508 Chapter 508: Strange Village

    "I think that's a decent reward in itself, but I'll still send someone to give you treasures. You will also get the Life-Giving Pill as I don't have that on me now. Go back, for now, I will send those things," Long Chen told him. "You also need to take that girl to a safe place."

    Xu Aoxin looked at Long Chen with great interest, but she didn't say anything.

    Long Chen brought out his spirit sword and stood on it as he left the ship.

    He started flying towards the ship.

    Long Chen didn't take any precaution and straight passed through the Ghost Barrier. Instead of a ghost trying to harm him, it seemed as if they were scared of him.

    He was not stopped, let alone harmed. He easily passed through the barrier.

    "The ghosts are scared of touching him. The ones that touched him were burned. Why does he remind me of him? Does he have a similar special physique, or is he related to him?" Xu Aoxin muttered as he looked at Long Chen's disappearing back.

    "This ghostly barrier seems to be the most useless thing against someone like me. Every place should have barriers like this so I could enter easily when needed," Long Chen muttered as he flew ahead.

    He was going straight ahead while keeping his Divine Sense activated to keep an eye on the surroundings. Most of his surroundings were empty.

    There were no guards as far as his Divine Sense could see. This whole place looked empty. He didn't even see any beast, let alone a human.

    Ghost Temple had the utmost faith over their Ghost Barrier, and they never imagined that someone would be able to pass through the barrier alive. That's why they were so lackluster on security around the barrier as, according to them, only they could pass through the barrier.

    Most of the Ghost Temple disciples and Elders used a special method to pass through the barrier, which was impossible to do without that method.

    Even if a Heaven Realm Cultivator came and tried to pass through the barrier, it should be impossible for him. This is why Ghost Temple was so casual when it came to security.

    They only guarded the place around the Ghost Temple, not even the Ghost Island.


    "Are you going after him?" Pirate Chief Biming asked Xu Aoxin as he saw her looking intently at the barrier. He could feel as if she was interested in Long Chen.

    "I'm going. If he is related to him, I can't miss it. This is more important than anything," she muttered as she clenched her fist. She remembered about a certain someone that also had a similar ability.

    Spirits weren't able to touch that person or even get near him. She was the most shocked after she saw this ability of Long Chen.

    She had decided to put even more focus on Long Chen.

    "If this boy is related to him, then the world is soon going to change. The natural order will be destroyed once again. I hope that I am wrong, and it's just a person with a special Physique," She muttered as she stepped forth. "You guys go back. Don't stay here."

    She jumped out of the ship and started flying towards the barrier.

    Soon she reached near the barrier.

    She stopped just before the barrier and brought a paper out of her storage ring.

    It was a golden paper that had a strange carving on it, which seemed to be made from blood. Xu Aoxin crushed the paper.

    As soon as the paper was crushed, it's color changed. The Paper became black, and the carving changed color from red to black.

    A bright golden barrier began surrounding Xu Aoxin.

    As soon as the Golden Barrier completely surrounded her, she passed through the Ghost barrier. She was only able to achieve it with the help of that barrier around her, but it came with a cost.

    Even though she had managed to pass through the Ghost Barrier, her golden barrier was entirely destroyed.

    "This barrier is still so strong," She muttered as she looked at the paper in her hand. She tossed the crushed paper in the water as she started flying ahead.

    If Long Chen were here, he would be surprised to see her. She was flying without the help of any artifact. It proved that she was at least a First Stage Heaven Realm Cultivator.

    Long Chen knew that she was stronger than the Peak Sky Realm pirate king, but seeing the proof with his own eyes would still have surprised him. The girl called Xu Aoxin was at least a Heaven Realm Cultivator.


    Long Chen flew on the sword for another day, before he saw a glimpse of land before him.

    It was evening, so the light was scarce, but he was able to see the island there.

    Long Chen continued flying and soon landed on the island.

    "This island seems pretty normal, but the Qi here is so dense. Amazing. Cultivating here is tens of times more effective than cultivating in the Shui Kingdom," Long Chen muttered as he felt the Qi being absorbed by his body.

    He spread out his Divine Sense again to find people on the island, but he only found beasts as far as his Divine Sense could cover.

    "Sky Realm beasts right at the edge of the island. Nothing less should be expected from the land with such dense qi," Long Chen muttered as he started flying ahead on his Spirit Sword

    As he flew, he tried to avoid the beast as he didn't want to engage in senseless fights. This made him take the long way a lot of the time.

    After flying for half a day, Long Chen found a village. Even though the village seemed normal, he found it strange.

    Surprisingly, there was no man in the village.

    There were only twenty or so huts in the village, but all of the people living in those huts were women.

    He saw all the women with his Divine Sense, and soon he found the strongest women in the village that was surprisingly a Peak Sky Realm Cultivator who looked like she was in her early 30s.

    "A peak sky realm Cultivator, sigh. If I'm meeting such strong people here, just what will be the situation inside the Ghost Temple?" He muttered.

    The woman was dressed in minimal clothes that were made from beast skin.

    As it was evening, there was a banquet going on in the center of the village.

    There was a big fire in the center, and the women were cooking the meat of a beast that they had hunted during the day.

    'You want to join them?' Xun asked Long Chen as she saw him looking towards the women.

    'I was wondering if it would be a good idea to talk to one of these women and get some inner information about the workings of this island,' Long Chen replied to her with a thoughtful look on his face.

    ''What's stopping you then?" Xun asked him.

    "The fact that there is no man here seems weird to me. Something is definitely up with that. I don't want to attract unnecessary attention, either. I don't know anything significant about the Ghost Temple. It might be possible that one of these girls is a Ghost Temple disciple. It would be better to find a man that has a body like mine. If things don't work out, I can at least kill him and pretend to be him," Long Chen let out, shaking his head.

    "You can kill girls too," Xun reminded him.

    "Yeah, but I can't pretend to be women. My body shape and size don't change because of the Mask of Mischief."
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