505 Chapter 505: Mysterious Girl

    Pirate King had no choice but to put his all on dodging.

    He dodged to the empty side, but his eyes were opened wide as he saw a sword made of Qi appear in the direction he was moving in.

    Long Chen had created a Qi Sword with his left hand as he expected that the pirate King would move in that direction.

    The Pirate King was already on the move, and it was impossible for him to stop himself because of the momentum.

    He still couldn't believe it as he himself ran into the Qi sword, cutting his head off. Long Chen didn't even have to move his sword.

    The Pirate King's head fell on the ground, some distance away from his body.

    The Spirit Sword also fell down to the ground as the spirit inside it was destroyed.

    The Spirit inside the Spirit Sword was tied to the Pirate King's soul. As the Pirate King died, the Spirit of the Spirit Sword was also destroyed.

    The Sword fell down to the ground. It had become a normal gold grade sword.

    "That's such a waste," Long Chen muttered, shaking his head as he looked at the Pirate King's spirit sword.

    The Pirate King's Peak Earth Grade Sword was also lying on the ground near his body.

    Long Chen stepped forth and picked up the sword.

    "This looks to be a decent sword. Grandfather would quite like it, I think," Long Chen muttered as he placed the sword in his storage ring.

    He also sent his Spirit Sword back in his storage ring.

    He also placed the destroyed spirit sword of the pirate king in his storage ring. Even though it was not a Spirit Sword anymore, it was still a Gold Grade Sword.

    He also collected the ring of the pirate king.

    Long Chen looked at the body of the Pirate King. He picked the body of the Pirate King and threw it towards another ship.

    The body landed on the barrier of one of the Pirate Chiefs.

    The Pirate Chief's attention was attracted by it.

    "I-isn't that..." he stuttered as his eyes opened wide.

    He recognized the body shape and the clothes.

    Long Chen also picked up the head of the Pirate King and threw it towards the opposite side.

    The Head landed on the barrier of Pirate Chief Hestin.

    His face was also covered with a horrified look as he saw the head of the Pirate King above his barrier.

    "I-impossible!" he let out loud.

    Long Chen amplified his voice using his Qi to have other pirates hear what he had to say.

    "Listen, Pirates of the Sea! I have taken over the ship of the Pirate King! The pirate king is dead along with all the other pirates of this ship! This ship is under my control now! The Ghost Temple has no enmity with you, and I only punished the Pirate King for his Anti Ghost Temple Activities! If you turn back and leave, I'll let you all live, but if you also support the ideals of the Pirate King, I suggest that you start attacking this ship! But remember one thing. You will all become the enemy of the Ghost Temple once you do that, and I will be forced to kill you! Make your choice!"

    Long Chen made a declaration to everyone.

    His voice was so loud that not only the people in his own ship but the ones in the surrounding ships also heard it clearly.

    "The Ship is taken over?"

    "The Pirate King is dead?"

    "That voice should belong to the Ghost Temple disciple? How did he infiltrate the ship?"

    "If he killed the Pirate King, can we really oppose him?"

    "I don't want to go against the Ghost Temple,"

    All of them understood the situation and realized that they had no choice but to leave. They couldn't face the person that killed the Pirate King, let alone the terrifying Ghost Temple that Long Chen represented in their eyes.

    "I will leave! I don't want to go against the Ghost Temple!"

    "I will go back as well!"

    One after another, everyone replied to Long Chen with similar words. They all agreed to go back and that they didn't want to offend Long Chen.

    "Leave right now then!" Long Chen commanded.

    The other seven ships stopped moving forward and started turning back.

    The ships soon started moving back, opposite to Long Chen.

    "Sigh, finally, this problem is solved. Now I can move in peace towards the bigger problem," Long Chen let out jokingly.

    "At Least there's nothing to worry for at least two days now," Long Chen muttered.

    Since the ship was not too far away from the Snake Monarch now, Long Chen was able to send him a mental message. Long Chen told him to come back.

    Long Chen again amplified his voice, just enough so that people in the ship were able to hear it.

    "I am the new captain! The pirates that are still left on the ship come to the deck! You guys are promoted to the senior role!" Long Chen let out.

    The Gold Core and weaker pirates were left alive. They were all hiding below, and they didn't dare to come up after seeing Long Chen and the Pirate King fight.

    The Pirates started coming to the deck after hearing Long Chen's command.

    Long Chen met up with the remaining pirates and told them to deactivate the barrier of the ship.

    A few of them knew how to do it, so it wasn't a big deal. They immediately deactivated the barrier.

    The Snake Monarch was flying outside, and as soon as the barrier was deactivated, he entered inside and started getting lower in size.

    Pirate Chief Biming also landed on the ground.

    "Y-you actually did it! You killed the Pirate King!" Pirate Chief Biming had never expected that Long Chen would succeed in killing the Pirate King, but seeing him standing on the ship so proudly was clearly the evidence of that.

    "Those are your crew. You handle them and get me to Ghost Island. I'll be downstairs," Long Chen told Biming before he started moving down the ship.

    He thanked the Snake Monarch before sending him back into the Beast Region.

    He went to the depths of the ship, where he found the girl to be imprisoned.

    Long Chen stopped before the cell of the girl.

    "Are you the new captain?" The girl said without raising her head.

    She had heard Long Chen's declaration and knew what had happened.

    "Yeah, I am. I killed the old captain. Tell me who you are?" Long Chen asked her.

    "Does it really matter?" That girl asked in return. She still didn't look at Long Chen.

    "It does matter. I'm not a pirate, so I don't care about the people they imprisoned, but I'm curious about why they would capture a girl and keep her here. How did you offend them?" Long Chen inquired.

    Long Chen was also trying to read the girl's thoughts, but he wasn't getting anything. It was as if the girl didn't have any thoughts. He also wondered if it was something that was making his skill ineffective on her.

    "Are you really from the Ghost Temple?" the girl asked Long Chen suddenly.

    "Does it really matter?" Long Chen asked the same question in return.

    "I'll answer you if you answer me. Who are you and why you were captured?" he asked her.

    The girl finally raised her head and glanced at Long Chen.

    "Strange... I can't see inside your second mask. Is that a special mask?" that girl suddenly asked.

    Long Chen couldn't help but frown at her response. He was wearing two masks, but he didn't understand how she was able to see inside one of his masks.
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