500 Chapter 500: Exposed

    The Rebel Ships were destroyed, and their ships had already been swallowed by the Chaotic Sea, never to be found again.

    The Pirate King turned his ship back to face it towards the Ship of Pirate Chief Biming that was still behind the Ship of Pirate Chief Hestin.

    "Biming! What the heck were you doing? You really abandoned your post and hid behind another? If you are so scared of death, then you don't need to be a Pirate Chief! Let me decide on your punishment!" The Pirate King let out in a fierce tone.

    Pirate Chief Biming looked towards Long Chen as if he was blaming Long Chen for what happened.

    "Pirate King, As I said, my barrier was too weak. It would have been broken in a single attack if I had stayed at the front, and I wouldn't have been able to continue fighting. That's why I moved back so that I could continue the fight. I didn't run away! I just utilized the opportunity to kill the rebels with the best of my abilities!" Pirate Chief Biming gave an excuse.

    The Pirate King started laughing in frustration as he heard Pirate Chief Biming's reply.

    "Do you really think that it is a good excuse? Let me ask others then!" he let out.

    "The Pirate Chiefs that believe that Pirate Chief Biming did nothing wrong can voice their support! If even two pirate chiefs come in his support, I won't punish him. What do you all say?" Pirate King declared.

    "He is just a coward who is scared of death! He was ready to throw away all self-respect of pirates to save his own skin! He deserves the punishment!"

    "He did wrong!"

    "He needs to be punished! Our other brave pirate chiefs died for our glory while he hid behind someone else! Punish Him!"

    There were seven Pirate Chiefs left excluding Pirate Chief Biming, and all of them voiced their opinions against Pirate Chief Biming. Not a single one of them supported him.

    Long Chen was standing in the back frowning. He hadn't expected that they would go so far even after Biming fought with them against the rebellion.

    'This seems to be getting out of hand. Why are pirates so unreasonable,' Long Chen thought as he looked around.

    "It's over," Pirate Chief Biming let out as he dropped down to his knees.

    The other pirates on the ships had also given up. It seemed like they had accepted the outcome.

    'Stay ready. You might want to jump ships after it is destroyed,' Xun reminded Long Chen.

    "Sigh, it's the same work all over again," Long Chen muttered as he shook his head.

    "The other ships won't be able to take you to the Ghost Island. You would have to tell them the directions along the way," Pirate Chief Biming suddenly said as he saw Long Chen looking around, seemingly guessing his intention.

    "Why?" Long Chen asked.

    "They don't know where it is specifically. Only I and the Pirate King know about the specific location of Ghost Island. You said that you kept us alive because you didn't want to bother telling them directions every second of the journey, but that's what you will have to do," The Pirate Chief said, shaking his head.

    "So it's either I save you or take control of the Pirate King's ship if I want to make the journey comfortable?" Long Chen muttered as he fell in deep thought.

    Long Chen was still in thought when the Pirate King declared something.

    "The Punishment is decided! Your ship will be destroyed for breaking the code of the Pirates!"

    Long Chen heard the announcement and sighed.

    "Looks like I'll have to choose the third option. I wouldn't be able to travel in peace and comfort anymore. What a bother," Long Chen muttered, shaking his head.

    The other ships started attacking the ship of Pirate Chief Biming, further weakening his already weakened barrier.

    Long Chen caught the collar of Pirate Chief Biming and pulled him towards the edge of the ship.

    "Don't move too much. I'm going to help you escape through water," Long Chen muttered as he got ready.

    He was standing on the backside of the ship. All the ships that were attacking were on the front side.

    Long Chen jumped out of the ship and carried Biming with him into the water.

    Both of them were swallowed by water, but Long Chen started swimming forward.

    He brought out his Spirit Sword and held it with one hand while holding onto Pirate Chief Biming with another hand.

    The Spirit Sword started flying forward inside the water and carried Long Chen with it.


    "His barrier is about to be broken; why isn't he begging for forgiveness? Something seems to be wrong," Pirate Chief Hestin muttered as he watched Biming's ship being bombarded with attacks.

    "Pirate Chief Biming! Aren't you going to say anything in your defense?" Pirate Chief Hestin asked again as he faced the Ship of Pirate Chief Biming, but there was no response.

    "Something is really wrong!" his feeling was getting stronger. He could see that something was not right.

    The Pirate Chief amplified his voice and started talking, expressing his doubts to the Pirate King.

    "Pirate King! There is something wrong. There is no way Biming would stay so silent after what happened. He isn't even attacking back, nor is he asking for forgiveness. I believe that he has probably escaped from the ship, leaving it behind."

    The Pirate King heard the theory and couldn't help but agree. The thing was definitely something that was attracting his attention as well.

    The Pirate King commanded everyone to stop attacking.

    "Biming! Are you there? Reply to me this instant!" Pirate King let out loud, but he didn't get a response.

    "He is either dead or escaped. That bastard is a waste in the name of us, brave pirates!" The Pirate King snorted as he understood the situation.

    "The people that are still left on the ship of Biming! I realize that your captain has escaped! Lower your barrier, and you won't be destroyed. We only want to punish Biming! Lower the barrier, and you can survive, and one of you will even be made the Chief of Biming's ship!" Pirate King declared.

    The Pirate King's words seemed to have worked. The barrier of the ship was lowered.

    The other Pirate Chiefs also lowered the barriers of their ships and started walking in the air to get to Biming's ship.

    The Pirate King also stepped out of his ship, but he didn't lower his barrier. He moved to the ship of Biming as well.

    As they stepped over the ship, they saw the Pirates and servants standing in the line.

    The Pirate King used his Spiritual Sense to find Biming on the ship.

    "He is indeed, not here. Which one of you can tell me what happened here?" The Pirate King looked at the men.

    One of the men stepped forward and started explaining. He was Biming's second in command. His name was Dreka.

    "It all happened because of the Ghost Temple disciple!" Dreka claimed.

    "Ghost Temple?" Pirate King let out as he clenched his fist. His aura turned fierce suddenly, which gave the servants the feeling of suffocation.

    "Tell me everything!" He let out in a gritty tone.

    Dreka started explaining how their ship was infiltrated and how they were forced to carry Long Chen to the Ghost Temple.

    He also talked about how Biming was forced by Long Chen to hide his ship behind Hestin's ship.

    Everything that had happened was conveyed to the Pirate King.

    "They jumped onto the water from there," Dreka let out as he pointed towards the back.

    "Huh, so he's taking Biming to Ghost Island. Did he think he can leave alive after coming here and forcing a pirate?"
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