498 Chapter 498: Xu Aoxin

    "I might further my formation knowledge if she is better than me," he added.

    His words had just come out of his mouth before Xun spoke in his head.

    "Stay away from everyone named Xu Aoxin. Nothing good can come from the person having that name."

    'Do you have a bad memory about someone having a similar name?" Long Chen asked her. He was curious about the name and the significance behind it.

    "Don't remind me about that bit*h,"  Xun responded in an annoyed tone.

    'We are on a long journey. I have some time to listen if it's a story. I can probably get some knowledge or learn to be careful of people like them if I know about that. Come on, tell me. You already made me curious about that,' Long Chen told her.

    "Forget that. It's a past that I don't want to revive. What I can say is that you must not let yourself be fooled by innocent looking girls!" Xun said, to Long Chen.

    'Let me guess. She is someone who fooled Tian Shen? Someone like a friend or a lover?' Long Chen asked again. It didn't seem like he was going to drop the matter that easily.

    "It doesn't matter who it was to him. What matters is that it was not good. That's why it's good to listen to your brain before your heart. That's what I always try to teach you," Xun told Long Chen.

    'I already know that. I'm not going to let a girl or a guy fool myself. Don't worry about that,' Long Chen responded.

    "I wonder how you can say that with a straight look at your face. You are more worrisome than Tian Shen ever was," Xun chuckled, shaking her head.

    'That sounded like a low-key insult,' Long Chen replied to her with a wry smile on her face.

    "That's not an insult. I'm just saying that you have a habit of jumping into problems without thinking. You are short-tempered, and you let your emotions dictate your actions. I understand that everyone is imperfect. Tian Shen had a different imperfection, and you have a different imperfection. The whole thing is if you are able to change that imperfection into a perfection, which only time can tell,' Xun said.

    'You call this imperfection, but I call this being human. It's to be faulty, and I try to make the best out of what I am,' Long Chen replied. Everybody has a different way of thinking. One person's thinking will be stupid for me, while my thinking on the same matter will be stupid for them. There is nothing right or wrong when it comes to being a human. There is no right or wrong. There is no smart or stupid. It's just the perception.'

    Xun and Long Chen continued there back and forth while the ship traveled ahead into the horizon.

    After traveling for over a day and a night, the ship reached another portion of the Chaotic Sea.

    Long Chen looked ahead and saw a group of 20 or so ships standing near an Island.

    The Pirates of those ships were on the island, involved in a meeting.

    While most of the pirates were on the island, some of them were on the ships, keeping an eye on the servants and guarding the ships.

    Some were even keeping an eye on the sea.

    The Pirates saw the ship of the Pirate King and the others coming towards them.

    Some of them instantly ran out of the ship and started running towards the meeting place to inform the Pirate Chiefs.


    20 Pirate Chiefs were standing in a circle, discussing something related to attacking the Pirate King.

    Their men were surrounding the area and keeping an eye on the men of other captains.

    The meeting was almost near its end when a man came running towards them.

    He was the trusted aid of one of the pirate chiefs, but he was stopped by the men of other pirate chiefs and prevented from going forward, but the situation turned even more chaotic when the people saw more guys coming towards them. There were people from each of the teams that appeared here.

    "We need to talk with the Chiefs! The Pirate King is coming!" they informed the people guarding that place.

    This small announcement shocked almost everyone that was standing guard. They not only allowed them to go ahead but followed after them as well.

    "Alright. I understand how it is. So it's decided, right? Tomorrow we will..."

    The Pirate Captains were about to announce the results of their meeting when they heard shouts of their man that were running towards them.

    The men were shouting about the arrival of the Pirate King.

    "Master, We just saw the Ship of Pirate King coming in our direction. That ship was being followed by 23 ships of different Pirate Chief."

    All of them informed their Chiefs.

    "They are here? Did someone inform them about our meeting? It is not good. Guys, it looks like we can't make a surprise attack. We must face them in a frontal assault. Defeat is not an option. We can't be defeated, no matter what happens," One of the Pirate Chief declared in a firm tone.

    "We have no other choice, do we? Since he already knows, he won't leave us alive. We can only go all out and kill him. Let's go to our ships and deal with them," The Pirates Chiefs let out as they started running towards their Ships

    After five minutes, they reached their ships with their men.

    The Ships of the Pirate King and the other enemies were still on the way.


    "The Pirate King was right. Twenty Pirate Chiefs would never meet privately like this if they weren't planning something against the Pirate King and the others. This is probably an attempt of them to kill the Pirate King and then rule the sea with their union. I wonder how the pirate king found out," Pirate Chief Biming muttered.

    As they reached closer, they saw the ships of the rebels had started moving towards them as well.

    It was a battle that was about to be fought between the Pirate King and his 23 Supporters against the 20 rebel pirate chiefs.

    The Ships stood before each other, facing the opposite side.

    "Good. Very Good. You guys decided to disrespect the rules of the sea by plotting against other pirates. I declare you guilty of treason. Your Punishment is death! Silently stop your barrier and let me kill you all with your hands. Treat that as a mercy from me. Your ship and your crew will survive with your sacrifice."

    The Pirate King was also amplifying his voice using Qi. His voice was heard in every ship. Even Long Chen was able to listen to his voice.

    "It's not about us disrespecting the rules of the sea. It's about freedom. You monopolize the sea as the Pirate King and treat us all as dogs without any respect. When we started, it was decided that all pirates would be equal, but you decided to become the King just because you were stronger and forced us to obey you."

    " This is a fight against that tyranny. This is not a fight against other Pirates, but this is a fight against a greedy bastard who pretends to be one of us while not respecting us in the least," One of the Rebel Pirate Chiefs replied.

    "My fellow pirates! You are standing behind the Pirate King. Think again. Do you want to support a tyrant, or will you fight with us for a free sea and an equal relationship? We can only achieve that by killing the Pirate King! Support us against this tyranny," Another Rebel Pirate Chief let out in a firm tone.
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