502 Chapter 502: No Choice

    "Is this sword still getting stronger, or is this just my misconception? This shouldn't be possible, but that's what I feel like every time I have used this sword since the moment I received it. Is this really possible?" Long Chen muttered as he observed the sword.

    "This was the sword of Saint King Xianwu, so it should be really strong when it was at its peak, but it degraded and weakened so much with time. Is it recovering its lost strength with time, or was this because of the residual effect of the sheath?"

    Long Chen tried using his Divine Sense to see the Qi lines of the Sword, but he wasn't able to see anything. It was like the sword was a mortal grade sword and had nothing inside it.

    The more Long Chen tried to find its complexities, the more confused he got. There was nothing significant to be found.

    "Are you coming, or should I set up a tent for you right there?"

    Long Chen was still in deep thoughts when he heard Snake Monarch's voice.

    He came out of his daze and looked towards Snake Monarch and started moving back.

    Long Chen landed on the back of the Snake Monarch.

    "Let's continue moving forward," Long Chen replied.

    Pirate Chief Biming was still sitting in shock. The scene of Long Chen killing the Flying Sea Fish kept repeating in his mind again and again.

    He was amazed at how easily he had killed the Flying Sea Fish, which was almost as strong as him.

    'I heard the stories of how scary Ghost Temple disciples are, and this proves it. They are monsters! The Flying Sea Fish couldn't even oppose him before it was killed. If a single disciple is so strong, I can't even imagine how strong the whole Ghost Temple will be. It's no wonder that everyone is so scared of the Ghost Temple,' Pirate Chief Biming thought, shaking his head.

    The Snake Monarch started moving at its peak speed, and Biming again started giving them directions.

    They flew for another day before Long Chen noticed something. He could see a fleet of ships in the distant horizon behind them, rapidly advancing towards them.

    "Not good," Long Chen muttered as he stared at the ships.

    "Oh, No. They are closing in. It's over. There are still two days of travel left to get to the barrier of the Ghost Island. We can't make it," Pirate Chief Biming exclaimed with a concerned look on his face.

    "Are we being chased by some idiots?" Snake Monarch asked Long Chen.

    "Yeah, some idiots who want to kill us. Nothing out of the ordinary," Long Chen muttered jokingly.

    "It doesn't look like escaping is going to work. I didn't want to take over the Pirate King's ship as it seemed like too much work, but it looks like that's the only way now. You keep advancing ahead, letting them think like it's us escaping while I'll sneak into their ship. It's better to attack them when they are unaware than facing them face to face," Long Chen told Snake Monarch as he stood over his Spirit Sword.

    "Wait, you are underestimating the Pirate King. He is just too powerful. He is a peak sky realm Cultivator! He can't be underestimated! Also, it's not easy to sneak inside his ship. His barrier is nothing like mine. His barrier is said to be twice as strong when compared to the barriers of the other ships," Pirate Chief Biming warned Long Chen.

    "It doesn't matter how strong the barrier is. It's not like the barrier is going to stop me," Long Chen muttered, shaking his head.

    He started flying back and disappeared before the eyes of Biming. He had activated his Shadow Transformation and vanished in the darkness of the night. Even his aura had disappeared.

    Long Chen kept advancing back towards the ship of the Pirate King.

    The Ship of the Pirate King was in the lead, but there were seven ships behind it.

    Long Chen reached the Giant Ship of the Pirate King. As he flew beside the barrier of the Pirate King's ship, he was able to see inside.

    There was an old man standing at the front. The old man was wearing white clothes and a red jacket that had a black skull symbol on the chest portion.

    The Pirate King was standing tall. His long white hair was tied into a ponytail that came down to his shoulders. He was standing tall, looking towards the Snake Monarch.

    "Let's see where you can run to," The Pirate King muttered as he looked ahead with a creepy grin on his face.

    "I sure do hope that you're the same one that murdered my son and my wife. I would love to crush your neck with my own hands and send you to hell," he added.

    Long Chen was standing outside the barrier, so he couldn't hear what the Pirate King was saying, but he imagined what it would be, after seeing that creepy smile on the Pirate King's face.

    Long Chen moved to the back of the ship and found an empty spot as he used his Teleportation to teleport inside the Pirate King's Ship.

    The spot he chose was the most empty spot of the ship, but it still had a pirate there.

    Long Chen had his King's Sword in his hand already.

    As soon as he teleported behind the pirate, he placed his hand over the pirate's mouth and thrust his sword in the chest of the Pirate.

    The Pirate Coughed out a mouthful of blood that landed on Long Chen's hands. Long Chen pulled his sword out and swung it, cutting the head of the Pirate From his body.

    Long Chen freed the pirate after killing him. Both portions of his body fell down on the ground.

    After killing him, Long Chen wiped his hands and turned back. He used his Divine Sense to scan through the whole ship.

    'What the heck is that?' he wondered as he saw a girl in what seemed like a prison cell inside the ship. The girl had beautiful green hair that seemed reminiscent of nature. Her eyes were a lighter shade of blue, like the beautiful Clear Sea. Her face was fair, and her nose was slim. She looked entirely innocent as if she had never done anything bad in her life.

    She was wearing a green dress that looked really luxurious, as if it was the dress of a princess.

    'Did they kidnap the princess on some island?' Long Chen thought.

    'Whatever, I can ask her later after I am done here,' Long Chen thought as he shook his head.

    He brought out Xia from his storage ring and told her that they were in an enemy ship. He also told her what she had to do.

    Long Chen had scanned the whole place, and he knew that there were seven Sky Realm Cultivators and 23 Earth Realm Cultivators on this Ship.

    Three of them were in the Initial Sky Realm, while the other three were in the Mid Sky Realm. There was only one on the High Sky Realm, but that single person was the biggest problem as he was the Pirate King himself.

    Long Chen didn't want to use the Flute of War as that would leave him incapable of doing anything later, so he had to deal with them using his own power, which wasn't easy considering the fact that the Cultivation of the Pirate King was more than one major realm higher than his. His Shadow Transformation had a high chance of not working before him, so he knew that a battle was imminent.

    Long Chen had another idea to deal with the Sky Realm Cultivators, though. He wanted to use his Law of Illusion to deal with them without causing a commotion.
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