504 Chapter 504: Another Spirit Sword

    Long Chen had his King's Sword still in his hand while his Spirit Sword was flying around him.

    The Pirate King flicked as he instantly appeared in front of Long Chen and slashed with his sword.

    Long Chen's Spirit Sword moved to come before him. The Spirit Sword blocked the sword of the Pirate King, shocking him.

    Long Chen teleported behind the pirate king and attacked with his King's Sword, but the Pirate King reacted fast as he bent his body forward and kicked back.

    His speed was much faster than Long Chen expected.

    The kick landed on Long Chen's chest, making him fly back.

    Long Chen crashed on a wooden wall, which instantly broke. He kept flying back before ultimately crashing on the ground in one of the rooms.

    "This is not how I expected it to go. Why is this dude so strong," Long Chen coughed out a mouthful of blood as he sat up.

    He could see the Pirate King walking towards him.

    "Of Course, he would be strong. Peak Sky Realm Cultivators are not weak. You haven't faced one like him before, either. But I would suggest you to be careful. Make sure that you don't use Dark Sacrifice. If it comes to the worst, just use the Flute of War. Xia will be here to protect you when you're incapable of moving," Xun informed Long Chen.

    "I know about that, but I would much prefer not having to become a vegetable to face a pirate. Sigh, Let's see what I can do with what I got," Long Chen muttered as he stood up.

    His Spirit Sword had come back to him, and it was floating before him.

    Long Chen moved ahead this time, activating his Demon Monarch Physique. He wanted to face him with pure strength to see if he could achieve something.

    Long Chen flew ahead like lightning as he swung his sword with full strength.

    The Pirate King also planted his feet firmly on the ground as he faced the attack of Long Chen with full zeal.

    The Sword of Long Chen and the Pirate King clashed, letting out a bright spark. The wind pressure around them changed as their clothes floated backward, but the Pirate King wasn't moved back in the least. In fact, it was Long who was being pushed back.

    The Spirit Sword came from behind and attacked the Pirate King's back, but another Spirit Sword came out of nowhere and intercepted Long Chen's spirit sword.

    "I didn't expect another one to have a spirit sword, but I should've expected that. You are a disciple of Ghost Temple, but did you really think that there would be no one else who would have a similar sword?" Pirate King let out with a grin on his face.

    Long Chen hadn't imagined that the Pirate King would have a Spirit Sword as well. He didn't understand how the Pirate King was able to tame a spirit and place it inside his sword. He didn't know that there were other methods of capturing spirits. Only a rare few people knew those methods, though.

    The Little Elder, Xu Aoxin, was one of those people. She had gifted this Spirit Sword to the pirate king, but Long Chen didn't know about it.

    "Awesome. You have that too, but do you have this?" Long Chen muttered as a grin appeared on his face. "Look up."

    Pirate King frowned as he looked up, but there was nothing there.

    Suddenly, he felt danger. He instantly moved to the side, leaving Long Chen behind.

    Even though he managed to move to the side, he couldn't protect himself completely.

    The sword that was about to stab his back has stabbed his hand. His moving also made things worse as his left hand was completely cut off from the rear arm and fell down to the ground.

    The Pirate King stopped on the ground as he looked towards his shoulder and saw that his hand was missing. He also felt incredible pain, but he didn't let it show on his face.

    He looked towards Long Chen to see what had attacked him.

    He saw a beautiful girl standing there, but he couldn't feel any life aura from her which was why he wasn't able to detect her as she attacked him

    "A corpse puppet?" The Pirate King let out as he observed Xia.

    "I must say, that was unexpected, but not enough to kill me. Also, now that I know about her, your surprise attack won't work. You will still be dying today, and I'll dismember every little part of your body," Pirate King let out with a murderous look on his face.

    His murderous aura was spreading in the surrounding and even outside his own ship.

    The Pirate Chiefs of other ships were also able to feel that murderous aura.


    "What is happening? Why is Pirate King giving out that murderous aura? Is he that excited at being able to kill a Ghost Temple Disciple?"

    All of them thought that it was for the person they were chasing, but no one believed that the enemy was already in the Pirate King's ship, and he had even managed to cut off the Pirate King's voice.

    They all ignored the murderous aura as they placed their focus back on the beast they were chasing after.


    The Pirate King was looking at Long Chen with blood-red eyes.

    "You guys killed my wife! You guys killed my child! You even killed all my men! Now you think that you can kill me! Today, I will pay you back for everything that you put me through, and one day, I would make sure that the Ghost Temple is destroyed even if I have to give my soul to the devil! My life's only mission is the destruction of the Ghost Temple, and today, I will begin that by cutting you up!" Pirate King let out in anger as he moved towards Long Chen like mad.

    Long Chen again went ahead to face him from the front, while giving Xia a chance to sneak attack because Pirate King was unable to see her or feel her move, but as soon as he got near the Pirate King, he saw the wind change.

    The Pirate king disappeared from his position and appeared behind Xia as he swung his sword.

    Xia raised her sword to protect herself from the attack.

    She was also tossed back like a broken kite.

    She crashed on the ground, but she didn't look injured. Even though her strength was equal to a Peak Earth Realm Cultivator without using the Origin Crystals, her defensive strength was much higher. She was tougher than the Pirate King when it came to defense; only her strength was lacking.

    Long Chen knew that, and that is why he didn't move before her to protect her. He knew that she wouldn't be harmed.

    Instead, he appeared behind the Pirate King.

    The Pirate King had just attacked Xia when he realized that Long Chen was attacking his back. His spirit Sword blocked Long Chen's attack, but Long Chen used this opportunity to divert his Spirit Sword towards Pirate King's neck.

    The Pirate King moved to block Long Chen's Spirit sword. He thought that Long Chen was engaged with his Spirit Sword, so all he needed to do was deal with his Spirit Sword, but Long Chen turned his expectations upside down as he teleported behind the pirate king, fooling his Spirit Sword.

    Pirate King was stuck in the middle. If he protected his neck from Long Chen's Spirit Sword, Long Chen would kill him, and if he protected Long Chen, Long Chen's Spirit Sword would kill him.

    He didn't even have enough time to divert his own Spirit Sword to deal with one of the threats as Xia had appeared once again, and she was blocking his Sword.
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