509 Chapter 509: God Given Opportunity

    "If I just make a girl go missing without replacing her, that might attract even more attention. I need to find a man who has similar body proportions to me," Long Chen responded. "That will be my ticket inside. If I can't find one, I'll have to sneak inside."

    He was seriously thinking of a good way to infiltrate, and he didn't want to risk everything on a bad decision.

    If he made a mistake, he would alert the enemy.

    "Let's continue your search then. No benefit in wasting time here," Xun let out.

    Long Chen nodded his head. He glanced at the girls one last time before he changed his direction and went ahead.

    Long Chen flew closer to the ground instead of flying higher and didn't stop using his Divine Sense for even a second. He was trying to be as careful as he could.

    Time kept passing swiftly as Long Chen continued his search for people on the vast island.

    It was the evening of the next day, but he hadn't found anyone. He was also getting tired.

    "If I keep on going like this, I'll probably reach the Ghost Temple before I find a person. Looks like sneaking inside the Temple is the only option now. I wish I didn't have to do this," Long Chen muttered as he sighed, but he instantly stopped as his expressions changed.

    He could see something at the furthermost edge of his Divine Sense range.

    He started flying in that direction. As he got closer to that place, he activated his Shadow Transformation.

    Soon, he reached his destination, where he had noticed a few people.

    He could see three girls standing near a lake and a boy lying on the ground in front of the girls.

    The boy looked like he was badly beaten. There were wounds all over his body, and blood was coming out of his lips.

    Long Chen activated his skill to read the thoughts of the boy, but he only found out that the boy was reportedly thinking the same thing in his mind. Only a single word was being repeated in his mind.

    He kept thinking, Why, again and again.

    The boy looked like he was 17-18 years old. He had a similar build to Long Chen. His hair color was also dark, just like Long Chen's hair, but his face looked nothing like Long Chen. Even though both of them looked handsome, there was a basic difference.

    While Long Chen had a Demonic Charm on his face, the boy lying on the ground had innocence on his face. He looked like he hadn't tasted the cruelty of the world even though Long Chen knew that it was not the case, looking at his condition.

    "Mu Lin, Did you really think that you can get close to her? Just because you're the son of Elder Yun, you thought that you could stalk my Elder Sister? I wouldn't have been forced to take this drastic step if you had kept to just that, but you even tried to force her! I can't harm you inside the Temple, but I can do anything I want outside. No one is going to find out anything about it," The girl in the lead let out as she smirked. "It is time for one waste to disappear from this world."

    The girl had pitch-black hair and deep green eyes. Long Chen could see that she would've looked much cuter if there was not such an ugly expression on her face.

    The black-haired girl stepped forth and sat near the boy called Mu Lin.

    "I didn't..."

    Mu Lin was saying something, but she didn't let him complete as she gripped his throat.

    She tightened her grip as she started choking Mu Lin.

    Mu Lin struggled to breathe, but he couldn't do anything. All he could do was try to free himself and watch the cruel look on the girl's face.

    After struggling for a few minutes, his struggles ceased. His face was already pale. His eyes closed, never to open again.

    "He really thought he could get away with doing anything because of his position. Serves him right. Good work, Mi Lao."

    "Good riddance."

    The other two girls let out as they watched Mu Lin dying.

    From their words, Long Chen found out that the girl was called Mi Lao.

    Mi Lao stood up as she glared at Mu Lin's body.

    "Yup. One less bastard in our sacred Ghost Temple now. Time to deal with the body," she muttered.

    She brought out a talisman from her storage ring.

    The talisman was called Mountain Weight Talisman.

    As soon as it was placed on a person, it would make them as heavy as the mountain. The effects were said to last until the Talisman was removed by the person it was affecting or by someone else, but since she was planning to place the talisman on the boy who was dead, there was no chance that he would be able to remove it.

    "Get his body over the lake," Mi Lao told the other girls as he pointed towards the dead body of Mu Lin.

    The other girls stepped towards the dead body of the boy before them.

    One of the girls held Mu Lin's hands while the other girl held his legs. They carried him over the lake and held him there.

    Mi Lao walked closer to them with her talisman.

    She placed the Mountain Weight talisman on the chest of Mu Lin.

    Mu Lin's weight instantly increased, and the girls released him.

    The body started falling, and soon, it was submerged in the water.

    The water splashed out of the lake as a heavy body fell onto the lake.

    The splash managed to wet the clothes of the girls.

    "Sigh, even in his last moments, he didn't forget to annoy us," Mi Lao snorted as she saw her wet clothes that were highlighting her perfect figure.

    The girls looked at the water for a few minutes before they turned back and left.

    Long Chen watched them leave and canceled his Shadow Transformation when they reached far away from him.

    He walked closer to the lake and jumped into the water.

    The Water was over a thousand meters deep.

    Long Chen swam down to the body of Mu Lin, who was lying at the bottom of the lake like a rock.

    Long Chen removed the talisman from the chest of Mu Lin and threw it to the side.

    Long Chen carried Mu Lin's body to the outside.

    He came out of the water, carrying Mu Lin's body and placed him on the ground before him.

    Mu Lin was already dead, and there was no doubt about it, but Long Chen didn't want to waste the God-given opportunity.

    It was the best opportunity for him as he had found someone he could impersonate. Their body had the same proportions, and he could change his face with the help of Mask of Mischief.

    Long Chen took Mu Lin's ring and looked inside to find some clothes. He hoped to find clothes inside the ring; otherwise, he would have had to strip Mu Lin and wear the clothes he was wearing.

    Fortunately, there were clothes inside the ring.

    Long Chen wore Mu Lin's clothes and sent his old clothes back into the ring.

    He also placed Mu Lin's body inside his storage ring.

    He covered his face with the Mask of Mischief.

    "I am Mu Lin now," Long Chen let out as he nodded his head.

    "I don't know if you're lucky or unlucky. You did find a person to impersonate, but I'm sure you heard as well that he is the son of an Elder. Also, he seems to be a bad guy who forced girls," Xun muttered.
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