510 Chapter 510: Ghost Temple

    "You would need to get into the bad boy character to fool everyone," she added.

    "He wasn't the bad guy. He did nothing like the girls claimed," Long Chen replied as he shook his head.

    "Whatever, I don't need to care about all that. The real test would begin now," Long Chen muttered as he started walking in the direction the girls walked in.


    Long Chen continued walking in the direction of the Ghost Temple.

    He brought his Spirit Sword out of his storage ring. He stood above his Spirit Sword and started flying ahead.

    He also activated his Heaven's Shroud to hide his aura and make his Cultivation seem like it was the same level of Mu Lin.

    Mu Lin was a 5th stage Earth realm Cultivator while the girl that killed him, Mi Yao, was 9th Stage Earth Realm Cultivator. The other two girls that were with Mi Yao were the 8th stage Earth Realm Cultivators.

    Long Chen soon caught up to the girls, but he stayed behind.

    He sent his Spirit Sword back in his storage ring and started following the girls silently as he stayed as far away from them as he could while still keeping them in the range of his Divine Sense.

    Long Chen soon reached near the Ghost Temple.

    Even though he didn't see it with his own eyes, he could see it with the help of his Divine Sense. His mouth opened wide in amazement as he saw the Temple through his Divine Sense.

    The Ghost Temple was like a giant temple that was spread in hundreds of kilometers.

    It was in a shape that seemed somewhat similar to a pyramid as the temple got thinner and higher it went.

    There were guards standing at the entrance. The guards didn't stop the girls from entering; instead, they saluted her.

    After walking for some more, he was able to see it with his own eyes.

    The Ghost Temple was the tallest structure he had seen so far.

    He didn't know how many, but the Ghost Temple seemed like it had more than a hundred floors. At Least that's what it seemed from the outside.

    "I got it," Long Chen muttered as he came up with a plan.

    Instead of going straight to the temple, he walked back and created a distance between him and the temple.

    He called out Orion from the Beast Region.

    Orion looked towards Long Chen, waiting for orders.

    "Alright, Orion, I need you to bite my hand," Long Chen told Orion.

    Orion looked in confusion, not moving.

    "I want it to look like I was attacked by a wild beast.  It's part of my plan, but I can only achieve this if you help me," Long Chen told Orion.

    He extended his left hand toward Orion.

    "Bite my hand. It needs to look like I was seriously injured," Long Chen said.

    Orion didn't want to do it, but it listened to commands.

    "Bite my rear arm. I need it to bleed like crazy."

    Orion opened his mouth wide and chomped down on Long Chen's rear arm. His teeth penetrated Long Chen's flesh deep.

    Long Chen was in extreme pain, but he didn't let out any noise. Orion released Long Chen's hands.

    Long Chen's hand had started to bleed. His blue clothes had turned red on the left arm side because of his blood.

    "Good work," Long Chen praised Orion as he sent him back.

    He fell down on the ground as he started rolling to dirty his clothes. He knew that it would be suspicious if his clothes were clean.

    After making his clothes dirty, he stood up and tore his clothes at places intentionally.

    He looked around and found a stone. He raised the stone above his head and hit his head with the stone.

    Long Chen's head started bleeding.

    "Now I'm prepared," Long Chen muttered.

    He started walking towards the Ghost Temple with shaking legs.

    He also activated his mask of mischief as he reached near the gates of the temple.

    Long Chen reached near the entrance, and he clearly looked like he was struggling even to walk.

    "Isn't that Young Master Mu Lin, the son of a Temple Elder Mu?"

    The guards noticed Long Chen walking towards them.

    "He is injured! Hurry, we need to help him."

    The guards started running towards Long Chen, but before they could get to him, Long Chen fell down. He was pretending to go unconscious.

    The guards reached near him and picked him up.

    "Those are beast bite marks. He must be attacked by some vicious beast. Even his head is bleeding. He is lucky that he was able to come back alive. I'm giving him a Life-Healing Pill."

    One of the guards brought a Life Healing Pill and opened Long Chen's mouth. He gave him the pill.

    As soon as the pill entered Long Chen's mouth, it started melting and entered his body.

    Long Chen's head and left arm stopped bleeding and started healing.

    "I'm taking him inside. I will inform Elder Mu, as well. You guys handle the security of the entrance," the main guard said as he stood up and entered inside the temple, carrying Long Chen in his arms.

    The guard carried Long Chen inside the Ghost Temple. Even though Long Chen didn't open his eyes, he could still see everything through his Divine Sense.

    As he saw the inside of the Ghost Temple, he was once again amazed at how high the roof was.

    Previously he had assumed that this temple would have over a hundred floors, but now that he was inside, he could see that a single floor of the Ghost Temple was as high as ten floors of a normal building.

    It was just too tall, which didn't make sense. It did look interesting, though. Long Chen watched the guard walk over to what seemed like a glass room.

    There was a formation on the ground. As soon as the guard stood on that formation with Long Chen in his arms, the formation started shining.

    The guard and Long Chen disappeared from the glass room.

    'A teleportation formation just like the one on Divine Heaven Sect. Interestingly,' Long Chen thought as he realized that his surroundings had changed. He was now on a different floor that was just as tall as the last floor.

    He didn't know which floor he was at, but he realized that it must be the one where Mu Lin's family lived.

    The guard carried Long Chen to a beautiful looking courtyard as carefully as he could.

    As he reached the courtyard, he knocked on the door.

    A woman opened the door. She was instantly shocked as she saw the boy in the guard's arms.

    "Lin'er! What happened to him?" She hurriedly took Long Chen in her arms.

    "Greetings, Elder Mu. Young Master Lin came injured to the entrance of the Temple and fell down. He was heavily injured, and his arm and head were bleeding. From the wounds, it seemed like he was hurt by a wild beast. I gave him a life healing pill, so his wounds are healed, but he's still unconscious," the guard replied.

    The woman looked back and forth between the guard and Long Chen. She checked Long Chen's body and found out that his injuries actually healed. He wasn't in any danger, but still, the blood on Long Chen's clothes was making it clear to her about how serious it was.

    She took Long Chen inside the room and closed the door.

    The woman placed Long Chen on the bed of her room gently and sat on the side, waiting for him to wake up.

    Long Chen subtly opened his eyes, but he cast an illusion on her that he was still unconscious as he canceled the effect of his Mask of Mischief to give it free time.

    The woman waited there for an hour as she kept checking Long Chen.
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