499 Chapter 499: Hiding

    "We don't betray our own! If you had a problem, you could've gone to talk to Little Elder to solve the grievance, but plotting against another Pirate is wrong. You went overboard! I will stand behind the Pirate King against you!"

    "Being a pirate and scheming against another Pirate is the biggest crime you could commit! This crime itself is worthy of death as punishment. Even if you had a valid reason, it doesn't matter anymore since the path that you chose is wrong!"

    "We stand with the Pirate King! Your decision to scheme behind our back was wrong!"

    "We can never support the one that betrayed our most sacred rule!"

    One after another, all the Pirate Chiefs that were behind the Pirate King berated the rebels. They showed their support for the pirate king.

    Pirate Chief Biming also voiced a similar tone.

    "You guys just don't understand! You have the mentality of living without freedom, but we can't live like that! Even if we die for our cause, we will be happy, but we won't die without killing the Pirate King. We will face you all if we have to! The day will end with either the Pirate King's death or our death! If you all want to jump in between, then we won't go easy on you either."

    The Rebels continued their stern tone.

    The Rebel ships fired the first attack, which was blocked by the barrier of the Pirate King's ship.

    "Destroy them!" the Pirate King commanded his man.

    Both sides started attacking each other. All the attacks were blocked by the barriers of the other side.

    They all knew that it was going to be a long fight, which was more about whose barrier was able to handle more attacks, and whose attacks were powerful enough to break the barriers of the other ships. As long as the barriers were intact, the ships were safe.

    Long Chen couldn't help but yawn as he saw this boring format of battle. He was the one that preferred frontal assault and killing the enemy with his own hands, but the formation attack and defense battle were what bored him utmost.

    Long Chen watched the battle for another hour before he got tired of watching this boring fight.

    He walked back and sat on the chair, waiting for a conclusion.

    Half a day passed away as these exchanges continued. It was when the first ship was destroyed.  It belonged to the Rebel side. Now they only had 19 rebels remaining.

    "Hey, I just thought about something. Biming, come here," Long Chen let out as he remembered something.

    Biming walked back to Long Chen.

    "Didn't you claim that the Pirate King could destroy our ship in one hit if he is offended or if he found out that I'm from the Ghost Temple? Doesn't that mean that his ship's attack should be strong enough to blow the other ship's barrier in one hit? Why does his attack seem to be only as powerful as our attacks then? He should've obliterated the ships. Did you exaggerate to me?" Long Chen asked the Pirate Chief Biming.

    "No, the Pirate King's ship is special. He once helped the Little Elder with something. Little Elder returned the favor by carving a formation in his ship. The Formation is capable of releasing a powerful attack that can break the enemy ship's barrier in an instant," Pirate Chief Biming replied.

    He kept glancing back and forth between the battle and Long Chen.

    "So, he can break their barriers in an instant. Why isn't he using that then? He can end the war in an instant," Long Chen asked the Pirate Chief.

    "That's because the formation is special. It can only be used a limited number of times. I don't know how many times it can be used, but the Pirate King has only used it once before. I think that after he uses it a few times, the formation will be destroyed and he won't be able to use it. Little Elder also told him that she wouldn't make this formation for him again," Pirate Chief Biming answered Long Chen.

    "So that's how it is. He wants to save that for an absolute emergency. That's not a bad plan," Long Chen muttered.

    "Whatever, it doesn't seem like he's going to lose.  A few ships on our side will be destroyed as well," Long Chen muttered as he sat on the chair, watching everything.

    The battle continued for over half a day. Almost half the ships were destroyed already.

    While 12 ships from the Rebel side were destroyed, ten ships from the Pirate King side were destroyed as well.

    The Rebel side now had only seven ships remaining while the Pirate King's side had twice the number. They had 13 ships remaining, excluding the giant ship of Pirate King.

    Pirate Chief Biming's ship had also suffered a lot of damage. Long Chen could see some cracks developing over the barrier surrounding their ship.

    "That's it. Move the ship behind another ship. Your ship will be destroyed if you stay at the front," Long Chen commanded the Pirate Chief as he saw their barrier weakening.

    "I can't do that. My whole reputation will be destroyed if I hide behind another!"  Pirate Chief Biming refuted Long Chen.

    "I don't care about your reputation. Do as I say! If you stay here, your ship is as good as gone. You're taking most of the attacks. You need to move back, and that's an order. I don't care what people think of you! I'm not going to repeat my words again!" Long Chen told Pirate Chief Biming again.

    The Pirate Chief clenched his fist as he hesitated. He looked at his barrier and then at the enemies. Long Chen could see the unwillingness to hide behind another on Pirate Chief Biming's face, but Long Chen didn't care.

    What mattered to him was the safety of this ship; otherwise, he would have to repeat everything again and force another ship chief, which might go wrong depending on the situation.

    The Pirate Chief breathed deeply before he looked towards his men.

    "Alright. I'll do it. Men, take the ship behind Pirate Chief Hestin's ship!" Pirate Chief Biming commanded again.

    Pirate Chief Hestin's ship was the closest to their ship, and he decided to take his ship behind hestin's ship.

    The Ship of Pirate Chief Biming started moving back subtly. Although it didn't attract the attention of many people, Pirate Chief Hestin noticed it.

    He started frowning as he saw them moving behind his ship.

    "What the heck are you doing! Why are you hiding behind my ship! Have you sold all your dignity?!" Pirate Chief Hestin amplified his voice and screamed as loud as he could. His scream attracted the attention of many.

    Even the Pirate King looked back to see what was happening. He also started frowning at this behavior. He didn't say anything, though, and continued to place all his focus on the front.

    "Our barrier is at the edge of breaking. Let me give it some time to repair it. I will let you place your ship behind mine then," Pirate Chief Biming told Pirate Chief Hestin, trying to calm him down.

    "Hmph! I'll see you later," Pirate Chief Hestin snorted before he placed his focus back on the Battle.

    Since the Ship of Pirate Chief Biming was behind the Ship of Pirate Chief Hestin, it was protected from most of the attacks, but it continued attacking the enemy.

    The battle continued for another day before the battle was over. Everything happened according to expectations. The rebels were destroyed, and not a single one of them was left alive.

    Now that the war was over, the Pirate king finally placed his attention on the ship of Pirate Chief Biming.
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