics," Pirate Chief Biming replied.

    "How is that possible? How did you get those formations on your ships without any knowledge then? At Least make a believable lie," Long Chen told him.

    "I am not lying. I am telling you the truth. These formations weren't carved out by us. Whenever a Pirate needs to have the attack formation carved on their ships, they go to the Little Elder's Island to ask for her help. She is the master of formation and the most well-known formation master in the sea," Pirate Chief Biming replied.

    "You have a formation master here who carved these? Interesting," Long Chen muttered.

    "Yeah, Ghost Island people probably don't know about her since they have their own formation masters, but Little Elder is like heaven's blessing for us," The Pirate Chief answered Long Chen.

    "She is treated like a goddess by us pirates. Even the Pirate King respects her massively," he added.

    "How old is she?" Long Chen asked.

    "Even if you knew about her, you wouldn't be able to recognize her. She looks like she's in her early 20s, but she is so knowledgeable and kind. She is truly Heaven's Daughter. Even though Pirate King is the King of Pirates, if we go into depths, she would be considered as the real king, because Pirate King respects her so much, he would do anything she tells him to do. But Little Elder doesn't care about power. She lives on her island, researching on various formations," Pirate Chief Biming replied.

    "A formation master who looks to be in her early twenties? Probably an old woman who used some method to keep herself looking young. It's possible once someone reaches a high enough Cultivation or uses any unorthodox method," Long Chen muttered.

    "True, Even though she looks young, no one knows what her true age is. She appeared here around 15 years ago and changed our lives forever. That's when the rise of Pirates started, all because of her help. She is definitely older, but no one knows how old. It's also impossible to see her Cultivation, but she is probably very strong," Pirate Chief Biming muttered, shaking his head.

    "Interesting. I am quite curious about her. What's her name?" Long Chen asked the Pirate Chief.

    "Her name is Xu Aoxin," The Pirate Chief replied.

    "Xu Aoxin? Does she have red hair?" Xun appeared near Long Chen and asked. She had a shocked look on her face.

    No one other than Long Chen could hear his words, though.

    "Does she have red hair?" Long Chen asked the question she had in her mind.

    "No, she has blonde hair," the Pirate Chief replied.

    "Might be similar names, I guess," Xun muttered with a thoughtful look on her face before she disappeared.

    Long Chen just stood there in confusion, wondering what it was all about.

    "Maybe it would be interesting to meet her one day," Long Chen muttered.
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