507 Chapter 507: Ghost Island

    "She won't attack me. You are ignoring one most basic thing. Even after I fought and killed Pirate King, she didn't come out to help him. She could've easily saved him, but she didn't. It was not difficult for her to come out of this prison on her own. That only proves that she didn't care about Pirate King, and she most probably won't attack me for him," Long Chen replied.

    "What if she had attacked you? You know how dangerous it was, right?" Xun asked.

    "Then I would have to use the Flute of War and Dark Sacrifice. I did all this not to have to do that, but if it still came to that, I would not hesitate to do it. Let's just hope that I am right, though," Long Chen muttered as he glanced toward the door.

    "Only time can tell," Xun replied. "You did well, though. At Least now you have time to heal yourself so that you could be in your best condition if she went against you. That can be a plus."

    "I do hope that she listens to my advice and just leaves. It would be a headache to pretend that I don't know about her if she stays or does something obvious," Long Chen let out with a wry smile on his face.

    "Anyway, I'm more concerned about the fact that I saw her before. I hope that I am wrong, but if I actually saw her before, then this thing is more complicated than two strangers meeting," he added.

    He had continuously kept his Divine Sense activated, and he was keeping an eye on every small activity of Xu Aoxin, who was still talking to Pirate Chief Biming on the Deck.


    "Are you going to punish him or support him? I think you are tilting towards the latter," Pirate Chief Biming asked Xu Aoxin.

    Xu Aoxin just smiled. She neither nodded her head nor shook her head.

    "I won't do anything. I am just going to watch," She replied.

    "Alright. Does he know your true identity?" Pirate Chief Biming asked her.

    Xu Aoxin looked down at the deck and thought for a while.

    "I am not sure. It shouldn't be possible, but I have a strange feeling that there is more to him than meets the eye," She muttered. "Anything is possible."

    "I'll keep it a secret so that you can watch and judge for yourself," Pirate Chief Biming nodded his head.

    "If he asks you why I haven't left, tell him that Pirate King destroyed my hometown," she told Biming. "Let's see if he truly knows. His response would be interesting."

    Biming nodded his head and continued commanding his men in handling the ships.

    Xu Aoxin looked towards Xia that was standing at some distance, watching them. Xia was only told to act when she thought that someone was putting her or Long Chen in danger, but she didn't find this situation to be similar.

    Xu Aoxin looked at her with great interest.

    "Amazing. This puppet is so amazing. Who could've made it?" She muttered as she stared at Xia while walking towards her.

    She was just five steps away from Xia, but Xia didn't let her get closer. She raised her sword and pointed it towards the neck of Xu Aoxin.

    There was only a single inch distance between the tip of her sword and Xu Aoxin's neck. Xu Aoxin instantly stopped and didn't move forward.

    "One more step and you will be killed," Xia declared, as she looked at Xu Aoxin with an expressionless face.

    Xu Aoxin couldn't help but laugh out loud.

    "Interesting. Very Interested," She muttered as she moved back.

    "I'm getting more and more intrigued about him now. This is definitely not something someone from this mortal world could have made," Xu Aoxin muttered as she continued moving back, without taking her eyes off of Xia.

    "Is he lucky to find it, or someone from higher up helped him?" She muttered as she placed her hand in her chin and fell in deep thought.

    "Someone from Immortal World or someone from..."

    She shook her head as she stopped thinking about it.

    She walked to another side of the boat and sat on a seat as she closed her eyes.


    The Trip continued in peace as another day passed away.

    Long Chen had finished resting, and he came to the top of the deck.

    "We should be closer to our destination," Long Chen muttered.

    As soon as he got on the deck, he saw Pirate Chief Biming commanding one of the men.

    "How long is it going to take?" Long Chen asked Pirate Chief Biming.

    "We are close. We should be there in a few hours. We will start seeing the barrier of the Ghost Island soon," Pirate Chief Biming answered Long Chen.

    "Good," Long Chen nodded in praise.

    He turned back and noticed Xu Aoxin sitting on a chair in the back.

    He already knew that she hadn't left, but he was still acting surprised.

    "Why didn't you leave?" he asked her.

    "I..." The girl opened her eyes as she heard Long Chen's voice.

    She looked towards Biming and hesitated as if she was scared of saying something.

    Long Chen understood her scheme. He had realized that she wanted to stay behind, and now Biming would give an excuse.

    Long Chen turned back to look towards Pirate Chief Biming.

    "What happened? Did you not tell her the direction of her home?" Long Chen asked Biming.

    "I did not, as it is impossible for her to go back home. The island this girl lived on is already barren. The Pirate King had killed everyone there. I don't think it would benefit her to go back, and she might even die if she faced a sea monster along the way. So I suggested that I would help her get settled to an island when we send the ship back. She would be protected that way," Pirate Chief Biming replied with the words he and Xu Aoxin had pre-decided.

    Long Chen looked at him before he sighed.

    "Is this what you want as well?" Long Chen asked the girl. "Staying on this ship can be dangerous as well."

    "Hmm," The girl nodded her head.

    "Whatever, do as you please," Long Chen muttered before he walked to the front of the ship.

    There was a chair placed there. He sat on the chair as he rested one of his legs above his other leg. He started waiting for them to get to their destination.

    'She didn't leave,' Xun told Long Chen.

    'I know. I saw that, as well. Whatever, she's not attacking me. Either she is suspicious about my abilities, or she doesn't want to fight me. Whatever, I'm not going to provoke the bear unnecessarily,' Long Chen replied to Xun.

    The ship continued ahead. The wind was getting even more chill now. Long Chen was also feeling cold, which he rarely did.

    "Stop the ship!" Pirate Chief Biming told the men. The Ship was stopped immediately.

    Long Chen frowned as he looked at Biming.

    "We are there. That's the Ghost Barrier of the Ghost Island," Pirate Chief Biming told Long Chen.

    Long Chen stood up and looked back.

    He could see a rotten green barrier before him.

    "Once someone touches that barrier, he is eaten by the ghosts and spirits. We can't go forward without the opening in the barrier," Biming said as he looked at Long Chen as if telling him to do something.

    "Alright. This is enough. You guys can go back. I'll go ahead alone," Long Chen told Biming.

    "W-what about the Treasure and the rewards?" Biming asked Long Chen in shock. "You promised me those! And the Life-Giving Pill!"

    "You became the new Pirate King and got his ship."
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