513 Chapter 513: Familiar Treasure

    "Anyway, That's for the future. First, let me clean your body. You are still covered in blood," The woman said as she extended her hands to remove Long Chen's clothes.

    "Don't. I will do it myself," Long Chen said as he stopped her.

    The Woman looked at her, stunned. Ultimately, she started smiling.

    "You might forget your memories, but you still have the same habits. You're still easily embarrassed. Fine, Since you're going to do it yourself, wait for a little. I'll prepare the herbal bath according to what Elder Gu told me," She said as she stood up and walked out of the room.

    "It's so strange. That woman is so powerful, and she is even an Elder; still, she doesn't have any servants," Long Chen muttered as he wondered.

    He stood up and walked towards the wardrobe to select the clothes that he would wear later and to see what else this place had.

    He didn't find anything else in the wardrobe other than a few clothes that seemed as if they were never worn before. There was also a knife in the closet which looked somewhat attractive.

    Long Chen picked up a knife and started observing it carefully. There was something really odd about the knife which he found somewhere special.

    It was a knife that was designed to look like a sword. The blade of the knife was silver in color while the handle of the knife was Dark Grey in color. There were cracks on the edge of the knife everywhere. It also looked like it had lost its sharpness.

    It didn't look like a weapon someone would use because of its bad condition, but it was something that Long Chen found intriguing.

    He could feel his bloodline getting hot as soon as his eyes fell on the knife, and when he took the knife in his hand, he felt as if he had found a long lost partner that had been separated from him.

    Long Chen wondered if this knife had something to do with his bloodline.

    He was about to ask Xun when the door of his room opened, and Elder Mu walked inside.

    The woman was shocked as soon as she saw the knife on Long Chen's hand.

    "T-that knife, You can't touch that," she let out loudly.

    She hurriedly walked up to him and took that knife from him.

    Long Chen looked at confusion, wondering what it was all about.

    Why was she so shocked for an old knife that was in such a bad condition. Could she also feel how special it was just like him? Long Chen couldn't help but wonder.

    "I'm sorry for screaming. This knife is just something that is not what you can touch. Your father told me that you couldn't be allowed to use this knife and I want to keep his last wish. Please understand," She said as she placed her hand on Long Chen's hand.

    'A knife that is repeated to Mu Lin, His father, and my bloodline? Just who was Mu Lin's father, and what exactly is this knife? Is this about the condition of Mu Lin that she talked about, which affected his Cultivation?' Long Chen thought.

    His bloodline had again calmed down, but he felt as if he was missing something now. He really wanted to hold the knife, but he couldn't take the knife from her hand.

    "I like the knife. Can I please have that?" Long Chen asked her.

    "No, you can't," She said, shaking her head. "I can't break my promise. I can only give it to you after you turn twenty years old. Anyway, I have prepared the water. Come with me."

    Elder Mu turned back and gestured for Long Chen to follow her.

    Long Chen started walking after her. He was brought to a washroom.

    "Everything is ready inside. You can go in. I have also placed your clothes there," She said.

    Long Chen nodded his head as he opened the door and stepped inside.

    He deactivated the effect of the mask after closing the door behind him.

    'Finally, I can wash the blood from my head. It was really uncomfortable to have a blood-covered head,' Long Chen thought as he started taking his clothes off.

    There was a bathtub before him which had a green liquid like thing. Long Chen could see some leaves floating over the liquid. It was the herbal water that Elder Mu talked about.

    It was made by mixing pure water with 29 different kinds of herbs that were said to nourish the body.

    Long Chen stepped into the bathtub and submerged his body inside the water.

    He washed his hand that was covered with blood and his head. All of the blood was because of his own intentional hurting of his body to gain entry inside the Ghost Temple without arousing suspicions.

    After bathing for over twenty minutes, Long Chen stepped out of the bathtub. He tried up his body using the towel on the side and wore the clothes that Elder Mu had placed there for him.

    After getting appropriately dressed, he stood before the door.

    He activated the mask of mischief before opening the door and stepping out.

    "Looking good. It's already late at night. Come with me,"  Elder Mu said as she saw Long Chen come out.

    She held his hand and pulled him with her.

    She brought him to a different room that was right beside the room he was previously sitting inside.

    Long Chen had already guessed that he wouldn't sleep in the room since he saw the clothes in the wardrobe belonging to the woman. The room belonged to the woman, and now she was taking him to the room that belonged to him.

    She brought him to the second room, which was Mu Lin's room. She made him lie on the bed and covered him with a blanket.

    "Sleep well, Lin'er. Don't worry about anything. I'll be in the next room. Tomorrow morning, I'll take you to the Temple Elder's class. You can meet your friends. Life would be fun again," She said as she placed her hand on his cheeks.

    Long Chen closed his eyes, pretending to fall asleep.

    The woman stood up and left the room, closing the door after she left.

    After the woman left, Long Chen opened his eyes as he sat up.

    'Do you want to leave tonight to search the place or tomorrow night? You can collect more information tomorrow," Xun suggested.

    'I can't wait. It would be the same tomorrow as it is now. It's not like I can ask anyone where the Temple is keeping the prisoners. I'll have to search myself,' Long Chen replied.

    He brought Mingyu out of the Fake World.

    Mingyu was already prepared. Her chest was also looking flat now. She had wrapped a thin strip of clothing around her chest to make it feel flatter.

    Long Chen took his clothes off and gave them to Mingyu to wear and wore a different set of clothes.

    He also activated the mask and made himself look like Mu Lin.

    "This is the look you need to impersonate," he whispered in her ears. "Just visualize this face, and the mask will do the rest."

    Long Chen took off the Mask and gave it to Mingyu.

    Mingyu wore the mask and tried it, but she didn't succeed.

    "Keep your mind calm. Don't worry, and just relax. It won't work otherwise," He told her.

    Mingyu took a deep breath before she started focusing again.

    It worked this time. The Mask of Mischief was activated, and Mingyu's face now looked like Mu Lin.

    "If the woman comes here, keep lying on the bed, pretending to be asleep. Don't wake up no matter what happens," Long Chen reminded her.

    Mingyu nodded her head as she laid down on the bed.
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