512 Chapter 512: Long Chens worries

    After they left the room, Long Chen sat up as he sighed.

    Xun appeared beside Long Chen and sat on the bed.

    "You're inside the Bloodline Temple, and you're the son of an Elder, what now? What is the plan next?" Xun asked Long Chen, wondering about his plan.

    'I hadn't thought about this, but I'm in big trouble,' Long Chen replied to Xun as he laid down on the bed with a frown.

    "Why? Isn't this all going well? Now, you don't need to worry about getting caught. You already have an excuse of amnesia for any mistakes that you make," Xun replied.

    'You don't see what I see. Did you even see the Cultivation of the woman?' Long Chen asked Xun.

    "The mother of the guy you're impersonating? I didn't look at her Cultivation. What about that?" Xun inquired.

    'She is a Heaven Realm Cultivator,' Long Chen replied, shaking his head.

    "Well, that should be expected. The Elder of the Ghost Temple can't be weaker than the Pirate King. But it is fine as long as she doesn't know about you," Xun let out. "Why are you worrying?"

    'That's not the problem. The problem is how I'll escape this room. My best option to sneak around the sect is in the evening or the night when I am able to use my Shadow Transformation, but if I leave the room in the evening, she'll find out. I can do it in such a way that I can leave without letting her know, but it is pretty dangerous if she comes into this room in the middle of the night,' Long Chen replied to Xun with a wry smile on his face, using his thoughts.

    "I can't be sure that I'll be able to find anything in one night, and if by a stroke of bad luck, she comes into the room and notices that I'm not in the room, then all hell will break loose. Everything will go south, and all my plans will be spoiled."

    " It would have been better if Mu Lin was a normal disciple or if I had found an average disciple to impersonate who had his different courtyard, but I just had to choose the one who had some strange issues related to Cultivation that the woman talked about," Long Chen let out, shaking his head.

    "Well, there is nothing you can do about that. All you can do is hope for the best and be careful," Xun said, shaking her head.

    "Well, now that I think about it, there is one thing that I can do," Long Chen muttered as if he suddenly came up with an idea. His expressions brightened up.

    "What?" Xun asked as she looked at him in confusion.

    "By bringing in an impersonator of the impersonator," Long Chen let out as a subtle smile appeared on his face.

    Xun looked at Long Chen in confusion, wondering what he was talking about.

    "What will that woman do if she comes into the room at night? She'll see if I'm sleeping well or not, and maybe touch my face or kiss my forehead like a mother does?" Long Chen inquired.

    "Yeah, probably," Xun nodded her head.

    "Then all that is needed is for someone to take my place here and pretend to be Mu Lin in the night," Long Chen let out.

    "All the rest will be handled by the Mask of Mischief," He added.

    "Who will take your place? The only male that you have is your Grandpa, who is much bigger in size, and the girls all have a big chest. Even if they change their face, their body structure will make it clear that they are not Mu Lin,"  Xun reminded Long Chen as she stepped forward and placed her hand on his chest.

    Long Chen held her hand and pulled her closer. He turned his body so that she was lying on the bed, and he was above him.

    "They won't be looking at the body when it will be covered under the blanket. All that matters is the face, but yeah, Grandpa can't make it. He is just too... different in body composition. Mingyu can make it if she ties her chest with something to make her chest seem flat. She will be the one staying here in my place," Long Chen said.

    "Uhmm, that's all fine and well, but can you get off of me?" Xun asked as she looked at him with a red face.

    Even though Long Chen was conversing with Xun, he had his Divine Sense active, and he could see that the woman and the person called as Elder Gu was outside the courtyard, talking.

    "Are you listening? Free me!" Xun said again.

    Long Chen brought his face closer to hers so that his lips were just an inch away from hers. They could feel the breaths of each other.

    "Why?" Long Chen muttered.

    Xun had a red face as she glared at him.

    "Y-you idiot!" Xun let out as she disappeared from under him.

    "You always disappear on crucial moments," Long Chen muttered as he shook his hands. "It's fun to tease you, though. Calms me down in serious situations."

    He laid down on his bed.

    Since the woman was outside now and he had the opportunity, he brought Mingyu out of the Fake world and started telling her the plan that she needed to be ready with her chest properly dressed for when Long Chen called her out in the evening.

    Mingyu agreed as she nodded her head.

    Long Chen noticed that the Mother of Mu Lin was coming inside. He sent Mingyu back into the fake world and laid on his bed, waiting for the woman to come onto his room.

    Just before the woman entered into his room, Long Chen activated his mask of mischief and changed his looks to make him seem like Mu Lin.

    The woman entered the room.

    Long Chen was still up, and he looked at her as if he couldn't remember anything.

    As she entered, Long Chen sat up on the bed.

    He still looked at her as if he didn't remember her.

    The woman stopped before him and sat beside him.

    "You still can remember anything?" Elder Mu asked Long Chen.

    Long Chen shook his head.

    "It's alright. Don't worry about anything. You will remember anything with time. For now, you can go on with what I tell you," Elder Mu said as she looked at Long Chen

    Long Chen looked towards her.

    "I am your mother, Mu Yun, and this is the Ghost Temple. I am an Elder here, and you are a disciple in the Ghost Temple," She said. "You understand up to here?"

    Long Chen nodded his head.

    "Good. You were attacked by some vicious beast, and you were hurt. Because of that, you lost your memory. That's why you don't remember anything, but you will soon get your memories back. Just live your life like normal. This place is your home. You can go outside and meet and talk with other people as well." Elder Mu said as she placed her hand over Long Chen's head.

    "You will understand better when you go to classes tomorrow," she added.

    "Class?" Long Chen asked her in confusion.

    "Classes are like gatherings where cultivators learn knowledge and where they can learn how to be strong. One of the Temple Elders will be teaching about some Cultivation related issues. There is a class held every day. Every class lasts for two hours."

    Elder Mu started replying.

    "A person only needs to attend three classes a week. It's the last day of the week, so you would need to attend it, which is good in a way since you will get to meet your friends and others. You might even remember everything after attending the class and meeting them," she added.
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