503 Chapter 503: Against the Pirate King

    Long Chen walked ahead while being careful not to get caught.

    He met a few servants, but he activated his Law of Illusion to make himself look like he was the pirate that was killed.

    Long Chen walked to a room where one of the Mid Sky Realm Cultivators was resting. He had already found his location using his Divine Sense.

    He knocked on the door, waiting for the door to be opened.

    The door was soon opened by the Mid Sky Realm Pirate, and he was immediately affected by Long Chen's illusion.

    The Pirate looked at Long Chen and saw him as the Pirate King due to Long Chen's illusion.

    "My King," The Sky Realm Pirate greeted Long Chen.

    "I got the information that someone has infiltrated the ship. Let me check your room," Long Chen told the Sky Realm Pirate.

    The Mid Sky Realm Pirate moved to the side.

    "Of course. No one came to my room, but I would feel more at ease if my room is checked as well," Mid Sky Realm Pirate said to Long Chen as he nodded in affirmation.

    He walked back into the room and allowed space for Long Chen to enter.

    Long Chen entered the room while keeping his eyes on the Pirate. He knew that as soon as he took his eyes off, his illusion would break.

    He closed the door behind him without looking back.

    "What's that? You lied to me?" Long Chen let out with a shocked look on his face as he pointed towards the wall behind the Mid Sky Realm Pirate.

    The Pirate was shocked, not understanding what the Pirate King was talking about. He wondered if the infiltrator had actually sneaked in his room.


    With a shocked look on his face, the Mid Sky Realm Pirate turned back, but he found nothing behind him.

    He was about to turn back towards Long Chen, but before he could do it, a sword came swinging and sliced his head off.

    The Pirate was instantly killed as his body, and his head fell down on the ground.

    "This sneaking business is not bad. No need to waste time fighting them. Too bad that it's not without its disadvantages," Long Chen muttered as he placed the body of the pirate in his storage ring.

    "Yeah, that's why I say that being hot-blooded is never the solution. I wonder why both of his successors prefer the violent way of winning a fight. It should only be used when there's no choice but to face the enemy," Xun replied.

    While Long Chen was inside the room, Xia was in another corner of the ship dealing with the Earth Realm Pirates without attracting attention.

    "Time to get the other prey," Long Chen muttered as he walked towards the door.

    He opened the door and left the room. He kept his Divine Sense active to keep an eye on the surroundings.

    Most of the pirates were focused ahead, looking into the sea towards the target they were chasing. Most of them didn't know what was happening behind their back.

    None of them has ever expected that someone would be able to infiltrate their ship while their impenetrable barrier was active.

    Long Chen walked to the front of the ship towards another Mid Sky Realm Cultivator.

    He once again activated his Law of Illusion.

    This time, his target was the second pirate of the three Mid-Sky Realm Cultivators.

    He cast a different illusion this time since he couldn't make that pirate see another pirate king as the real pirate king was standing ahead of him.

    He made the illusion of the Mid-Sky Realm Cultivator that he had killed already.

    "Hey, I need you to come with me," Long Chen's illusory Pirate said to the Second Mid Sky Realm Pirate.

    The Second Pirate was someone who had only one hand. When he was young, one of his hands was cut off by another person during a fight. After he grew up, he killed the person that had cut off his hand and joined the pirates.

    "Why? Did something happen?" The Single Handed Pirate replied to Long Chen.

    "Yeah, I have something really important to show you," The Illusory Pirate replied.

    Other weaker pirates looked towards the single-handed pirate weirdly as they saw him talking to the air, but they just ignored it. They didn't care about the problems of others.

    The single-handed pirate frowned, but he still nodded.

    "Alright. Show me," he said as he started following after the Illusion.

    Long Chen kept his eyes on the single-handed pirate as he led him to the room where he had killed the pirate.

    "Open and see for yourself. I caught an enemy," the illusion told the pirate as he pointed towards the door.

    The Single Handed Pirate entered the room, and Long Chen entered after him, closing the door behind him.

    After a few minutes, Long Chen came out of the room with a smile on his face.

    He had killed two of the three mid sky realm pirates.

    He followed the same method, and one after another, he kept killing the pirates from the ship.

    Soon, all the Sky Realm Pirates of the ship were killed. The Earth Realm cultivators, on the other hand, were killed by Xia.

    Pirate King was still looking at the flying beast they were chasing after, unaware of his people dying behind him.

    'The others are killed so no one should be able to interrupt me now-time to go for the Pirate King. Sigh, I wonder if it will work," Long Chen muttered as he looked towards the Pirate King from behind.

    He walked towards the Pirate King.

    "Ruan, We are about to catch up to them. Get ready to attack," Pirate King abruptly said as he looked back.

    Pirate King was shocked to see that the deck was empty now. There was no Pirate behind him. There was only Long Chen standing behind him who had abruptly cast an illusion to make him look like the one-handed pirate.

    "What the? Where is everyone?" Pirate King asked Long Chen.

    "My King, they have gone to the back to deal with a minor matter. Nothing to worry about," Long Chen replied using his illusion, which made his voice sound like the Single-Handed Pirate.

    "Tell them to come back and get ready to attack," Pirate King said before he turned back.

    Long Chen canceled his Law of Illusion and teleported behind the Pirate King as he swung his sword towards the Pirate King's neck.

    A burst of energy came out of the pirate King's body that threw Long Chen back

    The Pirate King looked back and sighed.

    "Are you the disciple of the Ghost Temple that we are chasing? I must say, I was hoping that I would be wrong as the other option would mean that you killed all my men. Sigh, now you have even more blood on your hand," Pirate King said as he glanced at Long Chen that was lying on the ground.

    "What gave me away? Was it the killing intent or the aura of my sword?" Long Chen asked with a subtle smile on his face as he stood up.

    "It was your reply. Only one person calls me, 'My King' and that was not the person you were pretending to be," Pirate King replied as he brought his sword out of his storage ring and pointed towards Long Chen.

    "I should've expected that. I heard one person addressing you that way, and I thought that's how everyone addresses you. That was an oversight on my part," Long Chen muttered as he nodded his head.

    "Even if you hadn't made that mistake, there were many more clues. The outcome would still be the same. Now that you know the answer to your question, you can die in peace," Pirate King told Long Chen.
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