511 Chapter 511: Because of Father

    The woman looked at Long Chen and placed her hand on his cheeks as she looked at him with concern.

    "I am sorry baby; It's because of us that you're like this. Because of us, you're unable to breakthrough. If you weren't affected by what you got from your father, you wouldn't be so weak, and you would be able to protect yourself. Still, can't you understand Mamma's plight and not run outside? There are too many dangers outside. See, you got yourself injured," the woman muttered as she looked at Long Chen with concern.

    "This is it, from today, I'm taking away your privilege of leaving the Temple. I can't let you put yourself in danger again. It was lucky that you came back alive. I can't even imagine what could have happened..." She let out as she shook her head. "It won't happen again. I'll inform all of them. You will be banned from leaving the Temple."

    Long Chen could feel the concern in her voice, and he was sure that if he was in her position and his son had come back in the condition he did, then he might have done the same thing as well.

    "Rest here, I'll be outside preparing something for you," the woman let out as she stood up and left the room, closing the door behind her.

    Long Chen stretched his arms after she left, especially his left arm that was hurt. Even though the Life Healing Pill had healed his arm, he still remembered the feeling and felt awkward. He moved his left arm to get the familiarity back.

    'The second part of the plan has gone good as well. Now, the third and most important part. Waking up,' Long Chen thought as he sat up.

    Long Chen heard the footsteps coming towards his room.

    He laid down on the bed again as he activated the effects of his Mask of Mischief.

    It was the mother of Mu Lin that had come inside with a big bowl of herbal water.

    She placed the bowl on the table nearby.

    She helped Long Chen up and started taking his clothes off.

    'The **,' Long Chen thought as he noticed that the woman was stripping him. He couldn't even stop her by opening his eyes.

    Long Chen couldn't let it happen.

    Even though he understood that she was probably doing it so that she could clean the bloodied body of Mu Lin and change his clothes, but Long Chen didn't want this to happen as there was one major difference between him and Mu Lin.

    He didn't know if the woman had previously seen Mu Lin naked or not, but he did realize that if she saw him naked, she would realize that he was not his son.

    Long Chen had already seen Mu Lin's body to understand in which way his body matched Mu Lin's body and the way they were different to understand what he needed to be careful about.

    That's when he had realized that his little guy was much bigger than Mu Lin's. If the woman had seen Mu Lin before, she would realize it and might be suspicious.


    Before she could take his pants off, Long Chen made a noise as if he was waking up.

    The Woman was shocked and instantly stopped.

    "Lin'er? Are you up? Open your eyes, baby. Mamma is here," She let out as she looked at Long Chen intently.

    Long Chen opened his eyes and looked at her blankly.

    "Are you fine, Lin'er? Why are you looking at me like that?" the woman asked in confusion as she saw Long Chen looking at her in confusion.

    "W-who are you?" Long Chen asked.

    "I'm your mother. Don't you remember?" The woman asked with a worried look on her face.

    "Mother? Who am I? Where am I?" Long Chen asked her.

    He seemed as if he was having trouble remembering. He gripped his head as if his head was aching.

    "I... I can't remember anything," Long Chen let out as he held his head even more tightly.

    "Don't force yourself. You just woke up. Lie down and rest. You will feel better. You don't need to worry about anything. Mother is here for you," The woman said as she hugged Long Chen.

    She helped Long Chen lie on the bed.

    "Stay here and rest. Mother will be right back," the woman said as she stood up and left in a hurry.

    After a few minutes, she came back. An old man was following behind her. The old man was wearing black monk clothes. He looked old and wise, but his face had a big scar that came horizontally from one side of his face to the other side.

    Long Chen was lying on the bed, looking around in confusion as if he was still trying to remember.

    "Elder Gu, Lin'er was hurt by a beast and lost consciousness. His head was hurt as well. His wounds have healed, but he can't remember anything. Please help my son," The woman said to the old man.

    The Old man was called Elder Gu. He was in the same rank as the woman called Elder Mu, but his specialty was different. He was purely here in the temple because of his medical abilities.

    "Don't worry, Elder Mu. Your son is like my Nephew. Of course, I will help him with all I got. It's my duty as a Physician of the Temple and as a family friend," Elder Gu said.

    He walked towards Long Chen and sat beside him.

    "Mu Lin, do you remember me?" Elder Gu asked as he held Long Chen's hand.

    "I can't remember anything," Long Chen replied in the same tone.

    Elder Gu released Long Chen's hand and looked back at Elder Mu.

    "I see nothing wrong with him physically. Looking at the blood on his hair, it seems like his head was hurt as well. Even though the wounds are all healed, it's possible that the shock and the impact affected his memory. I have seen things like this happen before," Elder Gu replied.

    "Please tell me that you can help him recover," Elder Mu said as she stepped forth with concern.

    "He will heal. There are two options that we can follow. We can leave him free and let his memory recover normally, or I can give him a special medicine that is specially created for situations like this. There is a 99% chance of his memories returning after he consumes the medicine, but..."

    Elder Gu started explaining to Elder Mu, but he stopped when he reached the last point.

    "But what?" Elder Mu inquired with a frown on her face.

    "There is a very low chance that the pill might fail and not work as intended. If that happened, then he would never get his memory back," Elder Gu finished.

    "If you want to listen to my advice, I would suggest that you give him time to get his memory back naturally. That is the safest option that we have. The second option should be the last option if the first one doesn't work even after a few years," Elder Gu said. "If we tried the second method first, and it failed....all would be over."

    "I... I will follow the first method. What else do I need to keep in mind?" she asked Elder Gu.

    Elder Gu told her some more things like the diet that she needed to give him. He also talked about the food that Long Chen was allowed to eat. He also talked about letting him bathe in a specific herbal bath every day.

    Also, he claimed that he should not be forced to stay inside the room. He needs to meet more people as he would have a higher chance of remembering then.

    They kept talking as they left the room.
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